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It is time to modernize our Garmin auto gps with an rv friendly Garmin. Very familiar with the Garmin's, but my question. Has anyone used the Co-Pilot app for smart phones. It is only 14.99 vrs several hundred for a portable gps. It shows that you can set it for RV as well as other modes.



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I prefer Garmins (I'm sort of old school) but, of course, the son and daughter have all those GPS apps on their smart phones and say I'm old fashion lol I agree with the above, I like the dedicated big screen Garmin sittin there all by itself so I don't have to use it double duty as a phone. As far as an RV friendly or specialized Garmin for RV users IM NOT INTO THAT. Instead, I prefer all the custom POI's which can be loaded into the Garmin (Garmin POI Installer/Downloader) that contain about allllllllllllllllll the specialized info you will ever need. The factory RV Garmins have all the usual glitzy high dollar Good Sam and private parks but we stay more often at US Natl Forest and Army COE and BLM and Natl Parks and County and other NON Commercial NON Good Sam parks which the RV Garmins I've seen do not have so much of. For our use the regular Garmin PLUS installing a bunch of custom POI's (BLM, Army COE, Natl Forest, County Parks, Flying J's, Pilot, Loves, Wal Marts, Rest Areas, etc etc ) is the best way to go. I guess sure get an RV Garmin and you can still custom install extra POI's but I think they are more expensive and if they don't contain the info were lookin for, so why pay the price.


John T

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Small screen, and only works where there is cell service ...wouldn'twork for me. I like the 7" screen on my Rand McNally RVND 7720 ...think Garmin has a new large screen rv gps too.

I think Co-pilot downloads all its maps to the phone, so it does not need to be online to work.

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If no connection, how does it know where you are? ...how does it track your location on the map you downloaded?



It does it the same way your stand alone gps does, which does not have data capibility. The great part is that a tablet or smartphone has much more ability to do many more things than a stand alone gps.


"Happy Trails"


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We have a Rand (Motorhome) and a Garmin Nuvi (Toad). I prefer the Garmin as I have 10+ years experience with it's software. The Rand does have a larger and more colorful screen.


I'd realy like to replace our ancient BU camera with a unit that does both....

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Back when I had my GL500I Silverwing, I used a small Tom-Tom One™. I kept it when we sold the bike, and used it in the RV.

I like Tom-Tom™ graphics.

The small screen proved to be a hassle, however our niece gave us a new Garmin™.

I have the Garmin™ mounted where I can see it easily, the wife has the Tom-Tom One™ mounted where she can see it in the right hand seat.

Both of us having a GPS keeps both clear on where we're headed and how we're getting there. It seems like overkill to some folks, however with the memory issues I deal with, it works out well for us.

It also allows her to program in the locations of amenities such as fuel, without disconnecting my Garmin™.

It took awhile for me to get used to the Garmin™, but they grew on me after a bit...

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