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  1. this photo shows the scope base inlaid deeper into stock. Will tap it to seat it deeper when sun is up and showing on the target at 800 or so yards. Wife is packing a lunch for both of us and we are going for a ride in the mountains that will pass the range I have been using. So will stop and see what the iron sights are doing as I had to adjust the sight since I was last at the range. Then try the scope for a comparison. Later in the week we may try to find that long range shooting are I heard of. On a side note those young swans flew over yesterday. And we had deer show up as it was getting dark for a apple feast at the neighbors. Vern In a T-shirt
  2. First thing I did not get to the range. I tried to adjust the scope to shoot to the left more. With iron sights at a target about 800 yards the scope was to the right. Maybe 25’.. So I cheated and used a drill with a sanding drum, too open the adjustment to the left. Went about as far as I wanted to before making the mounts look stupid. So this photo is with the rear mount installed but not seated far enough in. So It will not get flush with the stock. But the next photo will show work in progress. b Vern in a T-shirt
  3. Woke up this am and was getting my mind to getter about today’s happenings. Used the toilet and was noticing the water was really slow flowing. We did cover some plants in the garden because of frost. Had frost the night before. But no thick water. The water supply hose is insulated and has a heat tape . But heat tape is not plugging yet.. It’s that time of the year. Vern in a T-shirt
  4. Thinking Scope alignment can get confusing. I have not found a place to shoot closer that about 45 minute drive away. Then with smoke, doctors and other things getting in my way it is frustrating. Was going to the range yesterday. No matter what. Then a friend called about his furnace not working. I did try to talk him through fixing it last week. So he said he is leaving Tuesday. Bring it to me and testing found gas valve is bad. He said he can fix it his self. The DW and me went for a walk where there are some young swans growing up on a local pond. I have not seen them flying yet. They should be able to fly by now. We walked in and seen them at the other end of the pond that is about 1/2 mike long. So we were better than half way back and I heard them. There they go flying by and landing on the water. Made our day. Forgot about shooting the rest of the day. So yesterday at sunrise I figured the scope was shimmed as far to the right as far possible on the rear. And to the left on the front. When comparing iron sights to the scope, It was of to the left 10’ at 300 yards according to my iron sites. So collect carving tools last night and bring gun in for am adjustment as I am going to the range today. I was thinking I need to deepen the rear scope mounting bracket into the wood more. The picture has the scope shimmed to the right too far in the rear??? So I am going to make adjustable shim for the rear scope mount. Maybe one for the front mount also. So that I can adjust sideways motion in a instant. Shimming with leather confuses the mind. Dammmm quick. Vern in a T-shirt
  5. Calloused hands ,One good eye, wind, not good at soldering but I did it It has not smoked yet. Just a test. Vern in a T-shirt
  6. I dug the label for the 5 meter string of lights out of the trash this am. The whole string only takes 18 watts at 12vdc. So I think it will work. But still could use reassurance. Vern in a T-shirt
  7. Ok I need some thoughts or info on this subject of 12vdc led lights. so I tried a test light and it looks good. Just one string. So I decided to try 5 for a test. But using hard wire is a pain. I cannot find any double or single strand wire that is flexible in my collection of stuff. So a trip to town is needed. It is sunny now and rain at noon. Would phone wire work. The wire run is only at most 5”. Then they will be tied together and connected to the regular 12vdc wire. Thanks, Vern in a T-shirt
  8. But with soot and tongue oil it sure helps with focusing on the other end. More tomorrow am on scope subject. Vern in a T-shirt
  9. Shiny is good? Maybe not? I used a nickelll to make the rear plug. Drilled the hole and silver soldered it in place. Nice and shiny. But hard on the eye to focus looking forward. So I did try soot and tongue oil as my two day old mix was getting duller. Vern in a T-shirt My bad . It is hard
