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What word processor do you use?

Kirk W

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I started out with Open Office, then switched to LibreOffice when it split off following the Oracle purchase of Sun Microsystems and the Open Office project.  Both work very well and are Microsoft compatible in look and feel, doing everything I need.  The main drawback (and it's minor) is they save files using the .odf (Open Document Format) extension after Microsoft claimed copyright protection on their extensions (.doc, .docx, etc.)  Though you can choose to use one of the Microsoft extensions when you save the file.

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WordPerfect was the best for professional typists and those with good keyboard skills. Then Ray Noorda at Novell bought it and went to war with Gates and lost. Wysiwyg and a mouse slowly took over as it was easier for the non-power users.  I use Office365 and the suite of Office tools including Onenote and OneDrive, but it was what I've used at work for years and I get a discount. 

Some of the open source stuff is really good. I think it really depends on how much you will use it and how often you need to exchange files with Office users.

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Over the years, I've used MS Office, Scientific Word, LibreOffice, Open Office, Word Perfect, and a couple versions of TEX. LibreOffice is just fine, and seems to do general word processing and etc. well. So far, I've found no need to buy a 'pays' office suite when LibreOffice is available.

Good Luck --matt

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After years of using MS Office at both work and home (had a professional multi-license version of Office 2003 for home), I found I could no longer download and install things like compatibility packs for Word when setting up a replacement PC. I searched and read and finally settled on the LibreOffice suite. I don't have a need for the database portion any more, but the writer and calc (spreadsheet) apps work flawlessly and are much more compatible with the different document formats we have from over the years and the different formats friends and family send us. We're running LibreOffice on both of our laptops and are very happy with it.


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I did not like Open Office (openoffice.org) all that much because it had a user Interface very different than my Office 2010 I have five licenses for. I did like Libre Office a bit more but it also involved change. Well, I just gave in and bought the military edition of Office 365 which goes well for five or six seats, I forget and was on sale for $49.99 at the BX.

Well I like the new MS office and Word User interface even less than I liked Libre Office several years back. Guess since I am not even fixing and building computers anymore, nor running any companies, Libre Office has all I need. Emails and texts don't usually send Word attachments much except in biz, and texts have replaced most written comm along with antisocial media.;)

When my one year subscription runs out, I am going back to Libre Office.

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