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  1. Please keep in mind that if you have an inverter to change dc to ac, you would be able to to keep your o2 concentrator working. But to keep the batteries charged up, you either need to have enough batteries to get you through the night and then charge with and on board generator or several solar panel to recharge those batteries
  2. What kind of rv do you have. Fifth wheel or motor home. Does it have a generator or room for solar panels
  3. I have four lithium batteries rated at 100 amps each or total 400. Gives me between 4800-5000 watts of power. I also have solar panels on the roof of 5th wheel and a 2800 true sine inverter. The fridge is 120 volts. I also have the inogen in home concentrator which draws around 120 watts and CPAP which draws total over 8 hours use of 380 watts. All together, when the sun goes down and no charging, with lights on and tv along with the fridge operating, total draw is 20-22 amps dc. So from around 5 pm until 8 am my total draw brings these four batteries down to A total draw of 300-325 amps. You may need to rethink this joule box as it may not provide enough power.
  4. my wife has been on champva since 2016. Just show her Medicare card to physician or hospital and secondary show the champ va card. Works great and no problems. If you need meds, then get you doctor to do emeds and it goes to champva to be filled. Call their number to give them you current address if you are not at your home address. If you get a prescription from a doctor out of your area that you only need a 10 day or so prescription and you need it right away, use optimum va prescription. You do need to find what drug store can handle the filling of your meds. They have a drugstore locator on line. I believe optimum charges an annual fee of $50. Plus sometimes a couple of dollars copay. All this is in your champ va handbook
  5. 8.3l Cummins, 350 hp—-1050 lb.ft.torque, Allision 6 speed auto, silver, crew cab, about 48400 miles, regular service. Recent chassis lube and oil changed. Near new tires and trailer saver 32000 lb hitch. Excellent shape. Photos on request. $85,000. Parked in my garage. call two zero 8 five four one 8 five one 4.
  6. Looked on line and desert battery is listed as a battery supplier. Mine are Deka but interstate also supplies a group 31 battery with center post on the ends. I suspect that two 12 volts side by side would have the same dimensions from one brand to the next for a group 31. Desert battery is located right off the 10 freeway but any interstate battery dealer that sell truck batteries should have or could get. That phone number is 760-346-3762
  7. What you are looking at is the premade jumper between both negatives. The bolt comes up from the battery through this jumper. Look behind the arrow and you will see the nut holding this jumper to the negative post. Remove the nut on both post and that jumper lifts up and you can move it to one side . The back post have the same jumper for the positives. Remove those nuts and it lifts up and away so you can now remove a battery
  8. I have a 2008 sports chassis and had to have both batteries replaced while here in Phoenix last year. After charging batteries for several days with the trickle charger I was able to drive over to a nearby shop and had both changed out. Didn’t know if I wanted to tackle but after seeing how easy it was, it would have been quite easy. Returned home and one of the two failed so I pulled that bad battery out and got a new one. You have about 4-5 screws to removed plus a side bolt to loosen. That piece just above the step can now be removed. Disconnect the negative terminal first and then back terminals. These are quite easy to remove and replace. Battery had a strap to pick the battery up. I put tape over the lip of the top of the step to protect the paint when removing.
  9. Just made the same trip from tillamook to the redwoods and it was a beautiful and easy drive. I have a sports chassis and a 38 foot fifth wheel in tow. Very little road work and had good open campgrounds.
  10. Thanks for your reply. I had thought that you had to have the tires reworked or shaved. For what one pays for tires, you would think that they would have a better and more in round tire.
  11. What specifically did you have done. Does the vendor spin balance the tire. Just curious
  12. Just talked with sales at sports chassis and was told that they can or only allowed to order the trucks in with 350 go and 1000 ft-lb torque. So more than likely some was done through a freightline or a authorize cummins service center to reprogram these motors to a higher up and torque...None of the sports chassis dealers that I have talked to do not have the capabilities of retuning these motors. My local cummins center told me on my unit which is a 8.3 that they could bump up to 350 from 330 and from 1000 to 1050 torque. Not sure if it's worth $250.
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