  10. So my right eye is much better now. Will be back to the doc on Oct 14 for more treatment. Then there has been smoke. Like some times it’s hard to see anything at 1/2 mile or less. So I have not been to the old range or the new range yet. Bad for breathing smoke. But I have experimented with a shadow tube. Tried soot mixed with toung oil and the short term results were shiny. That was a bad idea. So I got to thinking about how to soot the tube back in the day. So I tried this yesterday and it works for elimination of almost all light reflection inside the tube. But I did notice that the tongue oil and soot starts to dry out it get less shiny. Will do a test today and let sit a week to dry out. I mite even do a forced drying with the candle trick. Thinking of testing a front sight in the shadow tube? I do need to put three screws in to hold the tube on. I think I do. Bottom center screw could be a sight. Thinking about making a adjustable rear collar for the scope where it sits on the rear mount to facilitate distance shooting. Lots of other stuff to do today and then 3 days of rainy weather. Vern. in a T-shirt
  11. Just curious what other people use. We are going to sit still this winter and have built a small deck out front. But need some lighting for when we come home after dark. Thanks in advance. Vern in a T-shirt
  12. No hose to be used on rooftop a/c unit. In my opinion. You need some coil cleaner. The kind that is spray foam. Clean the fins of any physical debris as much as possible. Then spray the fins. It soaks on the fins and removes grease and some oxidation. I then let it sit a few minute. Then I use a 1” wide paint brush with the bristles cut back to about 3/4” long. It may take a few applications to get it clean. Then rinse with soapy water and then clean water. The water should run out on the roof. If not the drain holes are plugged. Also cover the open area that goes into the roof towards the ceiling to keep the mess on the roof. You need to have a roll of paper towels or rags with you so as not to leave the mess go down over the side of the rv. This is for the cooling side fins. You must take the plastic cover off then the metal cover over the coil fins. The out fins should also be cleaned the same way. One can of coil cleaner will be enough unless things are really dirty. When done the inside fins should look like aluminum. Vern in a T-shirt
  13. Today is my day to get shot in the right eye. Two weeks ago I had to see a eye doctor. Then sent to a optical specialist. After a diagnosis of macular degeneration in the left eye he explained what was happening to my left eye and gave me shot. It has helped greatly for my left eye sight. He did explain that it is starting to happen to my right eye. So he wants to treat it. So I agreed that day to do it. My left eye has come back 60 plus percent I do believe. So it will be till mid next week that I may get to shoot again. I have been thinking of the shadow tube situation. But since that last day at the range I have only seen the sun make shadows once because of the smoke in Montana. I will make a shadow tube out of copper tubing for now. I did search for when humans made copper pipe. Some say it could be 4000 years ago copper piping was used. That was just a quick search. I do have other things to be doing for winter preparation as we are not going south this winter. Vern in a T-shirt Over the weekend I hope the wife will drive us out to that new range. Just to find it and see what it looks like.
  14. You need to call the manufacturer of the shades. They should help you reprogram the shades. If that is needed. If you look up at the outside of the shade very carefully you may find a small switch. Do not push it until you understand how and what it does. Some times the motors go bad. But you really need to talk to the manufacturer. I have worked on those shades several years ago. Also those switches I think can be removed. You may find just the wires tucked up out of the way, even under the window trim. I have found that occasionally the customer seen the switch laying somewhere in a drawer. Once they threw them away. Vern in a T-shirt
  15. Well the GITS have been really coming along in there flight training. Only a occasional one gets out of position. The fields have been harvested so food is available for practice landing and takeoff in flocks. There are a pair of swans with 4 youngsters on a local pond. I have not seen them flying yet. I do think they were later than the geese flying around in test flights. I do think the Canadian snowbird restrictions even affects the geese. I have not seen one flock up high in a trans state flight pattern yet. Or they are waiting for smoke mask to be distributed for lung protection. Or maybe they are flying blind in the smoke. Even flying in circles north of the border. Just waiting for the ok to go south for the winter. The north of the boarder flocks may have gone east of the divide for better navigation with less smoke. Be safe, Vern in a T-shirt
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