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  1. David, You do realize this thread is 4 years old? Chuck
  2. Go to this doc by gsgriffin. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS TO A TEE. RV Internet $40-$25/month unlimited internet setup process - Google Docs . It has been working for me for a few months now. You are currently not close to setting this up correctly. Chuck
  3. Bleach can strip off wax,polish and other protective coatings so be careful. left to dry on the sides, the streaks can be almost impossible to remove. Using bleach as a cleaning agent on paint or fiberglass will require a second set of hands continuously rinsing adjacent areas. Chuck
  4. I haven't seen nor experienced anything about 22mb limits to be prioritized. I probably reach 22mb 15 minutes after I log on at any given day. Other carriers including Verizon have 22gb limits on their unlimited plans. But I have not seen anything stating this for Visible. We reach 22gb early on most of the months we have had Visible and never seen this. Chuck
  5. We have Visible and like it a lot. Like any other carrier, there are good and bad LOCATIONS. Our Visible at home works great where our AT&T is useless. Visible is also better than Verizon at our location even though Visible uses Verizon towers. So service at your location will be a bigger determining factor than how well it works for others at different locations. That's the problem with opinions on any one particular service. Chuck
  6. That's interesting. Mine is a single cable off the LNB to the base and three cables off the base to the DPH. And it's a Dish dish. Chuck
  7. Not necessary to order this expensive coax from Winegard. A standard short section of satellite coax will work just fine. Our replacement actually has lasted longer than the original Winegard coax. Chuck
  8. Ours is also on the roof but I helped to protect it from the elements by putting it in a plastic electrical box with vent holes drilled in the sides to allow the heat and any moisture to escape. Has done well for the last year and a half. Chuck
  9. My Windows 7 works just fine and has for many years. My security is all via 3rd part software which is much better than Microsoft anyway. So I have no concern for my OS security. Of course Microsoft wants to frighten us by promoting that if we keep our older systems we will somehow be hacked and our entire life ruined. Any company that uses scare tactics to get you to do what THEY want should be suspect in my opinion. So I will stay with what works for me without any complicated (see the warnings about you being tech savvy enough to switch OS) OS "upgrades". I have two laptops with Windows 7 working perfectly without Microsoft support or help since the Windows 10 push. Remember when they would trick people into replacing 7 with 10? The motto I have lived by and done well is simple. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. One Windows 7 laptop began acting wonky on me. A simple factory reset and I have a computer in as good shape as it was when I took it out of the box new. It should be good for another 10 years. Chuck
  10. Visible does not lock your phone if you use one of their SIM cards for service. You will not be able to use Visible and your current provider on the same phone at the same time. No service will let you do that. I have the $49.00 ZTE phone and it works just fine. It does do a hotspot. Limited to connecting one device unless you connect it to a router, and it also does tethering. If you use your iPhone the one device limit does not apply. The hotspot is limited to a speed cap of 5MBPS, unless... THIS IS NOT A DATA CAP. I only use the phone for internet but it does calls, text, apps, whatever you want it to. But it's not an iPhone. Chuck
  11. We have been using the Visible service for a month now alongside a Verizon Mifi with a real unlimited plan that the wife uses for working at home, provided by her employer. The Visible actually has a higher speed than the Verizon service when run through the Ookla speed test. It remains consistently higher no mater what time of the day we run it or what day. Our AT&T plan is all but useless here at or homebase. Chuck
  12. Linda, I'm not sure why Visible would cause your apps to stop working but I am by no means an expert. I am using Visible right now and so far, no issues whatsoever, even with the 5MBPS speed cap. I too use a travel router. I've had problems getting Dish chat to work at times no matter what internet service I have been using. Other times it works great. I did finally figure out that some browser extensions caused issue. But that's for another thread. I am especially looking for feedback on coverage as others have moved around the country. Chuck
  13. I just started using the service and so far so good... I would like to hear from others about how they are finding the service to work? What equipment are you using in your RV with the Visible? What kind of coverage are you getting? What devices are you running with Visible? How are you finding the Visible to work with Streaming? Any other details you would like to pass on? Only looking for feedback from current users please. Chuck
  14. I'm with the others. Nothing is more annoying than bright lights burning half or all night in a campground. I really hope you are only going to need them while doing something outside at night and not needing to be seen from space. Chuck
  15. I would be very interested in seeing your documentation. I have sent you a PM. Thanks. Chuck
  16. This is absolutely useless unless you are looking for a package with a tracking number. Chuck
  17. And very few campgrounds are going to let you do work without at least proof of proper insurance. Many will require a minimum of one million dollars in liability insurance. Very expensive. Chuck
  18. Our Dish monthly cost is locked in for two years. So no price increase for us. These increases must be for new subscribers and renewals. Chuck
  19. Most aren't worth watching anyway. I haven't missed anything since they dropped a few here in Tampa. They are not missing 236 channels from our available channels. Only about 3. So this headline is very misleading. These channels affect 115 markets or a little more that 2 channels per market on average. Not exactly earth shattering. Chuck
  20. On Windy, you will see three bars in the bottom right hand corner. On the top bar, click on the cloud symbol, it will say weather forecast. Then click on any city along your route. The weather info will show at the bottom. Hope this helps. We use Windy a lot. Chuck
  21. I bought one of these to clean my hot Water tank. Five seconds after I started, the long tube blew off inside the water heater where it now permanently resides. I don't know what this means for the future of the water heater but would advise others to use extreme caution in using this poorly designed and manufactured device. Chuck
  22. This is a new world we live in today. I deal with Gainesville Hospital and the local clinic here all the time. Covid19 has changed the way every medical practice does business. I do teleconferences all the time with my doctors. It isn't their fault you can't do that. The VA health system has their problems and today's situation doesn't do much to improve things. If you don't like the care you get from them, try private health care. You won't find things much better. Even my cardiologist does all my appointments by either phone or video conference. It's going to be like this for a long time. You can either deal with it or not. Most of my questions get answered through MyHealtyVet online. No clinic or hospital is going to let you in the door right now without an appointment. Chuck
  23. This attitude prevails all over Florida. So it is just another example of why Florida is in such bad shape with this virus. Another glaring example of poor leadership . We can only wait for the virus to thin the herd and hope sanity will return to the state. But I have my doubts. We are hunkered down at home and plan to stay that way for the distant future. Chuck
  24. It doesn't "need" to be but it helps with the longevity. With the switch on the roof, I only need the single coax through the roof, which was original with the DirecTV setup. So no new holes or running extra coax. Chuck
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