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I am fortunate enough to have employment that will allow me to work on the road. We recently purchased a Class A and plan to take off in the next year to 18 mos., When we do this, I definitely have to have access. So far I have found the need to drive into the closest town in order to work. Recently, I came across http://store.weboost.com/products/connect-4g. Any thoughts or experience? Will this help we have a better chance of getting and staying connected?

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There may be many changes for Internet by 12-18 months from now.

Many campgrounds have WiFi.


Still the best for anywhere almost. Is satellite Internet.

I have used it for over 12 years. Not real fast around 1.2 down. but it does work.



Even during rain / thunderstorms or other bad weather ?

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Usually, it takes a very heavy rainstorm to knock the satellite off line and even then storms heavy enough to do that are usually small. Now if you sit on the coast under a hurricane you are going to have connection issues but for normal RV use you'll likely be off a few minutes at a time and even that only rarely.


Wind is another issue, the pointing is very critical and you get off even a tiny bit and the system will shut down. You want to avoid that if at all possible as getting back on-line in heavy winds is a real pain, getting turned on takes a much better point than staying on line. With a good heavy surveyors tripod, a good base to stabilize the legs and 15 to 20 gallons of water you'll have no issues in 70 MPH gusts.


Satellite internet is something you need to see and use before you buy, many things you never think about with a cell or WiFi connection become issues. Part is the long ping times and part is the way the connection works for web use where non-secure connections are proxied through an accelerator but secure ones aren't.




Personally I'd suggest a Verizon cell phone plan with a data connection option. They have pretty good coverage, not too unreasonable rates and work a lot like a WiFi connection as far as you are concerned. Save the satellite option for when you really need it (you may never really need it) due to the cost hassle and shortcomings.

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Even during rain / thunderstorms or other bad weather ?

If you lose your Satellite TV signal in a heavy rain. You will lose your satellite Internet.

When was the last time that happened to you? And how long of time was it?


Any heavy thunderstorms/rain will need to be SW of your location. And not every storm that you can see, in the area here in Florida will cause loss.

It does happen here maybe once or twice a month and can last from less to 1 minute up to 5.

And also it will happen with bad weather at the sending/receiving area. Mine is Germantown, MD.


I have lost connection more often using campground WiFi then my satellite Internet.



If it last a long time. Go to town and use the free WiFi there. And before you get back, the satellite Internet will be working. :lol:

With your TV watch a DRV until signal comes back. :rolleyes:

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OP - Pretty neat to be able to work from the road, a great benefit!!


I'd check into a full methods of access.


1) A WiFi amplifier/booster as you noted (not familiar with that device). WiFiRanger is a popular sort of 'all-in-one' product line, that includes roof mounted antenna options and inside routers/wifi rebroadcasters. They're GO2 can also be used with a plugged in phone data modem 'stick'. Or tethered directly to some phones with data plans.


2) I too would recommend Verizon. Either a stand alone MiFi, or a higher end phone that has a Hotspot activated. MiFi's and Phones, can benefit with a roof mounted antenna, feeding a signal amplifier. Many here use the Wilson Sleek, with good results. A board member, also is involved with a newer amplifier that is going to be a solid product when it starts being sold, Maximum Signal is the name of the company. (You can search this actual forum to read up on this, and the problems the company had getting the politics of the FCC from roadblocking what looks to be a 'next level' amp for phones and data. (Others are now too on the market, but I'm waiting for Maximum Signals products to start shipping, and will move my Wilson Sleek to my Toad in case it is ever needed.)


With the cost of data on providers, like ATT, Verizon, having the Wifi option to use when in an area with adequate wifi - will save your providers data plans until when actually needed.


Good reading on Jack Mayers site, and Technomedia's site too, about Internet Access on the road. Highly recommended reading.


And for you, as this product will be needed for your job, you should be able to write much of this off as a business expense. So you can go the extra mile on the costs of establishing this.


If you are planning to go places where wifi and phone data plans coverage is not going to be available, then the Satellite will support you most of the time. As mentioned slower speeds, and expensive, and subject to trees and deep valley high mountain interference too:)!


Best of luck to you along your travels, and work!


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. Recently, I came across http://store.weboost.com/products/connect-4g. Any thoughts or experience? Will this help we have a better chance of getting and staying connected?

Welcome to the Escapee forums and to the RV community as well. It is a great way to live and travel.


On the device you are considering, I have owned one of their earlier models for about 5 years now and have found that it does do what they say that it will. Since this is the latest thing, I would expect that it will be somewhat improved over those manufactured previously.

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I don't know what router you have or are considering but you might take a look at the Cradlepoint IBR600LPE. We are using one with a Wilson Trucker antenna attached (no amplifier) and it is great. We had Internet in Palo Duro Canyon State park, which is a notorious Verizon dead spot. (our smart phones showed no signal there) The IBR600LPE is a professional router, used in police vehicles and ambulances, etc. It is pricy but worth it. It has Verizon XLTE capability and It is software upgradable form Verizon to AT&T and vise versa. Has a built in modem so all you need is a sim chip from Verizon or AT&T to start using it. If we get to a place where it won't perform, we will consider an amplifier, but not now.


We tried a Verizon MIFI for several months and it was unsatisfactory. It continually dropped our wireless printer, and my wife's Kindle would not connect from the rear of the coach. It appeared to be overwhelmed by other routers when in campgrounds that had a number of coaches with their own wifi setups.

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Welcome to the road.. we're also remote workers, and love life out here. Technology is awesome to help keep us connected and the income flowing. (And blush, thanks for the kudos on our little website and book folks, always a pleasure!)


In addition to the book.. we have two other free resources you might like to check out in your research:


Our Mobile Internet Overview: www.rvmobileinternet.com/overview


And.. our guide to cellular boosters: Comparison: Mobile 4G Cellular Boosters (weBoost Drive, MAX-AMP vs SureCall)


Of particular interest... weBoost used to be Wilson Electronics as recent as the beginning of this year. For their current product offerings (the Drive 4G-M and Drive 4G-S), they are nearly identical to their Wilson Electronic counterparts that can be had discounted right now on close out (more info: Wilson Electronics Mobile Cellular Booster Close-Out Deals.)


weBoost does have some newer boosters coming out really soon - one potentially as soon as later this month. It is touted to be stronger and more robust than the 4G-M. We'll be getting a review unit to test out when they hit the market. They also have been teasing about a RV specific one, but it is unlikely to hit the market this year.


Best wishes.. and see you out there!

- Cherie

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