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I had forgotten to tell my starter story. Here goes:

Every blue moon, when starting the truck, it would click. I would simply release the key and then it would crank right over. So, on the way from CO to Sturgis for the Dakota Territory Challenge over Labor Day weekend, the ABS light came on. I figured we were going to be in Sturgis for the month, so plenty of time to get it looked at. 

At DTC, found out one of the Black Hills 4-Wheelers worked at a truck shop, Excel Truck Center, in Rapid City, SD. Took truck over, ABS light, check the starter, air leak. So the leveling valve was basically swiss cheese leaking, ABS speed sensor on the front right wheel, and starter hung once in 50 tries, light hammer tap fixed it. Recommended keep an eye on it. Didn't do it again for 50 cranks. What would you like to do? Hmmmm, what would you do if it were your rig? Keep an eye on it. OK, I'll do that. They actually did great work on everything, found a few things that I hadn't known about, and reasonable rates. Nice, clean shop too. 

So next morning, head to Rawlins, WY, sleep in, go to crank truck, and nothing. BFH and nothing. Of course it is a Sunday. Called a mobile mechanic (happened to be the campground owners uncle). Took him a few hours to get over, some testing, confirmed, voltage getting to starter, nothing coming out. It's a starter. Started calling around, there was a starter about 60 miles away, they would meet him there to get it. Nothing in town. 

So after about 8pm, I assumed he wasn't coming back since it was a 2.5 hour round trip to get the starter, and hunkered down for the night. About 10:30, I hear a truck and look out and he is back and has his flood lights on the truck and my hood open. So I get bundled up, (about 40 knot wind and 28 degrees at this point) and head out. "you don't need to replace it tonight, we can do it tomorrow," I said. He said, "I have a couple of scheduled jobs tomorrow, so want to get it done tonight." Of course, it started snowing about 20 min later. Long story longer, we cranked the truck up at 2:45am. Wind was blowing so hard, that my wife didn't even hear it crank up. 

I don't know how he would have done it without my help. That old starter weighed about 150 lbs. Must have been original 2003. The new one was at least 1/2 the weight and about six inches shorter. Much easier to get back in than to get out.

Big shout out to A&M Mobile Mechanic, Roadside Assistance, & RV Repair Service, in Rawlins, WY. Very reasonable rates and super folks. 

One funny thing, at the RV park, (right off the interstate and plenty of room), they had a "Wyoming Wind Meter" it was a metal pole, with a chain welded horizontal to the ground. Not a joke really. 

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2003 International Eagle 9200i, Cummins ISX, Freedomline

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We've met the nicest people with the hood up. Sometimes ours, sometimes theirs. Be ready to pay it forward, as we know you are.

I have been wrong before, I'll probably be wrong again. 

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My first year with my truck I had to replace the starter. Luckily I was near a trusted mechanic who came to the rescue in a small campground parking lot. Unfortunately both the old starter and the new one weighed the same and are very heavy. Hopefully I won't have to change again any time soon. 



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The Gold Volvo is still running and being emptied in July. 

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