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Finally officially joined the HDT ranks!

Gary Hage

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Now that its official, time for an introduction here:


After having unexpectedly decided to retire and sell our trucking business (including our 2007 Kenworth super sleeper used for both the business and the RV) the beginning of this year, we went in search of the "perfect" HDT for our needs. Oh I've followed the HDT forum now for about two years or so, and I've learned a lot from the wonderful folks here. It definately aided us in our choices.


The one thing I truly wanted was a factory built single axle toter, not cut and singled out twin screw. Not that theres anything wrong with that. I just personally did not want the cost and possible headaches of dealing with going through the process. Having driven a 327" wheelbase tractor and pulling a 48' trailer for years, I now wanted wheelbase of less than 198 inches, but also with a small 38"- 42" sleeper to pull our 40' long Redwood. As we searched through hundreds of used trucks online and at dealerships, we learned quickly that was going to be a tall order to find a decent rig that was up to our standards in both it's mechanical condition and looks.


Then by what some might call a "stroke of luck" or just being "in the right place at the right time", or better yet "devine intervention", I was led right back here to the HDT forums at just the right moment where I would find our dream toter. Today she sits where the KW was once parked outside the RV. "Big Blue" the little Volvo that is. I'm sure some of you know this toter from the past.


We are very excited with our recent acquisition of this rig and looking forward to many trips pulling the Redwood with it. More importantly, along with the purchase of this truck, we know that we met a most wonderful couple whom we purchased it from, and believe we have made great friends for life! A side note here: thanks to one of the HDT folks here, I was able to quickly get in contact with the original owners to let them know we were very interested in Blue. If not, we well could have missed out on finding exactly what were were looking for. Thanks again Jack!


Oh and to Henry: That ET Junior Hitch on the back was ABSOLUTELY AWESOME pulling the Landmark down from NC to FL. Can't wait to see how our Redwood feels hitched up to it!!!

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We're definately gonna try and make it to one of the rallies in the near future. But in the meantime, ya'll are welcome to stop by and visit or maybe even spend a night or few with us at the Grand Lake RV and Golf Resort in Citra, FL (just south of Gainesville). We'll leave the light on! LOL This is where we reside fulltime in our Redwood and call "Home Base".


Would make a great location for an HDT Florida Rally someday! They have a great rally center and onsite restaurant here. Get some HDT folks through here from Canada each year. So, the invite is out, lets get together some time if you're passing through our neck of the woods and we'll fill the fire pit with some oak and have coffee or a favored beverages around the campfire as we listen to the airboaters out frogging at night just off our shores of Orange Lake!

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Ooops! Silly sticker (label). And I told Cindy it was a Junior when I had her make my custom hitch cover for it. But not to worry. I also gave her very precise measurements too! LOL


I'm having it custom fitted and the bottom of the cover cut and sewn to follow the contours of the truck frame around the hitch assembly. Then I'm going to install three grommets along each side at the bottom to secure it from the wind while the Volvo is parked. It should be arriving in the mail Wednesday so I can get that bad boy covered and protected from the sun and rain!

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