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  1. We will, on occasion, turn our onboard pump on(we make sure there is water in the tank) to get a higher flow from the existing cg hookup especially if the CG is full.
  2. Billr Is what u unscrew on the pump itself or separate. We're having draining problems and am thinking something might be plugging the screen mentioned.
  3. I've only bought extended ins on rv related equipment (1) time and that was years ago when I had just started rving. IMO, The rv industry quality leaves a lot to be desired and so called salespeople use this to sell "scare" insurance. My advise is to wait untill the warranty that comes with what your buying is close to ending then maybe address again. Companies selling this type of insurance will still be there and will still want to sell . BTW, when I did purchase the insurance (1) time, the price "is/should" be negotiable as we ended up paying 60% less than then the original quote.
  4. Good to hear. Wish u both the best.
  5. About $120 + or - is what I've found them to be and be of good quality. Under $100 and the quality takes a dump. Whatever You eventually get, periodically spray them with Protecterant 303 available at Amazon, Walmart, RV dealers.
  6. Would GMail work for you? Have used it for years without a problem on phones, different windows versions, etc.
  7. Is the main breaker in ur class c 30A or 50A? Convection ovens will have a lot of amp draw.
  8. The main topic of the original post seems to be the creation/adoption of a more welcoming attitude towards Xscapers so they will feel welcome and thus increasingly become more active in the main group. This is an acceptable philosophy to have as it will usually yield positive results. This attitude does/should also be extended to "all" members but sometimes is not. Several years ago, after having been an Escapees member for several years, we decided to incorporate attending one of the "national" rallies" (2016 Burlington, Vt) into our travel plans as we were going to be traveling to several NE states. The lady that was part of the welcoming committee made us feel at home and was most charming. The second day we were once again greeted warmly and made to feel welcome by none other than #1- Mrs Kay Peterson as she noticed our First time attendees badge. The remainder of the week was less than welcoming as it became evident that groups of obviously more seasoned Escapees existed but were not very sociable towards or receptive of strangers. At the conclusion of the rally, we were disappointed at the arms length approach that we had mainly received which left a bad taste in my mouth that still exists today and undoubtedly is why we have not been to any other gatherings with this group.
  9. Several years ago, I bought one of these ac power compressors, https://www.amazon.com/PORTER-CABLE-CMB15-Oil-Free-Shrouded-Compressor/dp/B006CVXGR0/ref=sr_1_6?crid=3GH350H0LOZ1O&keywords=craftsman+air+compressor&qid=1567086834&s=hi&sprefix=craftsman+air+compressor%2Ctools%2C239&sr=1-6 which has never failed to pump up our 130 psi Class A tires. Plug in to ac power or use your rv generator if no plugin is available. We also have a digital gauge for checking pressure similar to one mentioned by Kirk. 12v compressors will usually handle pressures like class C tires or smaller but my pass experience shows them to be severely lacking for the big stuff.
  10. U were a lot nicer then I would have been. My response would have been to run the gennie until quiet time. If he bothered me again before that time, I would have notified the check in people or park rangers. 😡
  11. jc2

    AC Issues have me baffles

    Their were only (3) contacts of which the 1st & 3rd were somewhat brittle, very corroded looking and partially eaten away for some reason. I believe that the discolored plug that u are referring to is in regards to what I originally found last Sept 2018 and subsequently replaced shortly after. It certainly wasn't helping the situation at the time.
  12. jc2

    AC Issues have me baffles

    After arriving back to the KC area, I disassembled the cord reel and found what the problem was. Two of the 3 metal contacts were badly pitted/corroded as was the metal cylinder they were in contact with. Will most likely not replace the electric cord reel with a new one but continue to store it in the electric bay as there has been no problems since wiring directly to the Progressive EMS switch. Thanks everyone for your comments/suggestions.
  13. This is what u need. Any big box store will have. We keep 1-2 on hand. Hand tighten firmly and may have to wrap a rag aound it to loosen with channel lock plyers. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Oatey-1-1-2-in-ABS-PTC-In-Line-Cheater-Vent-39012/100204205
  14. jc2

    AC Issues have me baffles

    Called Newmar and thet show the orig reel that was installed was a Glendining brand so the 1st owner had it replaced for unknown reasons with a Shoreline brand. Was able to find a mobile tech yesterday who responded to the cg we are at and he did remove the reel and install it directly into the Progressive EMS system. He has done this a number of times in the past as the contacts can become pitted and cause various electrical issues. Will run the cord this way until we get back to the KC area then decide if I will have a new cord reel setup installed.
  15. Had a yrly done last Aug and had it checked again this April-2019 with our annual coach/generator service. Mobile tech responded yesterday to the cg we are currently at. He chked the Oasis system then rebooted and every thing fired up and is ok as of this post. The main 50A power cord was wired directly to the Progressive EMS and the cord reel was removed. I had him leave it as I want to see if the contacts in the reel are pitted. Seems to have been a problem for some the past several yrs and can cause different electrical probles,
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