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Livingston Texas Best RV Resources..


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Hi All,


I am buying a used RV in NM and driving it thru TX. My intention is to swing by Livingston to sort out all the details. I searched the forums but didn't have much luck in finding actual names and address for the most RV-friendly


Inspection Station

Weigh Station (just in case the NM title doesn't have weight on it)



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There is a weigh station in the Escapees Park at Rainbows End just south of Livingston.

And I just got my motorhome inspected at Cool Shades in downtown Livingston (they are a shop that does window tinting, but also inspections; were recommended to me by Acres RV). They only charged $7 for a motorhome and it was simple and fast.


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Go thru a truck stop for a certified weight certificate. Flying j/Pilot has a lot of locations that have weight scales, as well as others. I once bought a trailer out of state and just pulled thru a truck scale when I got in state and that was taken care of quickly for about $9 as I recall. Enjoy your new rig.

Good luck, good health and safe travels!

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Both FlyingJ or Pilot and Love's at Anthony, Texas have CAT scales which will hive you a certified weight ticket for $9.00.

If you are not crossing Texas on IH-10 any truck stop will have scales.


Safe Travels and enjoy 800 miles of Texas.




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You can't compare the weights that you get from Escapees with the truck stop weights.

Escapees weighing, Smart Weight, is very comprehensive and includes several different weights like each side of a fiver etc.


Yes, you can compare them. And, they have already been compared quite well in this thread.


Escapees weighs each wheel individually, truck stops do not.

Escapees charges $45, truck stops charge about $9.

Escapees is not a certified scale and will not suffice for registration and titling, truck stops scales are certified and recognized as such by DMV.

Escapees requires pre-notification to get weighed, truck stops can be done on the spot with no reservation.

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Exactly. A certified scale will give you the certified total weight needed for the title, SmartWeigh gives you the extra detail needed to ensure you're set up correctly and not overloading a single wheel or axle.


But SmartWeigh can't offer the certified weight needed for a title.

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Sorry about thinking Escapee weigh would be enough. We bought new and they took the weight from the brochure in South Dakota. We did get each of our RVs weighed on a CAT scale so we would know how much we could pack in our particular rig. And we weighed it again after doing some mods.


I still recommend SmartWeigh once you get loaded, though. I can't remember if the Florida Escapee park is now offering this service but it would be worth finding out. They also tell you how to find out what your tire pressure should be based on your weight. Rearranging your packing to balance your load makes driving more stable as well which, in turn, makes for more even wear on your tires. Less chance of a blowout. Lots of benefits to paying that money. Peace of mind = priceless.


Linda Sand

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