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  1. Sold out house in June, full time travel for 3 months and husband wanted to stop traveling. So we have a yearly lot in Phoenix and plan to travel in the hot months.
  2. We bought a 36' Rexhall Rexair RV two years ago and it was fine when we took short trips but now that we want to on the road more my husband doesn't want to drive the RV alone. So we bought a nice used Ford E150 Conversion Van and plan on making that our travel vehicle and live in the large RV. We need to put in a rooftop air conditioner because we have dogs that travel with us and I want them to be comfortable in the back of the van. Any particular brand I should ask for when getting a quote? Also want to get a generator but don't know if I want to get a portable Honda or a Onan b
  3. House is in escrow as of 3 pm today!
  4. I'm joining the class 2016. In the process of selling the house, selling furniture on Craigslist, packing a little each day. When we start out our first stop will be in Glendale AZ to set up my youngest son in an apartment. Then heading to MN to visit my other son, and then I will spend a month in ND visiting my mother. After that I can go anywhere my heart desires. So excited.
  5. I didn't know Costco sold them. I'll check them out. Thank you
  6. We are looking for ez up canopy awning. I'm thinking a 10x20 would really be nice but is overkill? Do you have a 10x20 and love/hate it?
  7. How does the dental student clinic compare at Midwestern University in Phoenix? Has anyone used them?
  8. I know there is a link but I can't find my bookmark for it. Would you please share the link if you know it? Thanks, Joani
  9. Thanks for the heads up
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