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Fastening curtain rods


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Fastening anything to the walls is difficult as you have seen, I'd suggest trying to avoid that if at all possible.


If you have windows with an inside frame you might be able to attach the rods to the frame.


If you ask your manufacturer about blocking in the walls there may be some at the top corner of the windows, either wood or aluminum that you could tie into.


If you do have to hook to the wallboard, usually vinyl coated luan plywood, you need a solid connection as the luan will splinter if your fastenings allow movement. Also the wallboard may not be firmly attached to the wall structure so you need to be careful not to apply too much stress to any unsupported areas. A set of thin curtains on a light rod should be doable but something in heavy material on a heavy rod wouldn't likely stay up long.


What I like for attaching to the walls are 3M Command Strips, they attach well and remove with no damage. Damage is an important factor too as a hole in an RV wall is very hard to repair invisibly. If you can find a command strip hanger that matches your needs that would work but the command strips also work to stick to similar materials as the plastic bases so you could put a base on your hanger and then use the command strips to stick the base to your wallboard. Do keep in mind the vinyl covering is not firmly attached to the luan and use enough or large enough command strips to not stress the vinyl - luan bond.


Toggle bolts will work if you have a fiber insulation in the walls, not so good with foam and if you ever remove them they are going to leave very noticeable holes behind. Screws into 1/8 inch thick, friable luan plywood are about impossible, you can't tighten them without stripping the hole.

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If you absolutely know that you won't ever want to remove what you are installing, the screws with plastic plugs in the holes will work, but they are nearly impossible to hide if you ever need to do so. Another factor to consider is how much weight will be involved? A small covering for a small window requires less support than a floor to ceiling drapery.

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Where I absolutely have had to use a screw for something I have had success using sheet metal screws. I usually use a #8x5/8". Long enough to get through a bracket and be securely in the wall, short enough to not poke in too far. They have the advantage of being threaded all the way to the head unlike a sheet rock screw, for example. They also make a small enough hole that it can be concealed if needed with one of those matching color putty sticks.


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What I like for attaching to the walls are 3M Command Strips, they attach well and remove with no damage.


These work very well. My wife loves to decorate... keeps me busy... and for two years we have used Command Strips (large variety) for everything from picture hanging, to clothes hooks for shirts & jackets. They do in fact come off easily, and I have yet to see any residual damage or marks. (removed about a dozen).


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