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  1. Handhelds are nice yet they have a limited transmission range of a few miles if you are going radio to radio without using a repeater. Radio to radio is also known as simplex. To improve the transmission and reception range when not going through a repeater, you can use an external antenna while stopped. I use a role up j-pole antenna. It is kept in my backpack.
  2. On behalf of the Military, Veterans, and Gold Star Families BOF, I would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Keep those that are deployed in your thoughts and prayers. Best regards, Richard "Doc" Strait, USN Retired Military, Veterans, and Gold Star Families BOF Point of Contact.
  3. Happy Thanksgiving from the Military, Veterans, and Gold Star Families BOF!
  4. Many great answers here. Many things cause them to go off. We had the same problem with it going off in the middle of the night, especially on cold nights when the outside temp was at or below 35. Turns out it was a low voltage in the campground at night for some reason. I confirmed it with my meter at the pedestal. I was told by another camper that colder air on those cold nights (below 35 outside) in the RV can set it off if we keep the temp inside too low. During the colder nights, we usually keep the thermostat set at 64 at night when we are sleeping. The camper said it dealt with w
  5. As RV_ said, make sure you have a military ID that shows you are 100% service connected and entitled. They do not take the VA cards. Ray also is spot with his recommendation of militarycampgrounds.us. That site is owned and run by Larry and he does a fantastic job. A suggestion I have is to visit the base campground's webpage (if they have one) and look for updated information. Then, give them a phone call and verify it. Or, simply give them phone call. Best regards, Richard "Doc"
  6. Thank you everyone for the feedback. Best regards, Richard "Doc"
  7. Thank you very much for the information "Scott."
  8. Howdy everyone. At the end of October I will be headed from the Houston Texas area to the Mobile Alabama area. I have heard for year that I-10, I-20, and parts of US-190 through Eastern Texas and much of Louisiana are in bad shape. Does anyone have an update on that? Suggested routes? Does not need to be the quickest or shortest route either. I am retired so I have the ability to take my time. Thank you. Richard "Doc"
  9. Howdy. Does anyone engage in leather work here? I have thought about getting back into it as a hobby as my wife and I continue full-timing it. Best regards, Richard "Doc"
  10. That is pretty kewl. Thank you for sharing it. Best regards, Richard "Doc"
  11. I think the better word choice for us is a written agreement verse contract since we are not being paid money. We only recall one place that had an actual contract (titled that way too) that was presented to us. The rest were written agreements that were signed by both parties. The details were what was contained in the email exchanges and phone calls. The campground and us worked together on writing up the agreement most the time.
  12. We get it for all the campgrounds whether federal, state, public, or private.
  13. My wife and I have been volunteer work kampers for six years. We went through what you are experiencing too. Even though we are volunteer work kampers, we still get a signed contract that details the hours, the type site we are placed in, job description, start and end date, and a few other things. This has helped out. A few campgrounds still have tried to take advantage of us still. When we interview for a volunteer work kamper position now, we ask the campground to provide references of current and former work kampers. We then contact those references and ask about how their experience
  14. On behalf of the Military, Veterans, and Gold Star families BOF I would like to wish everyone a safe and Happy Independence Day/4th of July! Best regards, Richard "Doc" Strait, Point of Contact Military, Veterans, and Gold Star Families BOF
  15. I will not be participating in FD this year due to being on the road traveling. If I wasn't traveling then I would be operating from the campsite or visiting local club FD sites. Best regards, Richard "Doc"
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