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I had never heard of this product, so Googled it. I found this:




I've purchased things from Overstock.com and have been happy with all of my purchases. Of course, this isn't the only place you can get a bed for an RV...unless you have an unusual size (like a short queen), then most any mattress store will work.


Sometimes you don't get what you pay for!

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I did some research on this a few months ago. We have a plywood platform & only needed the mattress. I finally settled on the bed in box sold by WalMart. I think it was about $175 for a full size, 8" thick memory foam, free shipping to my house. It's very comfortable - more so than my house mattress. It really did come rolled up in a box & took about 48 hours to fully expand. It had a slight chemical smell at first but went away in a few days.


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We just got a "Bed in a Box". It's called a "Sleep Number", and it's wonderful! :)

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We've bought two memory foam mattresses in the past year. We bought a ten inch three layer Gel top layer memory open cell airflow middle layer and the support layer on the bottom. That was for our standard Queen master bedroom bed and it is heavenly. just right. Not too firm like the firm stuffed and coil one we had for ten years and was beating us up pretty good in the last two, and not too soft. We love it! That was from Woot which does not have them all the time. Last week we bought an 8 incher for our new to us fiver. It is a queen short, 60" X 75" versus the standard Queen 60" X 80" normal size queen. It has only an inch and a half of gel on top, and 3.5 inches of memory foam, then 4 inches of support foam. We just lay on it after 72 hours as it leavened from the vacuum packed inch thick mattress it was in the box. It came up fine and boy is that firm. The nice thing is that we can buy a topper with three or four inches that can soften up the experience. I checked locally and the same bed is $1100 bucks!!!! We paid $279 for our ten inch from Woot, now owned by Amazon, and $219 for our 8 inch from Amazon. But even if we left it as is it is way better than any stuffing and spring mattress.


I don't think brand matters as much as customer feedback. Unfortunately this one was new and no feedback. Search around on Woot if you aren't in a big hurry. If the guy from the company answering questions in the discuss this deal section of any mattresses on sale on Woot is "CousinAud" for a nickname on Woot then it is the good brand. Ours is great and not any hotter to sleep on than a regular mattress. Well the 10" we've slept on for the last year, we can't vouch for the new one as we haven't slept or anything on it yet.


Good luck!

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We use one of the memory foam pads on the top of the standard RV mattress in our current travel trailer and have been very happy with it. We did find in shopping that not all memory foam pads are created equal so you are wise to shop carefully! Let us all know what you eventually select and how you like it, please.

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I checked out all of the foam products at sleeplikethedead, looking closely at the return policy of each company....most had no problem taking a foam mattress back....as long as it was clean and in the original packaging. Yeah....good luck getting a factory compressed mattress back into the original box. We ended ordering a 16" gel foam queen from Costco online, it was delivered by UPS days later....and their return policy had no fine print.




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