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How to dump rear bags to change valve


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My rear leveling valve went bad, fully inflated bags. I only noticed it by the growling noise from my driveshaft. That noise is unnerving to say the least.

If I use the dump valve my bags air back up when I shut off the truck. I have disconnected level arm and leveler is not responsive. I would cut a line to an air bag, but I would have to bring under the truck when I do that. (Scary)


Anybody have a good idea?


Ps. Anyone think I should change out bags since they were technically overinflated?

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Then crack a fitting and let them bleed down. Or use the bag dump switch to dump them. Once they're dumped, assuming the tanks are empty, they can't re-inflate.

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Run truck to build up air, shut down engine, turn starter switch to ON, use dump switch to dump rear bags, dump air tanks with lanyards, turn off ignition switch and bags will stay deflated. I do this when overnighting sometimes to level the camper from nose to tail. Be safe, Charlie

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I'm with Darryl, why build it up??...but I'm with everything else that Charlie said. With the key on, dump the suspension, drain the tanks and turn the key off. Can't re-inflate if there is no air to use.


EDIT: If you have a low bed on your truck (like I do) drive the rear end up an a few 2x10's to get a little height to help with crawling under after you dump the suspension. Make sure to chock the front wheels too.

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Why build air to dump it?

I believe I read somewhere that the air accessory switches won't work until the main system reaches a certain PSI. So need to build up main pressure, truck off, then key on and dump the suspension and drain the tanks.


PS, I could be wrong. It happened once before. ;-)

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On my truck if the dump switch is on and the bags are already deflated, when the truck is turned on the bags will inflate at 60~70psi then deflate. Strange but that is how it works on my Gen 2

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