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3 Year plan to fulltiming


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Will be hitting the road in a little under 3 years.Will be purchasing a Grand Design Solitude 366 den and F350 dually with all the tow options and accessories. I plan to add solar panels a generator(Honda) for those boondocking and dry camping times.I have been researching for tv and internet, as our internet use is really heavy as Irun several online businesses and we run a online gaming community. Some of the questions I have are related to


  • Internet best and fastest sources
  • Wi Fi amps and extenders
  • domicile-how it works costs
  • solitude a good choice for full-timing
  • rv clubs and memberships
  • work amping

Any information or suggestion will be greatly appreciated, and links to info on theses will be very helpful also


Thanks in advance

Dallas K

doing the research to full timing adventure

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May have some of your answers

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Technomadia has a dedicated website for internet on the road called http://www.rvmobileinternet.com/. You might also like http://www.rv-dreams.com/. I would not buy any internet equipment or sign any contracts until you are closer to pulling the trigger, since it is a fast moving world and what is "best" will change.

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Let me first say, welcome to the Escapee forums! We are happy to have you join us here and we will do all that we are able to help and support you in the new adventure.


  • Internet best and fastest sources
  • Wi Fi amps and extenders

There are really two very good sources of information from within the Escapee family. The website of Technomadia is one that you really need to spend some time studying and perhaps consider subscribing to. In addition, take a good look at Geeks on Tour also as they are an outstanding source of educational information and advice. If you have the opportunity to attend the next Escapade next summer, you will have an opportunity to hear seminars by both and if you are lucky as we were, you might even get in on one that has both there working as a team!


*~ ~domicile-how it works costs

This one is an area that you should put a bit of thought into and I think that an article which is on our website will be helpful to you. A couple of years ago I wrote an article for Escapees Magazine titled Choosing a Full-time Domicile that should help you get started. Yet another source of some good information on domicile is located on the Escapee website for your perusal. There is also a booklet that is free titled How to Become a Real Texan which is not only helpful for Texas but also much of it applies to any other state.


~ ~ solitude a good choice for full-timing

I'd suggest that you spend some time discussing this on various parts of the forums. There is a section on boondocking, which is basically camping in out of the way places where there are no RV sites or campgrounds. There is a wide variety of choices in that or you could consider doing some RV Volunteer positions, where you would be provided an RV site with hookups but in a more remote area like a wildlife refuge, state park, or many other places where only one or two RVs are found at a time. As you gain insight into the subject, start new threads with questions of comments on the possible places that one might go with the RV. Remember that the only limit to the ways that you can live in an RV is your own imagination.


~ ~ rv clubs and memberships

That is a subject that probably warrants a new thread as there are not only a number of different clubs, there are also camping discount groups and a lot of different opinions on each one. I rate the Escapees as the #1 club for RV folks, but there are good things about others as well.


~ ~ work amping

This is another subject that I suggest making a separate topic of discussion as there are so many different possible jobs and locations. Some folks do seasonal things like sugar beet harvests and working the Christmas rush with Amazon, to working in RV parks, and even working at Disney Land. This alone could take a lot of time and space,

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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~ ~ solitude a good choice for full-timing

I'd suggest that you spend some time discussing this on various parts of the forums. There is a section on boondocking,




I believe the OP is asking about whether or not the Grand Design Solitude is suitable for fulltiming. I don' know anything about this particular fifth wheel, so will defer to others who are familiar with this brand.

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I've been reading on the grand Design owners forum to help answer some friends questions on using a Grand Design as a full time rig.

At best I say its mixed results as to the build quality of the GD. Issues have arisen concerning the plumbing to the tanks, water manifold, the power cord plug, entertainment system- all a brand called Furrion. GD has called back several classes of ToyHaulers to add a 3rd axle to them after having frame issues. Dollar for dollar, I think the Montana line, Jayco Pinnacle line, Open Range, would all be better.

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We looked at GD as an option. They have some nice features but we were concerned with quality of the infrastructure. The frame did not seem as rigid as other brands (Montana, Open Range and even the Landmark 365 series). We felt a lot more "wiggle" when it was set up.

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I didn't see others suggesting this but since you are starting to plan so early, read all the rv forums and blogs that you can. There are so many, this one, rv.net, Irv2.com, Nick Russell's Gypsy Journal newspaper and his blog, look at the facebook page rv dreams and the Huggins blog. You can learn so much by reading other's mistakes. There may be an owner's website for the Grand Design brand, google that. You can get your best info from actual owners. My other 2 cent suggestion is to buy a good quality used unit and live in it for a year. You really don't know how "liveable" a particular floor plan is until you spend time in it. Have you rv'd before? Have you rented an rv? We rented for several years before we bought an rv, 2 class c's and a class a. We ended up buying a used 5th wheel because it was a good deal and are now on our 3rd one in 10 years. Don't drive yourself crazy looking for the perfect rv, there is no such thing.

Oh yea, we have used My Home Address in Emery, SD for 9 years, very helpful and reasonable, $125/yr plus postage. Any of the mail forwarding services in SD get good reviews, and they are all very helpful.

We have Passport America, Good Sam and this year were given a free zone membership to Thousand Trails. Don't buy a campground membership until you travel for a while. They may not be in the area you want to be and you are stuck with those yearly fees. When we travel we also stay in city/county parks you can find in Don Wright's Free Campground books (Amazon), casinos or Cabela's. We don't want to pay $35 or $40 for one night. We have stayed a KOA's twice in 10 years, only by necessity, they are too pricey for what you get.

We have also workamped for 9 years, mostly volunteering in state parks, CA, MT, NV and NC. Just look up any state park website and there is usually a volunteer area. We choose the are we want to be in, then look for a position. Join Workamper News, it's worth the fee just to get the daily emails. We just started working at our first paid position for the Corps of Engineers, they also have volunteer positions. Once you have the DUN's number and the rest you can bid any position in any state. I have worked one position in a private campground and would not do it again. Some complained that other workampers were getting more hours than they were, too much drama.

Jan & Thomas

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