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directvnow aka ATTtv

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just got a email saying it will be going up on 11/06 to 45.00 a month, it was 25.00 a month, when att took it over it went to 35.00 for current customers, and 45.00 for new, it will soon be as much as satellite, other than antenna, are you all using satellite or something else, when I first got directvnow it was affordable, now not so much 

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Just got the same notice for ATTTV Now. I’m considering changing over to YouTube TV. The only problem is that some state there is a problem with moving out of your viewing area when traveling. That’s a problem as we are full timers.

Would like to hear from any fulltime RVers using YouTube TV and how it works traveling.

”Happy Trails”


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The advantage of ATT-TV is if you have an ATT hotspot, there is no hit on your data. So a simple Mobley and ATT-TV and you can stream all you want for about $70 a month.

I also have T-Mobile hotspot that also allows unlimited streaming of ATT-TV for when I can't get a good signal grom ATT...But recently in the past year or so this hasn't been an issue. ATT has worked everywhere I traveled.

I hate to give up the T-Mobile hotspot because I'm a beta user and it only costs me $23 a month

I also have Unlimited data on Verizon phone but only 15G is I use it as a hot spot.

Streaming is still the future....but it has some serious growing pains....


Oh...and I tried YouTube-TV for a couple months. Didn't have the channels I wanted that ATT-TV had. Worked fine though.....Currently I unsubscribed from all streaming channels except ATT-TV and Amazon Prime Video

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23 hours ago, richfaa said:

We have used directtv  now AT&T for many years with little problem .They are more expensive now than they were  about 12 years ago as is everything else. We have not received information on a price increase yet.


You might be confusing this service. DirecTV Now was not in existence until November 2016. It is a streaming service and not satellite. Chuck 

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34 minutes ago, chuckbear said:

You might be confusing this service. DirecTV Now was not in existence until November 2016. It is a streaming service and not satellite. Chuck 

Rich left out a little punctuation that would have made the sentence clearer. Try "We have used directtv, now AT&T, for many years..." 

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I signed up for DirecTV Now via AT&T years ago.  Fifty bucks a month and nearly 100 channels.  As long as I streamed through the AT&T network, it was data free.  In other words, it does not count as data use.  That was the huge selling point for me.  I open up the app on the smartphone, connect the phone to the Roku (Bluetooth), and have the Roku connected to the TV in the RV.  Perfect!  Stream as much TV as I want without worrying about data limits or being throttled down.  Since DirecTV was bought by AT&T, things have changed.  First, the price went up.  Second, the price went up again and they took away channels.  Third, another price hike and again channels removed from the package.  Mostly local channels this time.  Latest, another price hike.  What started out as $50 for 100+ channels is now $75 for 60+ channels.  I have not changed my package so I still get 80+ channels.  I watch about a 16 of those 80+channels.  Of those 16, just over half of those channels are not available with the current AT&T TV Now plans/packages.  Not worth it anymore for me.  Why pay $75 for the 16 channels I do watch.  It is only a matter of time before the channels that I still have that are no longer included with the current packages are dropped for good.  I am left wondering what happened to AT&T. 

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