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used 5er for full time


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Hitch Hiker and Mobile Suite..

Also go for the biggest your comfortable to me 38 just as easy as 32.

Look for a good floor plan washer dryer saves money if you have one in your rig.

I would go for the first two.

Lot's of people love the other two.

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I'd look for a nice clean used higher end trailer over a new mid or entry level trailer. Much more bang for your buck.



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I would stay away from the early DRVs. Ours had lots of issues that were design problems and quality control. Lack of insulation over windows. Dropped down insulation other places. Gaps under kitchen slide letting in bugs and air. Cheap trim, artificial wood. Later units are better units. They are very nice looking and have a great chassis under them.

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HitchHiker (NuWa) claims to be a true 4-season 5th wheel. Looking at craigslists from around my PNW area there are a few for sale in Montana. If people are using them in MT then that could add weight to their claim.


Unless, of course, people in MT are selling them because they aren't 4-season. :P



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I sold my NUWa in 2000 so all of my info is 15 years old.


The biggest thing we found was that most factories did not have factory service! We were spoiled and had that from day one despite buying used and out of warranty. I had a NuWa HH for my first rig and traveled for a year to Alaska with a friend in his much newer HH rig. We met at the HH factory as they had their frame folks there, in addition to the company that builds all their furniture and beds. All right there in Chanute KS.


We loved the town, even the campground across the street from the factory, with water and dump for free for 72 hours. We made a trip there every year before setting out for each year's travels of 9-10 months or on the way back before returning to our winter quarters on Family property. I had them do major work as well as major repairs to my used rig which for that time was so much cheaper than dealer prices and was done right the first time. Appointments need to be made well in advance as coming in for a walk in as it were can result in weeks of waiting. The point here is we were retired and had no problem with waiting and enjoying the surrounding area. They have a fall Frontier days festival in town we made once and enjoyed. We had HiLo industries, who does all their furniture and window treatments and cabinets, do some custom work for us and made us custom leather recliners that were cheaper than the furniture store junk with the same or less quality. We also had a new mattress made to our specs. $119.00 at the time. I don't know if they are all there but I really liked the quality of workmanship, and the fact that, unlike other brands, NuWa will sell us fiver drivers, parts, when we needed them, for much less than just buying the part from the dealers.


I preferred to do my own repairs on most items, for the rest that I preferred to pay to have done, we'd swing by the factory.


Do a factory tour as many have done before buying. We took one on our first trip and had about half the group pre-sales prospective customers.


I encountered many folks who never called their factory after the warranty expired but with NuWa HitchHikers they charged very reasonably but treated every call and service as if in warranty. I actually had them walk me through a repair once I'd never done over the phone! And helped me troubleshoot a bad water heater board.


I highly recommend all HH owners swing by the factory at least once and meet the great folks there and in the town of Chanute. Back then we always said to each other that we expected Sheriff Taylor and Deputy Fife to roll by any minute because they preserved the historic downtown without all the run downs you see in other towns.


I have a write up in my newsletters from the road on my website with a recommend for a steakhouse just South of the factory (Thayer) with a Country singer owner who sings after dinner is served.


If DRV has factory service, that would make a decision for me harder were I not already a big NuWa HH fan. But after my '98 Damon Challenger fiver, bought second hand with no factory support and closing down while being sold to Thor the year I got mine used, well, I know HH is always there, and even though close to closing they stayed open when many others failed.


On edit: Sorry wrote in Word and did not leave in the para breaks.

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Think it was 2008 when they improved the insulation and guaranteed it for low temps. Around 2012 they used a slide out on bedrooms that were very trouble some.

DRV will fix the slide problem with an upgraded motor at no cost to the owner as far as I know. I think a lot of them out there are already fixed.

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we bought a used 2007 Montana 5er our plan is my 2005 dodge ram 3500 and the Montana will

last until I hang up my keys. We liked the layout in the Montana and with a few modifications it will be a good full time rig

2007 Montana 3500rl
2005 Dodge Ram 3500 CTD


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I'd look for a nice clean used higher end trailer over a new mid or entry level trailer. Much more bang for your buck.




X2 - when we were starting out a RV dealer ( yes, there are good ones) told us that for X amount of money we would be far better off with a used high end then a new mid-range fiver. Has proved true twice for us. We bought our Newmar when it was two years old (though very lightly used, if at all) and paid exactly half of MSRP. Plan on keeping it as long as we are on the road.

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and '11 smart that gave it's life to save me!)
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I agree with a good used unit. Mine is an 01 Travel Supreme which has had and continues to be upgraded. Suspension, 17.5 H rated tires, interior LED's, carpet, tiles in kitchen, cork in bathroom, residential fridge, batteries, inverter, 7kw apu in the truck, bigger sliding island in kitchen, floating LED shelf ordered for kitchen. Can never have enough counter space. Electric steps and awning.

Plan to upgrade Motorola sat tv shortly. New decals to replace old faded ones.


This unit is fine, most parts are generic and readily available.



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DRV will fix the slide problem with an upgraded motor at no cost to the owner as far as I know. I think a lot of them out there are already fixed.

We had one of the dreaded Schwintek slide mechanisms and yes, it was a simple motor upgrade, and no problems since then.



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We are going to stop fulltiming & have a 2012 36' Mobile Suites for sale. We (& it) are in GA between Atlanta & Augusta. Great shape, many extras & yes the bedroon slide motors have been replaced. Splendide washer, Winegard Sensar Antenna (automatically tracks for sattalite) & many extras. I can be reached at 309-255-7156/ Plan to downsize to a smaller class A.

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