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  1. I find this information interesting as a noticeable increase in the "newest variant" of the virus is supposedly occurring in the Branson area, Springfield, Mo and into the northernmost counties of Arkansas. ๐Ÿ˜ท
  2. I believe the original poster stated several posts back that the jacks might be a E-Z-Glide System?
  3. Your welcome, glad to help.
  4. I would leave the ac set @ 80-85 degrees. The interior will thank u for that. Do u have anyone @ the park who can periodically check for u occasionally? Extreme heat/cold is not good for dwelling interiors.
  5. 1 is the warmest, 5 is usually the default setting and 9 is the coldest.
  6. I've always considered reverse osmosis a very wastefull process in itself of a valuable but limited resource when other means are available. Using 2-3 gallons to make (1) useable gal ?
  7. Kirk, Clicked on the Lots link to see what was available and nothing happens. Possibly no lots/houses for sale?
  8. Does "anyone" really think that normalcy,as most know it, will miraculously begin at an event of this magnitude in just a few short weeks? These types of large gatherings is a prime example of why the country is in the shape it is today. Use common sense folks.
  9. 1. It would appear to me that your first priority would be to have the front alignment checked. 2. What brand are the tires? 3. In my opinion, your tires should have been replaced before now; think ageing out. They are no different than regular rv tires which have a similiar requirement for replacement. 4. I would be very hesitant on trying to get more miles from the current tires.
  10. Not as uncommon as u may think. Many times I have noticed that animals seem to act more intelligent than some people that walk amongst us. ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿบ ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  11. It was 48-50F this morning just north of KC Mo. Will starting meandering towards the RGV the last of next week.
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