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  1. Sounds nice! No basement. Floors have towels over a lot of it to keep them warmish. Floors are about 50 degrees. Head height is 72. Floor near rear exit door is colder. Has ice on it.
  2. I'm getting free electric now. But still use some propane. My little electric heater will only bring the camper to about 60 in 10 degree weather. So I crank up my vent free mini propane heater. I also try to have my force air furnace cycle on every few hours to refresh the cabin air. It sucks air out and pulls fresh air in. The mini electric heater works ok down into the 20's, but that is it. I got 2 -20 gallon propane tanks. So try to limit their use. If the weather was warmer I'd use nill propane, just for cooking.
  3. Never been out west to compare condensation problems. I'm always in humid northeast. I cleaned out everything not needed since my rig is so small. Clutter up against cold interior walls is a condensation magnet.
  4. Wow, sounds exciting. I never get hunting, but I always fantasize about fishing in Canada if I'd hit the lotto. I also get ice on windows. I cut some insulation and jammed it around skylight in shower. I got a wet shower and it gets pretty wet from condensation even with no use. Both skylight was painted over to keep sun out. In the summer the skylights let in too much sun. No AC, I try and cut down the heat. It gets 95 degrees inside.
  5. I've been down to 1 or 2 degrees in my truck camper. I've got ice on the floor near the door. On previous trip, which was down in the 20's I found condensation 2-1/2 weeks after the trip in closets jammed packed with stuff wrapped in plastic. The water forms on the walls and plastic keeps it from evaporating. I guess all the closets need to be open after cold weather use. Do you have any issues with condensation and cold weather use?
  6. https://archive.org/details/retirement-age-nomads-find-work-wherever-the-road-takes-them-pbs
  7. Thanks for the feedback. That diesel fuel must be filthy. Some of the people in the other thread said the filter was clogged up with debris that looked like coffee grounds. And water in diesel was mentioned as well. I've never changed a gas filter in any of my vehicles, but maybe I should.
  8. I was reading a thread at another forum about problems with diesel RV's and the fuel filters. They said they get clogged up easy and you can get gas starved and the engine dies. I was thinking about getting a diesel pickup one day. But sounds like they are not as reliable as gas engines.
  9. Don't have the truck here so can't say about the brand. They came new on the truck from Ford.
  10. I got about 25,000 miles on tires They are original 2011 tires on a Ford F350 with truck camper. The center tread has lots more wear than the 2 neighboring treads. (top arrow) Also the outer edge has more wear than the inner tire. (side arrow) How long should front tires last? Do you think I can get another 5,000 miles on them? Any suggestions to more even wear? I'm using 65 pounds all round for tire psi.
  11. I had seen they sell special RV TP that decomposes faster. I've always used regular TP. I have a cassette toilet and never had an issue with flushing it. What about you?
  12. Yes, that is what happened today. I got it open once it warmed up. Sometimes it does not warm up, so will try the other suggestions.
  13. I charge my battery periodically in winter and non use periods but it is left in the camper. I drain the water tanks and unhook the shower hose and the water pump hoses. I run the water pump a little to drain out what can be drained. I put antifreeze down the drains and in the cassette toilet water tank. That is about it. Been doing it like that for 15 years and no problems even in sub zero weather. I don't put anti freeze in the water tank or water pump. They got an attachment for blowing out water lines with compressed air. I never use city water, only onboard water tank.
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