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Suggest Load Range E tire for TV?


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Hi guys, I'm starting to shop for new Load Range E tires for my Silverado 2500HD. Started to do research on Tirerack but still having a hard time deciding. Maybe you guys can help narrow down the field with your input. When I purchased the truck, it had some Bridgestones (cant remember which ones) on them. Got about 50k miles on those tires (mostly towing a 5th wheel) before I replaced them with Cooper Discoverers. I went with the Coopers because they were the cheapest I could find that were of a solid brand (and US made I believe, but that's not a requirement). I remember realizing immediately upon driving for the first time that they were mushier than the tires they replaced, and wandered more. I've now driven them 60k miles, so they've worn great and haven't given me any problems, but I don't want to make the same mistake of choosing a tire based on price but not liking how they drive. So, here are my requirements from most important to less:


1) Gas mileage. So, a highway all season?

2) Handling under load (towing)

3) Road Noise

4) Traction in snow (we like to spend winters in snowy places

5) Lifetime (would love to continue to get 50k miles out of my tires)

6) Offroadability. We don't do much (leave those for our dualsport motorcycles), but we do it sometimes.


Tirerack's recommedations are:




Thanks in advance!

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Go with the Michelins and you won't be sorry. I had Michelins on my truck and when they wore out I opted for the Coopers also because of the price. Same mushy feel compared to the Michelins. When I put my TC on the truck it was even worse. I now have the Michelins back on it and they are doing great.

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I have the Defenders on my 2500 CTD. These were the stock series tire on the truck when I purchased it with 32K and I replaced them with the same at around 70K. In June 20165, I replaced again at about 106K. While in Montana in March this year, I picked up a screw and had to have Les Schwab fix it. Back home and to Discount Tire, they said they told me that older series Defender MS2 was no longer made and that they cannot mix series (just provide me a new tire of the new series).


Available stock around the country for the older series was limited and it was going to take 5-7 days getting the replacement. Needing the truck for a trip the next day, I was forced to take the road warranty replacement for the one tire and buy 3 brand new tires of the new series... was not a happy camper.


I called into Michelin and explained the situation and that I was a bit miffed. Had I known they would be discontinuing that series when I bought the tires, I may likely have opted for another brand. After some back and forth and up the ladder of approvers, they offered to give us a deep discount on a new set of tires for our Honda CRV... which now has Defenders.


So, in addition to being good tires... customer service is good.

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You're getting plenty of solid advice here, but I'll just add my two cents as well. Consider up-grading to a "g" or or a "f" rated tire for many safety related reasons. Also consider changing from an "all season" tire to a "m & s" tire for it's off road capabilities. You'll give up a bit in the noise damping category, but otherwise have a safe and long-lasting tire I've had good experience with the Goodyear mud and snow tires but I'm sure that other brands will give you good service as well. As always, oRV

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Well here is the deal on our tires. It is a dually which of course is a little different animal than your single wheel. But here is the mileage.

New from factory: Goodyear Wrangler SRA- 62,000 miles

Next set, went with the same Goodyear Wrangler SRA, after getting the above miles. Struggled to get 45,000 miles.

Next set. We were in the San Antonio area when I was pricing. Everybody saying Michelins, Michelins, you will get the wear. Well I started pricing Michelins, they were bringing out Michelin LTX MS2 to replace what they had been selling. Don't remember the name, but they were priced fixed as far as I was concerned. I could tell you what the price was going to be before I even walked in the door, whether it was an independent shop, Mom and Pop or a national operation. There was always $5.00 more for the latest and greatest. PO'ed me big time. So one day we were in downtown San Antonio ,I noticed more Firestone tire stores than I had seen in years. Went in and I figured he would offer Firestone Transport HT or AT, which he did. Quoted me a price on six , went back to the RV park to think it over and had my wife make sure the quote was added correctly. It was, so I called and had them mounted the next AM. I paid whole lot less for the Firestones than I did the former set of Goodyears. The Firestones delivered me 46,000 miles at a price a whole lot less than the Badyears.

So then the high mileage talk of Michelins finally sucked me in. The best price I could come up on Michelin LTX MS 2 was at Discount Tire, had them put on. About 45 days ago at 45,500 miles they were history. Worn out! That tire came with a 70,000 mile tread warranty. We were in Kalispell, MT. at the time and I go tire shopping. A couple of shops I stopped in would only use the remaining miles of the tread warranty against another set of Michelins, which wasn't going to happen. The tire that Michelin is now replacing the LTX MS 2 with now only comes with a 50,000 mile tread warranty. Then went to Discount Tire in Kalispell, they are new there and are the first Discount Tire in Montana with Bozeman and Missoula next up. The guy asked what I wanted and my question was " would the tread warranty work with another brand of tire" He responds "it will here". What do you have now? Told him the LTX MS 2 and he smiled. He went out to measure the remaining tread and also asked how many miles were on them. He then said "Don't know if you know or not but Michelin is replacing this tire with a new tire, tread pattern the same but name change, and the mileage warranty has dropped to 50,000. My response was , "you don't think they know they have a problem, do you"? They allowed $40.00 a tire warranty. I'm OK with that and left with Yokohama tires that I had been wanting to try anyway. If I get less than the 45,000 miles that has been the standard with me, it will be OK since I paid one heck of a lot less for these latest tires. We will see down the road. I never have any trouble with the tires, I'm just hunting wear! We run empty and towing about the same miles every year. Just about the same roads. The tires have never worn funny as in alignment problem, the tread just disappears.

By the way, I run Michelin XPS Ribs on the fiver which work out very well, there just won't be more "Bib" (you know the guy that resembles the Pillsbury Doughboy) tires on the truck.

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Ok looks like I cant go wrong with the Defenders. Freestoneangler, have you noticed any difference between the old model and new model of thr Defender?


And that sucks about Les Scwab. I guess Michelin confirmed it was the correct call, for liability sake?


No difference that I've noticed. I suspect all of the franchise tire stores might have the same policy; which is likely a legal/liability thing? When you're out traveling, have a tire going flat, and don't have one of the stores you purchased from nearby, what choice does one have? They certainly don't go over these small details when you purchase them.

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