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Not exactly a sleeping bed , but likely just as heavy . I just replaced the failed tailgate struts on our Jeep Country . 

I installed Ezzy Lift struts . Now I have to be sure to be out of the way when the gate lock is released . The gate rises nicely and to it's fullest extent . I need a firm grip when closing the gate . 

Anyway , there's a brand you might consider . 

Please let us know what you end up with , as I'm sure there are many in the same boat .

Goes around , comes around .

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Take one of the struts to an auto parts store and find one of equal length extended and compressed and weight/pound rating.  Then search for the same in a higher pound/psi.  I changed ours from 40# to 60#.  O'Reillys has a catalog that lists all dimensions, ratings, etc.

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46 minutes ago, SWharton said:

Thanks, didn't know about O'Reilly's.

You'll likely find that the struts you need are the same type as found in the auto world .

There's probably a little wrap around clip that has to be removed in order for the strut to be removed from it's ball mount . That , on the rod end , at least . The tube end might just have a push on setup with a built in ball clip . 

Goes around , comes around .

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When you replace your struts (also called "gas props" or "lift supports") with a higher pound replacement, check the mounting to make sure it is up to a bit more load. I ended up adding a couple more wood screws when I replaced my bed struts.

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2 hours ago, SWharton said:

Thanks, off we go to the auto store.

Hi SW,

I have had luck with this place. They like to call it a gas spring. Look at RV Upgrades.com. Your strut or gas spring has a number on the barrel. Use that number when doing a Google search. The marine world also uses the struts or gas springs. I replaced the gas spring on my bed storage. The spring force was 100 lbs..

Good luck,

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On 11/26/2018 at 9:49 AM, SWharton said:
The struts under our bed are failing. We want to replace with them with a more substantial strut. I have found some on Amazon but was wondering if there is a recommended "strut" company with quality struts.

From experience, I will say; you really do get what you pay for, don't cheap  out. I did and ended up buying twice, the cheap ones lasted 6 months. Second set cost 2X as much and are still working 3 years later.


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