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  1. https://vimeo.com/346859348 A video on pod 'communal' life in CA. Pod living may be the future for the slightly more well to do as our population skyrockets and land is at a premium. I had heard on the radio some communities are outlawing single family housing and only zoning for multi family buildings. Pods in CA are renting for the prices of apartments in other cities. In the big cities, tents and communal showers may be what the average Joe or Jane lives in someday. ...just never know how things will turn out...huh? (The content in this video was used under the auspices of 'Fair Use'...for non-commercial educational, editorial and historical purposes.)
  2. Problem is not being rich and being able to afford $110 a day NOW to park. Even their dirt parking lot for boondocking is $75 a day...just to park. Pretty soon it will be $150 a day to park with hook ups and $100 a day for the dirt lot. ...you don't think that is disgusting??
  3. OP...2 or 4 oz nitrogen powered pepper spray. Get cone spray.
  4. I met lots of RV'ers at a show I went to in Pitts. First RV show I've been at. Everyone friendly. Same with RV'ers on the road. But I boondock and seldom go to campsites. RV'ers seem pretty nice from my limited experience over the last 2 decades. But I don't hang with them, busy working. Just short chats. Was working in NYC and had to camp in Jersey City. They had a mini Airstream convection. Talked with tons of Airstreamers. Everyone friendly. Some seem to look down on regular campers, but in a joking way, not mean or prejudicial. BTW, I'd say a full timers is someone that lives in their RV year round that has no house or apartment. But it does not matter how tight the definition is.
  5. I use my camper for work more or less on short work trips. Can't afford pleasure trips much in time or $$. I used to do more pleasure trips a decade ago. I don't want to be a full timer, but I would like to do more pleasure trips. If I had nothing to do I could go fuill time and enjoy it with a bigger rig. But have to work.
  6. Looks like their International Rally was at their highs in the 70's and 80's. (3000's to 4000's) Then all downhill from there for last 20 years. (1000's and below.) https://wbcci.org/past-rally-locations-and-attendance/wbcci-publications/past-wbcci-international-rallies-and-attendance
  7. An early NY Photo League exhibit from the 1940's showcasing photographs by Weegee.https://danieldteolijrarchivalcollection.wordpress.com/2018/01/25/weegee-at-the-ny-photo-league/
  8. I've been drinking this stuff regularly. Getting hard to find clean water nowadays. https://danieldteolijrarchivalcollection.wordpress.com/2017/10/08/kroger-purified-water-has-gone-from-one-of-the-best-to-one-of-the-worst/
  9. A RV mechanic told me if the rig is level enough for sleeping it is good enough for the fridge? True or false? I don't get mine perfect level, but I try to get it half-ass level. I am only off-kilter a little, for a few days at most anyway. Is one off level way worse than the other for the fridge? Like sideways unleveled or level from the front to rear of the rig?
  10. Never knew about this issue. Thanks for the heads up OP.
  11. Latest report... Went on roof to see if I could clean out chimney vent. Took big plastic cap off. The whole thing has a screen on it and I can't access. Took off side cover and I used a skinny plumbing drain brush to go up part way on the chimney. I took off the little burning pot that has the thermocouple and gas going into and tried to blow it out, but could not disassemble it. The nut holding the gas pipe in looks like it is lockttited and I didn't want to bend it up forcing it. I can't find any label as to model in the fridge or in the side access area. It is a little Dometic 3-way fridge 12v, 110 and propane. It is working now on propane in any case. Something I did must have fixed it. I will keep looking for model tag to download the instructions. I checked the flame in the dark and it is nice, big and blue. Thanks again for all the help!
  12. I carry in the rustbelt. (SW Airlite) When in CA, NJ and NYC I have pepper and 600 lumen tactical light. I also have collapsible baton in the rustbelt. Never have had to use them as of yet. But have had many close calls. If trouble is brewing I try to move out asap.
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