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Steel plate for HDT Hitch


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Ok, I never claimed to be smart and sometimes when its been a long day I tend to correlate things in the wrong ways. As is the case tonight. I am pondering the steel plate for an HDT hitch. Most hitches for our applications say from 3/4" to 1" steel. I have a fairly long 1/2" sheet of steel and am wondering if cutting it in half and welding it together is worse/better/same as 1' thick solid plate.

Now before I get to beat up this is my thinking: I come from an aviation background (Helicopters for the most part) and the mast assemblies and drive shafts are hollow. Not only does hollow save weight but the reason is for more surface area. Surface area = greater strength. Even though the plate is welded together there is still more "surface area" though the effect isnt applied in the same manner. However a lot of manufacturing is done with wafers and layers to improve overall strength in many applications these days, rope is twined out of several smaller threads...am I looking at this the wrong way?

So bottom line, can I double up the 1/2" or I need a solid 1" sheet?



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I have mine mounted on a 1/2" plate for twelve years without any problems.

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I would be concerned with rust between the plates long term. Mine is on a 1/2" plate - been towing 10 years with no issues.

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As others have said, 1/2" plate is the typical mount. The only time people might want to use more dimension is if you are trying to add weight.

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