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  1. By the time we got home the end of February from Arizona we had decided to make a change. Then the virus came along and we put our new plans on hold. First of August we started to proceed with the new plans and put the house up for sale. We've been under contract for 2 weeks. Not sure exactly what we are going to do but our stuff will go into storage and we'll be back in the motorhome for the near future after the closing. We'll probably head toward Arizona maybe establish a new home base there. We don't do facebook but do follow a few blogs. Safe travels everyone. Jeff and Tina
  2. Got home yesterday afternoon. RV is unloaded and we are relearning the house and stuff. LOL! Was great to see everyone in AZ. Travel safe everyone Jeff and Tina 😊
  3. We haven't had wifi for several days and I thought I had replied with my phone but I guess not. It was great to catch up with Jim and Sandie again. Last Monday we had lunch with Jeri and Terry on our way to Mesa. Everyone is looking pretty good and in good spirits. We have been in Q since Thursday and went to the Big Tent yesterday when it opened. Yes it was crowded. LOL!!! Tom and Dianne are here in Q and Roger and Lynne will be here tomorrow after a Packer win today. Travel safe everyone Jeff and Tina 😊😊
  4. MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Travel safe everyone. Tina and Jeff 😊
  5. Looks like we leave in the morning. Will stay in the Benson area until after the holidays then move up to the Mesa area before going to Q. Jeri keeps them going for sure. It's going to be cool to see everyone again. Travel safe everyone Jeff 😊
  6. We are going to really try to be in that area before we go to Q. We had planned to leave tomorrow but..... Someone ordered something on Monday but it won't be here until tomorrow and we can't leave without it. Took the Jeep in last week to get a recharge on the AC. It didn't work so took it to another place on Monday. Just got it back this morning. Also I had a yearly eye appointment this afternoon and my eyes are still dilated. Our HOA allows the RV to be here for only 48 hours so we'll go get it in the morning and try to leave Saturday. Yipppeee!!!!!! Travel safe everyone. Jeff 😊
  7. We are making "final" plans to spend the next couple of months in AZ. Plan is to leave this coming Friday. It will be great to see the ol' rv gang again. We'll be in Q for the Big Tent in January for sure. See y'all soon. Travel safe everyone. Tina and Jeff 😊
  8. I haven't posted for a while so a short update. Our 19 year old Granddaughter stayed with us this summer. She got a job and because of her schedule we weren't able to go camping like we had hoped. She flew back to Arizona on 8/16. I've been working on my race car this summer replacing head gaskets but it is so hot in the garage that an hour or 2 in the morning is all I'd do. I never sweat this much in 40 years in Colorado. Our housing development has a private storage facility. We had 2 trailers there, the race car and an enclosed motorcycle trailer full of car parts and garage tools. We went over o 8/24 to get the race car trailer and discovered the small trailer had been stolen. Home owners insurance covered about half our loss. The race car is still at our house. On 9/11 I had full right knee replacement. I'm walking around ok but need to work on getting full range of motion. Can't drive until I get off the high powered pain meds which I hope to do in the next week or 2. Travel safe everyone, Jeff 😊
  9. Thanks to Dave and Jeri for the class map and keeping it going. We enjoyed meeting up our rv family during our travels, lots of good times. Thanks again. Travel safe everyone. Jeff and Tina 😊
  10. How you guys doing? We stopped in for a couple of nights the first part of June to visit Tom and Diane. We just relaxed at their new to them "Ponderosa". Such a nice area. Read in your blog you were at Blanco State Park in Texas, that's 15 miles from our house. Too bad we missed you, think we were on our trip then. We miss Lee too. He kept this thread alive. Travel safe everyone. Jeff 😊
  11. Made a stop at the new TD Homestead in Colorado after Moab. Good to see Tom and Dianne again. We are back at our home in Texas and it is HOT! Travel safe everyone. Jeff 😊
  12. Speedy recovery for all. I think a lot of us have things we are dealing with and we aren't getting any younger. We arrived near Colorado Springs yesterday for a 3 nights before moving to Loveland. There is a chance for a little SNOW tomorrow morning. Yuck! Travel safe everyone. Jeff 😊
  13. Thanks Linda. I thought it might still be running. We have a month long trip starting in a few days so I'll move my pin then. Travel safe everyone. Jeff
  14. Hope all the Mothers had a good day! Does the Class Map still work or has everyone forgotten about moving your pin? Travel safe everyone. Jeff 😊
  15. Wow ! It's great to see some activity again on here. We might be able to make it to AZ this next winter too. Our house and lawn are getting established so we think we can travel again. Still have the same Super C and we will be taking off late next week for Colorado, Moab back through New Mexico to Texas. We'll be gone from home about a month. Our 19 year old Granddaughter is flying into Denver to meet us then spending the summer with us. We haven't had a "kid" at living with us for nearly 22 years. This will be another kind of adventure for sure. LOL! It would be great to see everyone again in Arizona. Travel safe everyone. Jeff 😊
  16. This one needs to be back at the top again too. Travel safe everyone. Jeff 😊
  17. My wife and I are going, who else? We were there a few years ago but not with a group. This should be a lot of fun. We have a stock 87 YJ so we won't be able to get too crazy. Travel safe everyone. Tina and Jeff
  18. Y'all have fun and I know you will. Maybe next year we'll be able to make again. Have a margarita for me. We are at a rally in Bandera, Tx. this weekend. Travel safe everyone Jeff 😊
  19. Anyone in Q this year? Travel safe everyone. Jeff 😊
  20. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Travel safe everyone. Tina and Jeff 😊😊
  21. Better late than never. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! And HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Travel safe everyone. Jeff 😊
  22. Well said Steve. When we first met the Group in Jan. of 12 in Q we didn't know what we were getting in to. We had posted on here that we were coming to Q and had never been there before. Next thing we know we are getting offers to come camp with the Group. For all we knew the Group was a bunch of ax murderers. LOL! This bunch of people quickly became our RV Family and such great friends. It's was so much fun "running into" each other around the country. We do miss fulltiming but it was time to establish a homebase. Once that's done we can travel some again. Steve and Roger your Packers are making some big changes? Travel safe everyone Jeff 😊
  23. Great! We have to head for Colorado the middle of the month. Let's get together. If you make it to Kerrville let's get together. Landscapers have finished the first phase of the project. Next will be after the first of the year. Tina and I are doing other yard projects like cutting out dead trees and cedars for firewood. There is always something to do around here between the house, the RV and the toys. I'm not complaining. Travel safe everyone. Jeff 😊
  24. When in May? Kerrville is about 1 1/4 hours away from our house. Would be great to get together again. Roger, y'all going south this winter? Travel safe everyone. Jeff 😊
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