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  1. Your 1 acre set up is pretty much what we were going to try to do but the coronavirus thing started up and, for a time it appeared that lot sales stopped. Then, there began a land rush where people from out of state (we're in Texas) were buying up (and pricing up) everything available - some of the purchases were done, sight unseen. Now, there are very few lots available in the county - and almost none with any utilities nearby. You certainly bought at the right time.
  2. These recovery stories are really remarkable and I have seen several recent videos about minimally invasive surgical (MIS) techniques to remove the constriction and compression of the cervical nerves. The advances in the understanding of spinal nerves and development of these modern procedures is reassuring. Randy : I hope your MRI results prove to be useful and lead to a quick remedy.
  3. I hope they can do this without a lot of hardware - however; many of the online descriptions and videos show bone shims and metal plates installed on each vertebra pair and if there's a deformed spinal angle (kyphosis) they install what looks like a pair of leaf springs to correct the alignment. Yikes! I'll find out when I see the doc next week .... Thanks for the feedback.
  4. OK - I know I'm going to feel stupid when I hear the answer to this but, what is "S + B" or "S&B" ?
  5. I won't know the extent of surgery that will be done until at least my 1st consultation with the surgeon next week - but, even minimally invasive neck surgery procedures will require wearing a neck brace of one type or another for at least 3-4 weeks (usually, more). That being said, I doubt that I'll be able to focus on anything below the level of my shoulders within 10 feet - I'm thinking I'll probably be making use of small hand mirrors to see what's going on down there. Sandals is a good idea; we're down here in Texas and flip flops are the usual foot wear around the RV park during the summer - I might pick up and extra pair to have in reserve. I'm looking for cheap shower caddies and wire shelves to install at eye height in various strategic spots in the trailer so I'll be able to access frequently used items.
  6. So .... throughout the day I've been trying note when and where I do something that requires me to bend my neck - e.g., dressing, putting on shoes, just about anything in the bathroom, taking care of the dog, etc. I sure do it a lot. If I can't turn my head or bend my neck, I'm wondering if I'm not going to be totally disabled! Has anyone installed a "MirrorEye" or blind spot camera ( https://www.amazon.com/blindspot-camera/s?k=blindspot+camera ) on their truck so you can look at a rear view monitor of the passenger side ? Viewing the driver's side mirror is not too much of a problem but the passenger side mirror would probably require me to turn my whole body to see ...
  7. Hi Rod - Thanks for the info ... as I mentioned above, a former neighbor gave us a nice, heavy set of stairs with a 3'x4' landing at the doorway - I'm glad to have it : Thanks 2gypsies - Where do you get the large bath wipes? Is there a particular brand that is any better than another? I'll make sure to ask about a home aid crew - I'm sure it beats the hell out of trying to drive down to the hospital for PT appointments. DCD
  8. Last year - before any of these neck issues became apparent - our neighbor in the next site, who had been working for an oil service company was leaving because the well workovers were being halted and he gave us his really nice, wide tubular steel and expanded metal set of stairs that he had fabricated. They fit perfectly, just below the threshold of our TT door and have hand rails. It is really heavy and steady so, I'm grateful to have it - I won't have to do a balancing act as I try to climb the fold down stairs that the trailer is equipped with. Now, the bathroom is another issue - ours is one of those tiny - 4' x 5' - spaces with a shower/tub that is better suited for storing cleaning equipment than any use for personal hygiene. I'll probably use the RV park's handicapped shower and, I guess, experiment with various options to use the commode ... hmm . DCD
  9. Shelves & cupboard accessibility is a good idea! I'm having neck surgery so I don't know if bending at the waist is a problem but, I'll have to wear a neck brace for quite a while and I understand that bending the neck may not be possible anyway, depending upon how extensive the surgery will be. I've also found a folding desk that I can use to raise my laptop and tilt it so I can see the keyboard and screen without having to bend my neck. Thanks!
  10. Back in 2017 we retired, sold our place, put everything in storage, and hit the road with our 35' travel trailer. The plan was to do some traveling, visit where my ancestors lived, find family graves, etc. and then return back to Texas, buy an acre or two of land and put a manufactured home on the property and settle down. In late 2019 we returned and got a long term site rental at an RV park in the area where we wanted to buy property and started looking around. Well the corona virus started up and things started locking down. Initially, it seemed that all real estate was taken off the market but after a few months into 2020 people from all over the country decided they wanted to leave where they were (e.g., California, New York, etc.) and move to Texas. You also had people living in the city deciding that they wanted out of there and were buying up property as fast as it was being listed. Some of the land/lot purchasing was done sight-unseen and the prices went sky high. So, we haven't been able to find anything that we can afford (or, we haven't been quick enough to beat the sight-unseen buyers) and we are still here at the RV park. It's a nice, clean place with lots of room but the travel trailer is getting a bit tight to be living in. Now, on top of all this, I looks like I'm going to have to have neck surgery (degenerated discs:C4 thru C6). From what I have read on various neck surgery related forums the recovery from this may take some time and special precautions to heal up properly. Is anyone else going through this sort of thing? Have you had to make modifications on your RV or change living style to help with your recovery? Thanx.
  11. Yeah ... I just don't have any idea. I've seen blocks of ice sit in a yard for a couple of days before they completely melted; this stuff is sitting in a tank with no air circulation. The plastic handle on the 1 1/2 inch grey water valve broke off when I tried to open the valve - I've ordered a replacement with a metal handle. Obviously, I need the tank empty in order to swap out the valve - I'm just trying to estimate what day it might be when I can work on the valve. This is all so much fun!
  12. OK - putting the anti-freeze in the sanitation tanks to try to keep the drain valves from freezing didn't pan out ... both, grey & black water tank valves are frozen - I suppose the tank contents are in the same condition. The tanks are both 42 gallon and non-insulated, situated in the open air under the trailer. The most optimistic prediction for temperatures here is that we won't start having 24 hr days above freezing until Saturday and then, it will be in the 50s - 60s. Does anyone know how long it might take for these tanks to thaw? Any tips on speeding up the process?
  13. OK - I've drained the water heater and will wait out the cold weather for the rest of the week. It looks like we won't see an above freezing day until this weekend. In the mean time my water supply hose and, I guess, the trailer's plumbing is in the deep freeze. I did a little looking around under the sinks - the plumbing looks like mostly PEX piping. There are various web sites that say PEX piping can handle freezing because it can expand with the expansion of frozen water. However, there are comments saying the weak point in the PEX installations are cheap plastic fittings that don't expand like the PEX material. Do you have any experience with PEX plumbing? Does it recover OK after a freeze?
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