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  1. Thanks for the heads up. I struggle watching Roku's Channel because of the ads though lol.
  2. Hi all, I'm planning on installing a smart battery isolator and upgrade the trailer battery charging line in my 2007.5 LMM Silverado 2500HD, similar to this. The 12V power line was hooked up to the fuse box when I bought my first rig, but by default my RV batteries will drain the truck batteries if I don't disconnect the 7 Pin. I figured I would disconnect the existing 12V power line, connect the isolator to the post, and run the heavier gauge wire all the way to the truck's 7 pin connector from the isolator. However, in thinking further about this, would the battery isolator also cut off power to the trailer brakes? Or do the trailer brakes not utilize the 12V aux power line? Thanks!
  3. Twice as many barrels and capacity tho. 😉 our Mossberg has been perfectly adequate for the times Ive had to fire in danger (0 times), but that doesnt seem to be the decision making value premise used by my gun fanatic friends.
  4. But one of these would save so much space in an RV (thats what im trying to convince the DW lol) https://www.mcarbo.com/dp-12-vs-ksg.aspx
  5. Im now semi permanently fulltime in Nevada so I'll be getting a handgun at some point for our backcountry jeep adventures, but when we were traveling we had a standard Mossberg 500 in the rig. Its not always handy, but was a good compromise of having protection without having to think so much about local laws. Im not a gun nerd but i did tell my wife that for the sake of space savings I'd like to trade in the mossberg for a keltec ksg or even better, the DP12 lol
  6. There are enough alternate routes on the western side of the sierras (ie past Donner, closer to Sac) that you should be able to get around most road closures. Otherwise, plan to sit in your rig until roads open. Donner is a decent pull but there are 3 lanes including a slow one, so take your time. Good luck!
  7. I think you meant GB, not mb? I routinely use 200+GB on both of my Mobleys (each), so far no ill effects. But of course, there's always the risk they cancel the plan.
  8. Most of my plans are grandfathered and no longer available, but I use a VZ Samsung S9+ phone with and older unlimited plan, 2 ATT mobleys on the old car connect plan, and a Tmobile plan in an older Samsung S7. We are long term stationary in a volunteer position with a toddler so we have the TV on quite a bit and it we burn thru almost a TB a month amongst all the devices. I use a Pepwave router to quickly switch between them.
  9. Check the port on your phone as well
  10. Mine sags, and doesnt have tensioning rods to keep it locked out.
  11. A Roku TV or other Smart View enabled TV, and an android phone that supports it, would let you do screen mirroring. I think Samsung owns that name, but other brands may have the same tech under different names. i know my Win 10 laptop will connect to my tv the same way as my samsung phone will. The Roku app may have mirroring capabilities to the tv too, ill have to check.
  12. I ended up having to do the bypass install twice, because of defective parts and that the system and area wasn't designed for a bypass to begin with. The camco valves leaked upon installation, and the plastic check valve I found at the rv store made a horrible humming noise when activated. Also, the pipe going into inlet side has very little give to it and was a tight fit once the additional length of the 3 way valve and check valve were installed. I bought the Valterra bypass kit instead, and those 3 way valves are much beefier feeling and hopefully wont fail. Additionally, i bought a brass check valve and installed it on the inlet side, between the hose and the 3 way valve. Finally, i cut the pex going into the inlet side and put a flexible SS braided adapter and bridged the gap between the pex I cut and the check valve. Now, the pressure doesn't spike on the cold side when the water heater heats the water, and I cant drain the water heater using the cold side low point drain (which protects me from the off chance of a cold side leak, and water draining thru that leak, if city or pump are off)
  13. Hi, I am installing a bypass kit (rig did not come with one) and I noticed there is no check valve on the inlet side. This might explain why I occasionally would have hot water come out the cold side? Any harm if I put one on the inlet side, or choose to leave one out (there may not be enough room)? Thanks!
  14. Never had stepped into an rv or trailer prior to buying my first, at the age of 31, DW at 23. We bought it with the intention of full-timing, and I was very emotionally tied to that rig when we sold it, the memories we made in it were very special. Now on our 3rd rig, and the attachment is lesser and lesser, as I see that within the skin, they are all essentially the same. I will have trouble selling my tow vehicle though, if it ever comes to that: my daughter was born in the passenger seat, my wife delivered her on her own while I was driving to the hospital! If we hadn't left 3 minutes before, she would have been born in our rig!
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