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ET Got a New Sled for Christmas!

Jim Gell

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On Friday I took our Volvo down to Port St. Lucie so Henry could replace the "sled" on our ET hitch with a new and improved version. I am not sure when he was expecting me because i sent texts to an old defunct phone number, but when I got there at noon Henry and Tommy went right to work and did not stop until they finished. They even did some extra work they had not planned on. I am very pleased with the improvements and their quick but thorough job that got me back to Cathy in Mayo. FL before bedtime. I only wish I had done it last winter when we were in Florida.


I am confident the hitch is ready for a trip to Alaska next summer, if we are.




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As I said it is all driven by geography.



For instance, in the first two pictures one is "preoccupied" with thoughts "how close am I to Canadian weather, proximity to the permafrost and even North Pole".

In bottom two pictures one gauges the weather by proximity of the tropics, the islands and the equator.

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Don, how are those mag drill skills holding up?



Trying to get ET work done while gimping behind one of these is a pip!



Incidentally I stole that one a month ago from my mother in law (she has two of them). Wife is pissed about those tears in the seat, she suspects I have been "transporting" hitch parts on the seat while gimping in the shop. Would I do something like this? :(:rolleyes:

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Glen, now that I find myself in the ranks of gimps (pardon, physically challenged), we still try to be useful gimps.

Examining the final paint in your ET parts and others.



Doing few final pieces.



Wife did notice that when I came home that there was a thin sticky layer of epoxy over spray on the gimp chair, it did solidify in few hours so I'm hoping it's a non issue, I will be returning the chair to my mother in law after the operations.

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