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Having fun at ECR


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Well Monday has lived up to her expectations!

Took a short trip to town, getting new bolts for 5er hitch since after weighing front trailer axle has twice the load as rear axle, center axle ok so need to drop hitch 2 inches, no problems right?

DW says lets hit Wally World to pick up a few items, ok I will fuel up while there.

Fuel up, open hood to check fluids, as after resealing coolant filter housing and oil cooler housings I am keeping a close eye on these, no leaks, fluids at same level as when I left home, this is a first!

Come back to Deer Run, park and break out tools to drop hitch, Jim as in Jim and Alie came over to give me a hand, as he still only has one to lend.

Tell him about my fluids and how happy I am and Jim says Houston you got a problem.

Coolant running out under truck, open hood and find water pump seal said good by Roger!

14 gallons of new coolant on the ground?..


So David as in Georgiahybrid comes to the rescue, I pull out the tools, and we get the old pump off, head to Napa and the parts lady at the Napa truck parts store that has on display break cans, aluminum wheels, ect says what engine u got? Cummins M-11. She looks on the computer ans says you mean N-14, no M-11. She responds what size is that and David and I smile and say 11 liter.

More poking on the key board and then she asked for help, A counterman says why don't you call TR W and get a number. So she does and the Wawa we get a picture of a waterpump like ours, not in stocks or I can have a UPS to get it this week. How much I ask, $260 she replies. I say OK let me think about it Dave and I walk to his truck.


Call Cummins in Knoxville they got one and all the gaskets I need so off we go headed off to get parts. On the way there is a small road construction project that has traffic backed up for what seems like 10 models so off-road we go take the back way get to Knoxville and get to talk to the slowest parts person we have ever met, David says he needs a scooter to get around it will scream up quite a bit. $400 later we leave with a book I handful of gaskets a short silicone hose and off we go back home, we decide to go to Wally world to pick up some color so we don't have to run into town today another 14 gallons of new 50-50 coolant and then home to Deer run


Today's project is to put water pump back on, check leaks and then finish the pin box project and also attend David Dixon's lithium battery project presentation, during this process, I know how much fun today's going to be will give you an update later.




On edit just want to say Siri sucks, I'm not drinking yet?


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On edit just want to say Siri sucks, I'm not drinking yet


But you will be shortly?


It's too late now, but you might have wanted to check with Freightliner (same exit as FlyingJ) or the NAPA distribution center (on Middlebrook Pike just east of Weisgarber Rd) in Knoxville. Both are on the West side of town and a good bit closer. Just in case anyone else here starts having too much fun...

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I have to agree re: Siri sucks. More times than not, Siri is NOT helpful. I also have an Android phone (my old landline number of 30+ years) and, OK Google gives me MUCH better results.

Yes, Google seem to work well most of the time. Better than Siri, these days, at least when I had the tow "voices" sitting side by side,for the things I tried. Cortana is also pretty good, but for me, it is only on my "real" computers....not phone.

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Roger left out the best part, he sat the old water pump core on the counter in Knoxville and the Cummins PARTS guy said "So you guys need a new turbo?" I looked at Roger, he looked at me and we both knew this was going to be fun. In addition to that, my dad is 94 years old and uses a walker and STILL moves 4 times faster than this counter guy.. Took him 15 minutes to find the water pump with Rogers name on it and then another 5 minutes to pop off 3 staples, pull the pump out and put the old core back in the box.

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