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H2O & Voltage Protection

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We documented the decisions and changes we made in getting equipped to be on the road including fresh water, sewer, electricaland more. Full-Timing Life Style

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Electrical Management Systems are more than just surge protectors. Good ones will manage low and high voltage, reverse polarity, negative grounds as well as a surge. There are portable ones that plug into the parks pedestal and systems that are hard wired into your RV. The two most popular are made by Progressive Systems and Surge Guard.


Water regulators can be just a screw on at the hose bib with no adjustment options, a screw on with a pressure meter but no adjustment or an adjustable regulator. The two most popular adjustable are the Watts or the Valerta.

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Just my very basic thoughts:


If I had my "druthers" I would install A PERMANENT FIXED HARD WIRED "EMS" then any portable in line series device ESPECIALLY A "SURGE GUARD" ONLY


The Regulators come in basic cheapest NON ADJUSTABLE all the way up to what are advertised as FULL OR LESS RESTRICTIVE FLOW and even with an onboard analog pressure gauge.


If you're going on the road and only intend to buy all this ONLY one time and be done with it, Id opt for the hard wired EMS and the more expensive "full or less restrictive flow" regulator and gauge.


As far as brand and model preferences read reviews and experiences and preferences here (may or may NOT always agree lol) then its your money and your decision.


John T

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Here's a permanent whole house surge protector my home generator people install on the auto switch box to protect both the home and the 25kw water cooled generator system they installed.



These are one shot then replace. They are said to protect everything behind them.

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I'd add a weather alert app to your cell phone, like WeatherBug as an example. And or, invest in a good portable radio with weather alert included.


Water filtration is also important. Determine the filtration system that came with the rig, then call and talk with the pro's at RV Filter Store. Talk over the options available, and make our own choices on what level of protection you want to add to the existing system. They're also a good source for water pressure regulators too.


Tire Pressure Monitors, if not included in your purchase, are another good safety feature.


Your choice of GPS systems.


Have a blast, and take your time and enjoy the transformation of going on the road!


Be safe, have fun,


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My choices, all water is filtered before going into the trailer through a pressure regulator (we have a Watts on our bricks and sticks home as well) and the Progressive Industries guaranteed for life and hard wired where it will not walk off.





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I would agree with post #8 if we add one additional link and that is for the Surge Guard by TRC. I have been using one now for 15 years and either it or the Progressive version work well and do what they are designed to do. I would select whichever one you can get for the better price. Progressive does have the advantage of being somewhat easier to work on, if you do your own repairs and I have repaired both. What I like better about the Surge Guard is it's better weather protective ability. Whatever you select, be sure that you get either 30a or 50a models based upon what your RV power cord is and that you get the full protection model and not just surge protection. If you are interested, there is an article previously published in Escapees Magazine that may be helpful to you.

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What I like about the Progressive EMS is that has a lifetime warranty, and if you call them, a tech will either talk to you right away, or return your call if the shop is closed, say for Christmas week. Excellent customer service.

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