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Poll: What do "you" call a vehicle towed behind your Motorhome?

Al F

Poll: What do "you" call a vehicle towed behind your Motorhome?  

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  1. 1. What do "you" call a vehicle towed behind your motorhome?

    • Toad
    • Towd
    • Tow'ed
    • Dinghy
    • Other (please elaborate)

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As I noted before, a toad is a small amphibian that hops. At least a dinghy is related as it is a smaller boat pulled behind a larger boat.


But then most RVers are a bit ding-y anyway.



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It is called the car. As in "you tow that behind". 'Yup" Or "Ayuh" when in Maine. Never thought about calling it anything. When referring to a vehicle hooked on behind a motorhome I call the towed. Which sometime in the past has morphed into toad.



Bill & Lynn Baxter

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Well Motorhome.com calls them Dinghys and they have been around for a while. They do their dinghy roundup every year. I didn't hear them called towed/toads until a few years ago.


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TOAD = Towed On A Dolly


FROG = Four Rolling On Ground


So behind the truck it's a 5th wheel! :)


Behind the Motorhome!...It's a frog! :D

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We tend to use "toad", "dingy" and "Jeep" interchangeably when talking about the Jeep Liberty we drag along behind us. Which term I use in a given conversation depends on who and the nature of the conversation. When we're travelling - and I'm talking to my wife and/or other camper - it splits between "toad" and "dingy" pretty equally. When we're home or talking to "non RV'ers" - I generally refer to it as the "Jeep".

The Spacenorman

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For the "Other - please elaborate"


My first MH was a 71 Winnebago. I towed an VW Baja Bug


*If* I had the desire or need to tell someone about that, i would simply say, "I tow a VW Baja Bug"


Of course, I understand what all the terms are - and if someone told me, "My dingy is Honda CRV" - or one of the

current terms for the vehicle they tow - I would know what they mean.


IMO - it's kinda like being in with the "in" crowd for nomenclature of/for what you tow


*If* I was asked...do I tow something - or do you have a "toad", etc. - I would still say - "I tow a brand/model".


Much ado over nothing!


Folks in New Jersey go to the "shore".

In CA, we go to the "beach"..


If you saw a long "Caravan" on the highway in the US - you might mean, a lot of vehicles, as in "Mercy sakes we got a convoy".

In Great Britain - it could simply be a long trailer (where most are short).


Anyway, not pulling your chain (Huh??) - when I say, "whatever rings your chimes!" (Say what???)... B) .





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