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Jalopinik HDT Article


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Well not much info in that "observation".......so this guy must be a writer because he seems pretty insecure in whatever driving inputs he may have.......


The statement regarding darting across a bunch of lanes to get to Dunkin Doenuts seems to be the final straw that keeps this guy from buying a HDT..........This is a good thing for him and EVERYONE!!!


As BIg 5er said, the BS in the "story" only underscores how UNPROFESSIONAL this guy is behind the wheel of ANY vehicle!!!


Heck the other day I was threading my way into a busy inner city fuel station and out of several hundred vehicles moving around in a 50 acre parking lot the ONLY sane drivers where drivers that were driving class 7&8 trucks......the rest were texting, talking on cells or jacking for advantage to get the parking spot that three other jokers were trying for.


Whenever someone takes the first ride in our HDT they are amazed at the view and I tell them ya it's a heck of a view and it's a good thing because often I have to drive not only my truck but I have to save the lives of folks too pre-occupied to drive their own vehicles.


I am amazed that a vast majority of people think that a CDL instills God-like driving skills on the driver......NO.....Hopefully the CDL holder aspires to be a PROFESSIONAL driver in SKILLS and ACTIONS.


Here is the truly sad thing, many light vehicle drivers think they are good drivers but they are not and most would never even consider becoming a Professional driver because that is a low-brow-blue-collar job beneith them.


No, every day we all see light vehicle jokers darting around and cutting off MDT & HDT trucks ALL of the time....... We only hear about it on the nightly news when the PROFESSIONAL driver did not have any other option to save the "NON-driver ".


Folks we are lucky indeed that this joker won't be buying a HDT.......we are very LUCKY........Just try not to run over him when he darts in front of your HDT in his mad dash across your lane on his way to Dunkin Doenuts!!!


Careful travels,


Mike, Carol, and Dolly the Paint-horse

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The site that posted this article is extremely popular among people that live life very similar to the way the author does. His "insights" into the HDT world will make sense to them.


I found most of the article humorous and took at entertainment value only. I also enjoyed seeing how people like him view HDT's.


To be blunt, I'm glad he was overwhelmed with the truck. That means HDT's won't become more popularized in Jalopinik's market segment. I'm all for promoting the concept of HDT RV Haulers to people I feel are competent to be safe and responsible with them. Clearly, that's not everyone on the road, though.

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I quit reading after the first section. There was so much mis-information (ie: BS) I just couldn't make myself continue.


This is the line that made me laugh out loud,


The central-inflation system was almost as fun. With a click you could purge the tires of air for squeezing under a low overhang (or driving in sand I guess) and then re-inflate as needed.


He has no business in a class 8 truck!!

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BMzero, great insight in your remark:


"The site that posted this article is extremely popular among people that live life very similar to the way the author does. His "insights" into the HDT world will make sense to them."


It's a bit scary to think that a LARGE group of people "live life very similar to the way the author does"......well I guess if I read my own post about "dart-around-drivers" I guess I find myself ranting....... Again......


Maybe I am a bit tender after all these years......but....


One day when I was 11 I was riding back into town with "Grumps" in the old 55 KW loaded to about 105k with logs.We were rounding a fairly sweeping left turn on a two-lane paved highway slightly up hill at about 45 mph. Suddenly a bug-eyed Sprite with a guy with his arm wrapped around his girlfriend come screaming around the curve faster than I thought a Sprite could go.....AND....... The guy was in our LANE!!!!

Grumps cranked the ole KW hard right on to a VERY soft shoulder of pumice and I very well remember watching the right headlight dive into the shoulder as we rolled over oh so HARD!! As it turns out, my luck was about to improve as my half of the windshield popped out and I shot out right out behind the window only to wind up choking with a mouth full of pumice. Grumps reached through the windshield hole and dung some of the pumice out of my mouth and I could breathe again. Grumps had a pretty big gash on his forehead and we were both pretty groggy but I was able to crawl up on the driver side of the truck and get Grumps door open and help drag him out.

We sat down on the side of the KW and Grumps got his hankerchef out to "plug" the hole in his forehead. It seemed like it took forever for the hot August dust to settle and I looked over at Grumps and ask "why did you not just stay in our lane and let the Sprite try to get around us"?

Grumps looked at me and said slowly " well.....when you drive a heavy truck you NEVER hit a car because........the folks in the car always DIE"!!!

It was a heck of a ride into the ditch in the ol KW that day and you can never imagine how hard these trucks hit the ground in a wreck.


I never cease to be amazed when I watch "car-non-drivers" play "chicken" with heavy trucks.....every day...... The only explanation I can give is that the "car-non-drivers" seem to hope that "Grumps-like-pro-drivers" are willing to risk their lives to save the car occupants lives!

Maybe when we get back up to Oregon this spring I might post the old B&W photo of the old KW on it's side on the forum.....we keep the photo on the fridge door in the shop to remind us that we need to not run over the little guys.......


Safe travels,

Mike, Carol & Dolly the Paint-horse

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