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Getting a street address in Grand Junction, CO


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We are planning to establish domicile in Grand Junction with the goal of full-timing thereafter. How does one establish a street address for mail forwarding if we don’t own any property there? I don’t see any mail forwarding services for that city.

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Wondering why you chose Grand Junction if you don't own property there?  Full-timers typically choose Texas, Florida or South Dakota.  Using Escapees mail forwarding service is popular.

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If we were still full-time we would likely do Texas as our domicile but not Colorado.

We love it here except for the smoke polluted air most summers, income taxes, higher now property taxes, capital gains taxes, etc.

If you have investments that will earn capital gains this could be important.


"Capital Gains Tax Rates

In Colorado, you’ll pay capital gains taxes at the same rate you pay on your general income. This is 4.63 percent, putting it on the lower end of the states that do tax residents on capital gains. California is the highest, at 12.3 percent, while North Dakota is the lowest, at 2.9 percent. However, there are many states that charge no local tax whatsoever on capital gains, including Alaska, Florida, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Dakota, among others.

It’s also important to look at the combined capital gains tax. The federal, state and local capital gains tax is combined to make one large sum, and that sum in Colorado is 29.63 percent. This is also on the low end, compared to the whopper California residents pay on capital gains of 37.3 percent and Oregon’s 34.9 percent."

Source: https://finance.zacks.com/capital-gains-tax-laws-state-colorado-8351.html


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You should not let the class A license requirement deter you from selecting a state better suited to your tax and estate situation.  The Texas requirement is not that hard to pass and frankly, if you cannot pass it, you need to park the rig.


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Getting a Class A Non-CDL license is easy if your a safe - informed driver now. Your driving for a particular reason so information on special loads ( heavy, Wide, long, chemical) is not part yourthe truck. Truckers do have rules but common sense prevails like knowing what roads you can be on. 

Know your turning radius and be able to back a little in addition to reading parts of the CDL manual to see what equipment you need. It has some time I did the test but then it was the states that determined the driving test. No drug test required for Non-CDL drivers.

I compliment you for looking into this matter before starting adventure getting into trouble.


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We are just outside Grand Junction and you are correct Colorado does not require upgraded licenses.   I tow with an HDT with  regular drivers license.  I have heard the upgraded license required in other states including Texas isn't difficult to pass.  Unless there is extenuating circumstances that would not stop me.  I don't know how to get a Colorado license without an address like is available in Texas. Colorado vehicle registration isn't cheap.


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13 hours ago, Randyretired said:

 I don't know how to get a Colorado license without an address like is available in Texas. Colorado vehicle registration isn't cheap.

Registration in Colorado - ain't that the truth! Our RV in Colorado,  2016 Infinity 5er, was running me over $500/yr and the truck over $600. When we moved to Texas that became around $75 each. And no the Texas license was not hard to get. 

However, that is one reason a lot of folks choose South Dakota. No income taxes and no special driver license. I don't know the registration fees but I hear they are lower than Colorado but more than Texas.


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On 7/11/2023 at 1:30 PM, trvlbug2 said:

How does one establish a street address for mail forwarding if we don’t own any property there?

Colorado law requires that you must have a physical address of residential property in order to qualify for a driver's license and vehicle registration and also to vote, as do the majority of states. There are only a handful of states that will accept a mail forwarding service as a residence for those purposes. The reason for SD, TX, & FL being so popular is that none of them have a state income tax and they all accept an mail service address with no required time that you must be physically in that state. NV accepts the address but has a state income tax as does Oregon and they also require that you be a resident for a time before you go to the mail service address. 

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