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  1. Thoughts that tickle my brain at 2am.... I’m installing an inverter and deciding which circuits to put on it. So, is it better/ more efficient, to have the fridge running on propane or let it use the inverter 110 power?
  2. Thanks Chad. That makes sense, I can see that in your drawing now. That might be the way I go too.
  3. That would have been handy. I bought this from someone who had it sitting on the shelf for a couple years, and then had a change of plans. Came with a bunch of accessories. Battery monitor, advanced control panel and gen start/stop kit.
  4. Hi Chad, just came across this old post as I was doing some research for my install. I see it’s an old post, but brought back again. Lots of great info. Thanks for doing that. I’m just working my way through your info, and I’m sure I’ll find an answer to my question in there, but wondered if there was a quick answer. Ive got the Magnum 3012 hybrid inverter and as I was working through the installation info, it dawned on me that I didn’t think about the 2 phase 50 amp shore power coming in. How did you connect that to your system? i came across the AM Solar smart phase selector, which is automatic and also a manual switch.
  5. Asross72

    Multiple cameras...

    Thanks Rick, I’ll take a look.
  6. Asross72

    Multiple cameras...

    I need to feed a couple cameras to 1 input to the camera. I want to manually switch between them. Any suggestions on what to use for that?
  7. Is there a link to the video.?
  8. Found a direct replacement on amazon, but I’m wondering if it is better to upgrade while I’m in there. I was also thinking of adding an inverter Any suggestions for upgrade? Is there a unit that does it all, or is separate converter/charger, inverter better? thanks
  9. It's just a standard commercial 5th wheel, most likely a sliding hitch. Trailer has a standard kingpin. I believe it was a new race car type trailer converted to an RV.
  10. Maybe a picture of your 5th wheel front would help. You say it has giant cutouts at the front for clearance, but I'm not sure what you mean. If it's what i think you're talking about, the kind that hangs over the cab, I don't think that would work on an HDT to give you clearance over your Yukon.
  11. Does anyone have some pics of the flush monitor being installed? Curious how it mounts in there.
  12. Bringing this back to the top as I'm interested as well.
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