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  1. Also be aware of all the travel restrictions due to the China virus. A quick check is at a minimum of a 14 day quarantine up to a negative test within 72 hrs of arriving in state. Normally we travel into New England every summer to visit family and friends. Not happening this year. Two many conflicting requirements. And now some states are issuing fines for non compliance of the travel demands. For Acadia NP, even thirty years ago you needed reservations for the campgrounds during the heavy summer season. We usually went at least once per summer. A drive of about 2 hours. Enjoy if you go. Bill
  2. We came across a couple that were full-time in Class B in Dawson YT. If the weather was bad they said life was very difficult because of the lack of space. Comment on your concern about crash safety. I think that you need to relax a little and think of where you can go and the beauty you will view. Bill
  3. Sympathy for having to deal with Houston traffic. We usually come across Galveston Island then the ferry to the Bolivar Peninsula. Push easy until forced into I 10. Then turn south towards Port Arthur and cross to Louisiana onLA 82. Follow to Abbeville. Then east on LA 14 to US 90, or I 49. When US ,90 gets to New Orleans then jump on I 10 to cross over to Mississippi. I like US 90 across the state and into Alabama until Mobile. I know it's longer but the scenery is interesting and you have chance to stop. That is almost some day run. Long day but doable.. We could easily make that a two week trip. Stop on the beach not far from the ferry landing. That's two days. Then Beaumont for the museum of the oil industry. Then the Parish park and campground in Sulpher, right on the Intracoastal waterway for $12/night. Then Abbeville for Betty's RV park. Then Biloxi for the beach. We stay at the Elks and walk across the road to the beach. Enjoy, Bill T
  4. But with a Spicer the clutch never gets used. Well, there the start from a dead stop. Okay. A little use on the clutch. First bus was a GM4108, 8V71 with a four speed Spicer and a delightful three plate wet clutch. Shall we say the first drive was a learning experience. Bill
  5. Thanks. Took a lot of miles and time. It's a tough job but someone has to do the 'Dirty Job'. Bill
  6. I would suspect that your supplier is operating close to the tank bottom. I have never seen a seperator type trap for a grill. Hmmm, if there is a need there could be an imformercial!! Seriously I have never encountered or heard of this problem. Good luck. If you find the problem please let us know. Bill
  7. Unless the price is really cheap, don't buy. There are a lot of conversions available. In the older coaches it's all Detroit 71 or 92 series engines. Detroit named the engine series by cylinder displacement. 71 series at 71 cubic inches per cylinder. Inline was 671. V engines 6V71. 92 series for buses were usually 6V92T or 6V92 TA, turbo and Turbo Aftercooled. An 8V81 is a solid engine with rebuilds in motorhome service at 300K to 500Kmiles. They do leak oil. I have seen a couple of engines that didn't leak any oil. Both had been built by long time mechanics. One guy spent six months on the rebuild of a 671. And then he used Imron to paint the engine. There are quite a few conversions available for sale. Last GM bus build date was 1980. For MCI look for 102A3, C3 that starts in the mid 80's through early 90's. All Detroit 2 stroke engine in the 92 series on There are bus conversions on the road that come from buses built in the late 40's and early 50's. I know a couple that I wouldn't hesitate to take cross country tomorrow. Check the BNO, Bus Nuts Online, and the Bus Conversions Magazine boards for the wealth of information available. On Utube it is "Bus Grease Monkey" to see what it takes to maintain a bus. Can be expensive but then again the major maintenance is every ten years. Good luck,, Bill
  8. When you go to the expense of two new batteries think lithium. I know expensive however they can handle a full discharge to zero without damage. So one battery takes the place of two. They can be put almost anywhere. Change over the Li with one and add another as you have the cash. Bill
  9. Standard truckers route. Max grade 6%, except once in a while maybe 7/8% for a short distance. Not a winter drive. From October through April is winter in the mountains. I80 was closed early June 2020 due to snow. Figure 5days to drive without beating yourself to death. You will find that driving ,8_9 hours a day is very rough on a body not used to that. Good news is that when you get rid of the Denver bound drivers in western Nebraska you are on easy street until western Nevada. Enjoy Bill
  10. Second trip to Alaska. A five month trip from the Rio Grande Valley and return. First trip was time limited. Second was great as there was no time pressure. Still didn't get everywhere but close. And we would do the trip again. Or the Dakota's with the Badlands, Teddy Roosevelt NP, Minot, fields of Sunflowers, Or Duluth, Lake Superior, Soo Locks, Whitefish Bay , Mackinac Island another good trip. Bill
  11. Do not drive through or near New York City. If for some reason you do get on the wrong road be very careful of the signage many roads do not allow trucks. Tolls are outrageous. Really high. I do advocate touring the Northeast. Places to visit: New Jersey shore, MysticCT for the Seaport and the Submarine Base with the USS Nautilus, Cape Cod, Sturbridge Village, the coast of Maine starting at Boothbay and going Downeast. Camden/Rockland pretty harbors, Acadia NP with Cadillac Mountain, a Reversing falls in Pembroke, all the way to Calais (pronounced Callus), then loop back on RT 9 to Bangor then on west on US2 through NH and on to VT or slide south towards Sebago Lake And over to Mount Washington and Cog Railway, overnight allowed in lower parking lot. Don't forget Cape Hatteras and the Outer Banks of NC. The cross over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel to the Eastern Shore through VA, MD and DE. You could take the ferry to Cape May, NJ and go along the Jersey Shore. Do avoid Washington/Baltimore area as the traffic is miserable and you will be besieged with expensive tolls. Enjoy, Bill
  12. Nothing against the law to be reimbursed for your expenses. As long as there is no charge based on time or miles then you didn't hire on for a job. You are doing a service. Bill
  13. There are a couple of advantages for higher mounting. Air flow for cooling and ease of clearing the debris. Minus are the extra height of your unit, potential for wind speed to remove the panel and inability to walk on your roof for inspection and repair. Bill
  14. 2X on vinyl plank flooring. Waterproof, easy installation and looks good. Repair is easy with hair dryer and a spare plank. I don't like the laminate plank flooring as it can be very noisy. With the correct underlayment it can be relatively quiet. But repair is difficult. My vote is the vinyl plank flooring. Bill
  15. Bill w/bus

    Highway 50 Colorado

    Stop at the NP, Black Canyon of the Gunnison. Very few visitors on an annual basis. 50 is a great drive. Monarch Pass was 17 to 23 MPH. First gear for an HT 70 all the way to the top. Took us four days from Montrose to Canon City. Then on to Colorado Springs the next day. Yeah 50 Isa great drive. Bill
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