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  1. Fantastic fans move a lot of air and the cover must be designed for that criteria. We had vent covers but the fan blades picked up a lot of dirt. Technicians told us that we needed more air volume to prevent the dirt from staying on the fan blades. Changed out the covers and cleaning interval more than doubled. That was the time that Fantastic Fan was owned before being sold to Atwood, or who ever. Bill
  2. There are slides at 500# available.. A steel frame of 1.5" , 1/8 " angle iron, a plywood floor of 3/4" plywood and you have a fine pullout for toolboxes. Slides are cheap but worth the price. Mine have worked for 12 years. With a 200+# toolbox, a 2' long box for electrical tools and spare relays etc, a smaller box for plumbing tools and fittings, and finally a box loaded with drill bits for the load on the slides. Bill
  3. Thank you. Tech assistance provided a detailed calibration procedure with pictures of expected screen data to calibrate the Elevation motor setpoint. Calibration was successful. Again thank for help. Bill
  4. Controller blinking with "Home El Motor Failure". If I knew the sensing criteria that would help to determine the troubleshooting. Any thoughts? Thanks Bill
  5. We lived in HI for two years. First two babies born there. Really I wasn't there very often as the submarines were designed to be out in the water. Then ID for two years as an instructor at a training facility. Yellowstone was two hours away. Started with tent trailer. Then a truck camper andoff to Norfolk, VA for three years. Explored the area pretty well. Really liked a weekend on Hatteras. Then moved to Maine for work and sold the camper. Some 15 years later we decided to try RV'ing again. We found a Dodge motorhome, 1970 at 24ft. Trip to Disney World via Foley, AL to visit family. Tr
  6. Speced out a 200AH 24V battery at about $300 plus labor. Using 10 AH cells in series. You need voltage controllers, connectors and an ability to solder the batteries. Bill
  7. Look at Whytner (sp?) available through Lowe's. Cost for the large one is around$600. Looking at one for buying larger quantities. Found a meat market in Arcadia, Florida that sells whole tenderloin for $7/lb. Bill
  8. What you want are the "clear channel" stations. These stations have a frequency that clear of all other transmitters. They transmit at 50,000 watts. WLS in Chicago can be received in Idaho, southern part. I can't remember but Denver, Dallas, San Fransisco have these high power stations. Most are all talk stations. In the days before satellite radio truck drivers knew the reception area of all these stations. That should get you started on finding the radio station you need. Bill
  9. What about a bus conversion? Probably have to modify interior. But look at the tour buses for entertainers. Multiple bunks, kitchen, bathroom and usually a rear bedroom. Buses are designed for a long life and minimal maintenance with smooth ride. Prices for a mid 80's at $25 to $60K. Add $10 to 20K through late 90's. Some thoughts to consider. Good luck Bill
  10. Had a friend lose pressure in the left front tire when the steering wheel lock failed. Tire $120, wheel $250, body repair $1500 minus $500 deductible. $500 will buy a great system. Besides the lost time and lost car availability during repair. As we stood there looking at his damaged car he said "You have told me to get a tire monitor. Guess I will now." Bill
  11. We are Mobile account and have Hallmark both channels. Bill
  12. Are you member of any fraternal organizations? FYI Elks lodges frequently have camper parking. Same with Moose. Some have a fixed fee, some work on a donation. Look for County and City/town campgrounds. COE campgrounds along the rivers. In other words expand your campground search. I use RV Parks, Discount Parks, RV Park Reviews. Escapees has four parks across the southern tier Livingston, TX, Summerdale,AL. Bushnell, FL. Wachula,FL. Month stays are reasonable. We use the Rio Grande Valley for a winter home. Less expensive than Florida, and the Gulf Coast campgrounds.
  13. Nice troubleshooting. The advice was great. All easy operations for a novice. Congratulations Bill
  14. Kirk Solar power allows boondocking without a lot of generator time. Now if you are not into minimalism the skip solar. Panels prices are dropping still. Efficiency goes up as the panel chemistry improves. LiFeO4, Lithium Iron Oxide, batteries are the way to go. No maintenance, long life, and more usable amp hours. No ventilation required. We have designed a 200AH 24V battery for a cost of about $300 in parts. That should imply that the price should be $600 for the battery. Total weight less than 40#. Bill
  15. Several items for consideration: Agreed with those who suggested a smaller class C. Ina class B everything has a home and that's where it stays unless in use. With rving lifestyle a lot of your life is outside. So a few folding chairs and table should be included. I would buy used. I think Kirk was generous in his depreciation. Roll a new unit off the dealers lot and look at 30% loss. Are you handy with tools? If not learn. For simple fixes you don't need an "RV Tech" mobile tech at $75 per hour. Learn your systems. Water, gas and electric. Join Escapees and attend Boo
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