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  1. Another vote for Coach Net. We've ben satisfied with them since 1998.
  2. Although my wife and I are "left coasters", staying on our lot at Jojoba Hills, here in sunny southern California, we have traditionally travelled 5 to 7 months of the year, visiting our children and grandchildren from Texas to Washington, DC. During our 12 years of full-timing, we have been blessed to visit 44 of our 50 wonderful States. My wife and I would encourage you to travel as you wish, using the due diligence you stated as you travel. We have stayed put this year as a matter of choice. Many of our friends and neighbors have been traveling where their spirits have led. GO, and enjoy life! As always, oRV
  3. MARIE: The route from Chicago to Oakland over I-80 is virtually all straight and relatively flat crossing the Rockies. You should experience no "white knuckle" moments. Where you will experience mountainous climbs is over the Sierra's, west of Reno, Nevada. The climb over Donner's Pass takes you through some of the most breathtaking forested mountains you will experience anywhere. Stop and enjoy Lake Tahoe, certainly one of God's most beautiful gifts. Going over the Sierra's, gear down and maintain a speed where you can keep your foot off the brakes. Enjoy!
  4. Our daughter tells us that no one associated with CARE has yet displayed the symptoms of the Covid 19 virus. We hold all in prayer as CARE has a very special population.
  5. Thank you so very much for this valuable link. I note that Polk County, Texas has the lowest ratio of persons infected. This is of special interest to us as our daughter resides at the SKP CARE center there in Livingston. Officially, we too are residents of Polk County, but as fulltimers we are spending our time in the high desert of California safely in our Jojoba Hills site. Not much travel for us this year. As always, oRV
  6. Another viable option might be the JOJOBA HILLS RV RESORT in the California high desert of Aguanga (Aguanga is roughly half way between San Diego and Los Angeles, 17 miles southeast of Temecula). We've owned here for the last 12 years, and absolutely love it. We remain Texas residents via the Escapees to avoid California's high taxes. You can explore our haven via our web page at: www.jojobahills.com. Let me know if you're at all interested and I'll try to answer any questions you may have. (orvhazelton@gmail.com)
  7. WHY? The automatic CAREFREE awning on our 2010 Phaeton works well without the obstruction of having poles. We would never leave our awning deployed when we are not at home or overnight. We live on a particularly windy corner at the Jojoba Hills SKP resort. We love the freedom of full-timing of over 11 years now. Join us this winter for a barbecue on the patio. As always, Orv
  8. When was the last time you flushed out your tank? Mineral deposits develope and fall to the bottom of the tank, impeding heat transfer. I flush our tank out semiannually.
  9. Why in the world is Camping World accepting these sub-par units in the first place? Are they incapable of quality control prior to their floor-planning these units? When we purchased our new Tiffin Phaeton a few years ago, we found very few quality control problems at delivery and refused to write that final check until all those items were corrected. They wanted our money, so they got right on those repairs. Tiffin used over-night shipping to enable parts delivery. We just spent a couple of days in our trade in unit, watching for proper repairs.
  10. There's no problem in brazing in an appropriate inline che ck valve to properly control the H2O flow in your system, PLEASE be sure that it directs the flow in the correct direction. While accomplishing this, some tubular foam insulation might be of help too. Good luch in always improving your home. As always, oRV SKP75065
  11. KIRK, my friend . . . in my experience, our younger generation isn't as interested in "forum" participation as they are in newer styles of communication such as texting, et al. Letter writing and other ways of communication using the English language are now completely out of vogue. In this day and age its all quick abbreviations without punctuation. My dear English teacher mother would turn over in her grave. As for this mid-seventies age man. . . its all beyond me. I'm grateful for this newer Escapee generation who has evolved into the Xcapers . . . well done to our new Carr generation. I'm just an old guy who loves the Escapees, yesterday and tomorrow. As always, Orvil Hazelton 75065.
  12. We enjoy our winter home base at Jojoba Hills in Southern California. Our resort has a Verizon tower which is designed to look like one of our pine trees . . . we hardly notice it and it brings in nearly two thousand dollars a month in revenue while affording those of us in the resort excellent cellular reception.
  13. WOW . . . I certainly didn't see this one coming. Winnebago seems to respect it's acquisitions well, giving them independence while enhancing their available cash flow. I can hardly wait to see.
  14. SKP is pronounced "skip" or " Es-Ca-Pee" and relates to the number you are assigned when you joined Escapees. My SKP number is 75065.
  15. I've been calling our SKP mail service in Livingston every couple of days looking for our absentee ballots, but to no avail. We've been Livingston, SKP residents for 22 years, this is the first time we've failed to receive our ballots. Anyone else having this problem?
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