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Somehow I broke the Post function

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When I try to post or reply using Brave, there's no place to enter text.  Logging out and returning using Chrome makes everything normal.  Any idea on what I broke in the Brave settings?  Attached is a picture of the Brave posting screen - notice there's no place to enter text.


Escapees Forum Post Screen.jpg

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Brave is chromium based . It's fairly new , with some bugs . 

This doesn't answer any questions , just a suggestion .

Maybe have a look at Vivaldi browser . Also a chromium based browser , but older and seemingly more developed than Brave . I has many of the same features .

I find it quick and pretty much faultless , but , I'm not a power user  , either . 

I can have many windows open without any problems . 

Comes up quickly and shuts down amazing fast . 


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Posted (edited)
21 hours ago, Kirk W said:

While I don't have an answer for you, I'd like to hear more when you figure it out as I have been considering a change from Chrome to Brave. 

Except for this Forum posting glitch, Brave has worked flawlessly.  All those annoying pop-up and third party ads simply disappear.  And on the rare times this removes some content you want to see you can disable the Brave shields and return to it a straight browser with one click on the Brave logo in the address bar.  The one exception I've found that isn't fixed by disabling Brave's protections is the message editor here. 

I kept Chrome as a secondary browser and use it where I'm not worried about popup ads, etc. like online banking, bill paying, etc.  And here when I want to post something.

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My grandson, who maintains technical equipment for Army intelligence (he is a soldier) believes that Brave is not only better but far more secure than any of the other browsers available. 

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Not trying to disparage your grandson's opinion, but mine is somewhat different.

I've never tried Brave.  I've used Firefox with an extension named uBlock Origin for years along with Chrome for it's superior printing (to PDFs).

I googled Brave vs Firefox.

The first hit was: https://www.slant.co/versus/5226/16094/~mozilla-firefox_vs_brave
I scanned this and found it to be disorganized and more difficult to parse than I was will to give it time for.  There many, or may not, be valuable insights in this.

The second link I looked at was: https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/browsers/compare/brave/
Based it's information, it's not clear to me why I would want to switch from Firefox to Brave.

I'm open to a change to Brave.


I ditched my personal printer many years ago. But I still "print to PDFs" fairly frequently, to preserve technical things like part numbers and procedures.

As an aside, the Escapees forums present the least printer-friendly pages I've ever encountered.


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