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help needed- - - title for Junk/Salvage but NOT JUNK can we fix this and get a title/license it???


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WISCONSIN DMV not very helpful.  Woman did not sound very sure of what we were to do or if we could do anything at all.     we purchased a travel trailer 2016 Keystone Sprinter 316BIK model.  We got it home and saw a letter in the file from the person we bought it from stating that we cannot title it in WI because it has a junk status.  We need to be able to use this.  We have seen that it has been repaired.  An oak tree had fallen on the two slides on the one side and a branch went through the roof and has been repaired and sealed.  The man we purchased from did tell us it had storm damage but was fixed and frame looked at and certified okay.    There is a statement that says that the frame was fine and not damaged from the previous seller, but not the DMV.  What can we do now?  I will try anything to try to get this thing licensed, as I spent so much money now and really need to be able to use this.  I could care less about getting insurance on it.  I just want to be able to title it and use it so that we can take it with us one time a year camping.  We only drive about an hour away and really need to be able to do this.  ANY SUGGESTIONS?

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I am a little confused. You bought the trailer but didn't title it right away. Elected instead to repair it knowing that the title was tainted. Is that correct? The seller should have been upfront with you about the title. You probably have recourse with the seller at least for the initial price, not for the repairs. You seem to base a lot of information from the seller/previous owner that all is OK. His saying this doesn't mean a thing, he is not licensed to verify this information. I would talk to a supervisor about next steps. I would think you will minimally need a licensed person(maybe several) verify all i OK with the trailer. 

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In MD there are 2 types of salvage title depending on whether the damage exceeded the retail value or not. (A vehicle can be a "constructive Total" with damage less than the ACV & get the title returned with a visit to the State Police for an inspection). My suggestion is to contact a salvage yard in the state you wish to register in & ask these questions. They are up on these type of laws, and can give you straight poop. (Can I say "poop" on the forum? Admins have NO mercy)

You'd have to see the movie to understand..........

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It does depend on the state you want to register the trailer. As an example, in NJ there are two main MVC offices that handle the sticky cases. The average county office may not have the knowledge needed. Do have a "salvage Title"? If you don't have any evidence of ownership, you could be in deep mudt.

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This same query was posted on The RV Forum (www.rvforum.net).  Apparently Wisconisn has two categories of damaged titles, salvage and junk.  A Salvage title can be re-licensed once it's repaired, a Junk title cannot.


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