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  1. Missed the generator part of the question.. Why? Do you know that the Aqua Hot system is relatively low power consumption? I don't know your system but regardless you are probably using less than 12/15 amps at 12VDC. Therefore your alternator is working just a little more than without the system on. Bill
  2. Exactly! Why not? There is no logical reason for not running the heating system anytime. Most installs include a heat exchanger to get heat from the engine cooling system and transfer the heat to the house heating system. Run the Aqua Hot when you want/need the heat regardless of driving or not. Enjoy your heat as we have for 25 years. Bill
  3. That is on for next summer when plan a return visit to the Black Canyon. Thanks for the info. Bill
  4. The Northeast, I am including every state from Virginia through northern Maine, has always been tough to find campground spots on short notice. As has been written, no new campgrounds have been built. And they are getting old. So size is critical. If you have a big rig you are in trouble without reservations. Until we converted to full timing we had house in central Maine. Talking with neighbors we heard the stories of expensive campsites and low availability. When we go to Northeast, we will makes reservations in key plas. Then we can travel our way without reservations. Look into Fra
  5. After 10 years of service the bathroom fantastic vent thermostat has failed. And better yet it is defined as an obsolete part. Any thoughts suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks, Bill
  6. NM is great for being. We like Taos, the BLM campgrounds on the Rio Grande about 10 miles south of town. Also the cave dwelling in the Gila National Monument, north of Silver City. If you go there is campground south of the NM with a pretty good hot spring access. Enjoy. Bill
  7. We had in order: tent trailer pop up. Truck camper. Small Class A, Class C, Class A. Bus conversion, and a second bus converted, converted by us as was the first. We vote motorhome regardless of class. The truck camper was a sort of motorhome. We could get from the truck cab to the camper without going outside. Of course that was over forty years ago. We like the convience of one floor living and the bathroom is always available. Our $0.02 Bill ,
  8. Voltage? If 12V then 4 O, as in four zero guage, is not unreasonable. I use 2 O within the battery bank, four 8D deep cycle AGM at 225AH, and 4 O through fuse and switch to inverter on plus side and 4 O to ground through current shunt. My system is "24V" which means we operate a float voltage of 27 V. Magnum 4000 is the inverter/charger with solar worth about 25amps at max charge. When these batteries fail then it is some kind of lithium battery for us. There calculation sites for cable sizing based on current and length of the cable run. Remember the longest run defines the
  9. Bill w/bus


    People have become locked to the mantra of "electric vehicles only". Rather foolishly. What about hybrid vehicles? Diesel engines are very efficient, especially when run at constant speed. Consider then a vehicle with a battery bank and a small efficient diesel engine. For a medium sized car that should yield fuel milage on excess of 60 MPG. For the big trucks and buses maybe above 12 MPG. Penalty would be hill climbing. Slow uphill, charge battery on the downhill. Years ago, early 60's, trucks crawled up the hills. Now trucks pretty much fly up the hills. Would doubling the fuel mile
  10. Yes, stay south on I 10. Are you going to drive hard every day? Or do you have time to see some things? Florida will be chilly in December. Not bad. See Sarasota, Ford and Edison estates. Ringling circus museum. Keys are great. Elks lodge in Tavernier is a great stop but reservations needed. Bahia Honda SP, can't remember which island, is great by itself but close to Key West. Awaiting your answer. Bill
  11. Fantastic fans move a lot of air and the cover must be designed for that criteria. We had vent covers but the fan blades picked up a lot of dirt. Technicians told us that we needed more air volume to prevent the dirt from staying on the fan blades. Changed out the covers and cleaning interval more than doubled. That was the time that Fantastic Fan was owned before being sold to Atwood, or who ever. Bill
  12. There are slides at 500# available.. A steel frame of 1.5" , 1/8 " angle iron, a plywood floor of 3/4" plywood and you have a fine pullout for toolboxes. Slides are cheap but worth the price. Mine have worked for 12 years. With a 200+# toolbox, a 2' long box for electrical tools and spare relays etc, a smaller box for plumbing tools and fittings, and finally a box loaded with drill bits for the load on the slides. Bill
  13. Thank you. Tech assistance provided a detailed calibration procedure with pictures of expected screen data to calibrate the Elevation motor setpoint. Calibration was successful. Again thank for help. Bill
  14. Controller blinking with "Home El Motor Failure". If I knew the sensing criteria that would help to determine the troubleshooting. Any thoughts? Thanks Bill
  15. We lived in HI for two years. First two babies born there. Really I wasn't there very often as the submarines were designed to be out in the water. Then ID for two years as an instructor at a training facility. Yellowstone was two hours away. Started with tent trailer. Then a truck camper andoff to Norfolk, VA for three years. Explored the area pretty well. Really liked a weekend on Hatteras. Then moved to Maine for work and sold the camper. Some 15 years later we decided to try RV'ing again. We found a Dodge motorhome, 1970 at 24ft. Trip to Disney World via Foley, AL to visit family. Tr
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