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  1. It’s almost 3 yrs I’ve been full time 2019 will be adjusting to a few changes. 😋 Happy and Heathy New Year
  2. I had that problem with my Rand McNally gps it took about a year calling Dell and Rand McNally but I finally got a tech at Rand McNally who knew what the problem was took remote access and fixed the problem. it was a setting he knew about that fixed it.
  3. mike54

    Location problem

    when I checked into my location on Rvillage it puts me in town not the campground is it something I'm doing wrong? I don't think I had a problem before
  4. Create an event with a different time zone Open Google Calendar. In the top left corner, click Create. Next to the time for the event, click Time zone. Pick the time zone for the event. When you're ready to create the event, click Done.
  5. in Google calendar under general settings you can turn off use device time zone
  6. I also bought the JEFA Tech WIFI repeater I'm not really impressed with it I expected to do a better job of improving the WiFi signal inside my rv I stayed at a KOA with 4 towers without the repeater I got 2 bars with the repeater I got 3 that extra bar isn't worth what I paid for this JEFA Tech WIFI repeater.
  7. I was hoping the email on a Tuscon Escapade was wrong
  8. Update I retired February 28th, had a knee replacement March 28th, moved into my 5th wheel full time April 28th. I'm really enjoying this lifestyle it's a big adjustment but I wouldn't be giving up the full time living any time soon.
  9. Knee replacement surgery is over ( March 28th) I'm healing pretty good I have physical therapy until mid May. I lost my work camping job in Wisconsin because I couldn't get there until the end of May so I decided to make it work without work camping this summer but I'm finding campgrounds in Wisconsin and Illinois are not snow bird friendly the rates are very expensive (650.00 and up + electric) and limited monthly sites. I did find two one in Illinois and in Wisconsin the rates are under 500.00 + electric so I'll split my summer between the two until Sept. when I start heading to Texas. May 1st I get my 5th wheel out of storage and start my full time living adventure
  10. I am finally retired Feb. 26th 2016 been moving stuff out to the 5er since the weather has been warm. I have knee replacement on March 28th need everything to go good and I need to heal fast so I can get to my summer work camping job. Today I had new tires put on my truck I still need to get ball joints replaced one side and an alignment then the truck will ready. I have a phone interview in a couple days for a work camping job in Mission Texas for the winter not really where I was thinking of going but I like the job description and I checked out the campground on line it seems like a nice campground. that's my update
  11. less then a month until I retire I have a work camping job lined up in Wisconsin for this summer starting late April, I'm hoping we have mild March weather so I can get my 5th wheel cleaned and organized
  12. I'm planning on going to the Escapade rally in Vermont I haven't registered yet but will soon.
  13. 05 m 16 d 15 h 43 m until I retire and go fulltime. I haven't made any decision where to go in early March it depends on the weather.
  14. 10 months 30 days until I retire. We are cleaning out the house this summer. I retire the end of February we'll be heading south maybe Florida or Alabama for a couple months. We'll be full time and have no real plans except to be in Arizona for 5 months during the winter and back in Illinois to visit family and friends during the summer. There will trips around the lower 48 and I want one trip to Alaska.
  15. we bought a used 2007 Montana 5er our plan is my 2005 dodge ram 3500 and the Montana will last until I hang up my keys. We liked the layout in the Montana and with a few modifications it will be a good full time rig
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