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  1. chiefneon

    Best Cell Booster

    Howdy! I do use it to boost my MiFi devices but also use it to boost our cellular phone to make and receive calls. That why I like the Maximum Signal. My antenna inside my 44’ toy hauler is located in the sealing in the living room mid RV. When the Maximum Signal works it boost the Signal throughout the RV. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
  2. chiefneon

    Best Cell Booster

    Howdy! We are using Maximum Signal now but considering switching to a WeBoost. Could you explain what you meam by “the phone/broadband device must be quite close to the inside antenna”? With the Maximum Signal when it works boosted the signal within our 44’ Toy Hauler and even some signal out side. I would just like to know the restraints of how close you need to been to the WeBoost for usable quality. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
  3. chiefneon

    Mobile RV repair in Livingston, TX.

    Howdy! We had a couple of water leaks that I couldn’t figure out that he helped with. He is also replacing two of our three AC units. To save us money he suggested that I pickup the AC units a PPL in Houston and he would install them. That helped him and me out. I would definitely us him again. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
  4. Howdy! When I signed us up for DirecTV Now over a year ago I had a long conversation with them over the phone describing that we are fulltime RVer’s and use our AT&T unlimited plus plan for our internet needs. They had no problems then or in the past just recently when I contacted them because for unknow reasons our local channel had switched from Houston area the the Dallas/ Ft Worth area. Even then when asked I informed them we use AT&T MiFi and Also Verizon MiFi for our data connection. They made no mention as you refer to that it was for “Residential customers only”. As stated last year on our trip to Alaska it worked out well traveling through Canada and Alaska. Our last trip to Alaska we lost our satellite in Canada which is one of the reason we opted to try Streaming. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
  5. chiefneon

    5th wheel hitch vs gooseneck

    Howdy! I recently purchased a new TV with custom hauler bed. I decided not to go with a fifth wheel hitch on this truck and make use of the goose neck ball and have better excess to the bed area without a large 5er hitch. I replaced my 5er pin box with a new Reece Goose Boox 20,000lb pin box. This pin box not only has shocks but also a air bag within it. The Goose Box is much more sturdy that the factory pin box. Only had a short tow with the new tRuck Goose Box but it tows and rides good and very smooth. With the camera system in the new truck I had very little difficulty hooking up. The Reese Goose Box is a nice alternative to some one who wants to have use of their truck bed without having to remove the 5er hitch. Most new truck now come with a puck system to us a turnover ball like mine does. https://www.towuniverse.com/reese-goose-box-20k-rated-2-5-16-gooseneck-rv-coupler-for-lippert-1621-1716-wing-sets?language=en&currency=USD&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIw8ear6ey4AIVhLfACh1MLA8DEAQYASABEgIF7_D_BwE ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
  6. chiefneon

    Mobile RV repair in Livingston, TX.

    Howdy! Thanks everyone for your help. I contact Chris Price “Price Mobile Service & repair. He came out yesterday and and did a very good job. “Happy Trails” Chiefneon
  7. chiefneon

    Mobile RV repair in Livingston, TX.

    Howdy! Thanks, I did check with them and they did give me contact information for a Mobile RV repair service. But they have not called me back. ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon
  8. Howdy! We stopping using our satellite over a year ago with DirecTV. We started streaming everything DirecTV Now, Netflix’s and Amazon Prime. We use unlimited AT&T plus plan and recently pickup a new MiFi prepaid unlimited plan with Verizon. It’s work great even on our trip to Alaska last year. Also nice not to have to worry about where to setup regarding trees and such. ”Happy Trails” Chiefneon
  9. Howdy! We are at our Homebase in Livingston, Texas and in need of Mobile RV repair help. We usually use West RV but my lovely wife recently had knee replacement surgery and don’t want to be out of the RV for repairs. I’m asking if anyone has a recommendation for a mobile RV repair service. There are a few listed on the internet but would like to hear for other Escapees that could give any recommendations. Thanks ”Happy Trails” Chiefneon
  10. chiefneon

    Alaska 2019

    Howdy! One of the best things I did last year on our trip to Alaska was join a FaceBook ground “RVing to Alaska 2018”. The FB Group was very informative and helped each other along the way. I unstand they have already started the “RVing to Alaska 2019” group which is active now. It’s well worth it and the only cost is purchase a decal for your RV if you want to be identified to others in the group. ” Happy Trails” Chiefneon
  11. chiefneon

    Golf Cart a must or not for Fulltime

    Howdy! I haven’t found to many RV Park/Campgrounds that permit the use of ATV’s or UTV’s. Even some of the Escapees Park don’t allow them. “Happy Trails” Chiefneon
  12. chiefneon

    Costco vs Sams Club

    Howdy! We had our last Pass Port photos made a CVS. Regarding Costco’s or Sam’s club we’ve had both and prefer Costco’s. ” Happy Trails” Chiefneon
  13. chiefneon

    Best Cell Booster

    Howdy! We have been using the Maximum Signal for about three years. Worked great when we got the bugs worked out with the help from the owner Gord. But these days it’s doesn’t seem to be working now. We are now using the WeBoost Sleek to boost our MiFi. If I was buying today I would purchase the WeBoost RV 65 system as it has the ability to reach out for a better signal in those area where you have the lease signal. https://www.weboost.com/products/connect-rv-65 ”Happy Trails” Chiefneon
  14. chiefneon

    Roadside assistance

    Howdy! We had CN for years after dumping GS ERS. CN has towed our MDT twice once in Newfoundland and just this year in Alaska. Only question asked by the tow company was where you want us to take it. This year they sent out two tow trucks,one for our MDT and anotherto tow our 44’ 5er to a compground. “Happy Trails” Chiefneon
  15. chiefneon

    Verizon Unlimited Data Plan for Jetpacks

    Howdy! I was told that I new sims card to activate the new prepaid plan. When it didn’t come in the mail today I contact Verizon and they activated the old sims car in my 7730L. The next problem was when I pulled up my account I found the following information regarding the new plan. Data UNLIMITED1 Full HD Streaming (720p)2 1 Once high-speed data allowance is used, you will have 2G speeds for the remainder of the month. Your data experience and functionality of some data applications, such as streaming video or audio, may be impacted unless you purchase additional data. 2 HD-quality streaming (up to 780p) on devices connected to Jetpacks. In times of congestion, your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic. You must have sufficient account balance at time of renewal to cover the Monthly Access to use the service. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I contacted them via online chart and they assured me it was the plan 28366 unlimited no throttling with 1080p streaming. Has anyone else with this new plan had this problem viewing your account and it not reflecting the correct plan information? ” Happy Trails “ Chiefneon