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New Dashboard Cover from Rayne's Truck Parts

Vegas Teacher

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[URL=https://i.imgur.com/DEOEDRh.jpg "target=new"][IMG]https://i.imgur.com/DEOEDRhl.jpg "border=0"[/IMG][/URL]
[IMG]https://i.imgur.com/m3zZPvb.png[/IMG][URL=https://i.imgur.com/DEOEDRh.jpg "target=new"]Click For Full-Size Image[/URL].


I am still not sure how to get photobucket to work but over the weekend I got an order from Raynes Truck Parts. I ordered a dash cover to put on the dash of my 780, turning all of that unusable space into usable space. I ordered the long dash cover, small opening that fits around the small organizer that is on the dash, and the one that has a glove box. It is black shiny vinyl. It took me 30 minutes to install from beginning to end and it was all very easy. The price starts at $139.00 but the options I chose brought it up to 207.00 plus tax and shipping about $250.00 when it was all said and done. I think it is worth every penny I really like the way it turned out. In the front there is a really nice bar that you can see that says V-Truck. It has a faux plastic chrome looking top and looks very sharp. The address for Raynes is included at the bottom of this page. Also if you order it and you notice instructions are not in the box don't worry they are on the back of the top shelf, as a sticker. If you order it and have trouble call me I can walk you through it.

Raynes address:





Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana

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1 hour ago, noteven said:

looks good

Thanks! I was a little confused when I could not find an instruction booklet, but then I went back to the Ranye's website and looked at several pictures before attempting to go out to the truck and mount it. plus looking at where the holes were and how they matched the pieces that came with it, it all made sense pretty quickly. Then I turned it over and saw the instructions OMG!!! I kind of felt stupid LOL!


Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana

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43 minutes ago, Vegas Teacher said:

Thanks so much for the help!!! It is greatly appreciated. All I have to do is take off the IMG from now on??? 

If you post the link without the extra IMG, it'll give a clickable link to Imgur. If you use the "Other Media" button, and strip off the extra IMG tags, it'll insert your pic into your post.

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