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  1. Sorry guys, let me know if this works... https://imgur.com/a/usYladc Will this thing charge my house battery? I don't have a multimeter so I can't really test anything and funds are low so running out and dropping $25.00 to $50.00 on one aint happening right now. I do have a 120V socket right next to it. It worked when I plugged in the florescent light that immediately shorted out. It was a shop light someone left in it and I think the ballast may have been to blame there. Either way I have 120V power when plugged in to shore power. It is the function of the white swit
  2. It wouldn't let me upload both pictures on the same post If I tie the two positive terminals together with something like a 6 gauge wire am I going to fry it? Honestly, I would think that it probably had that exact set up at one time. Anyone else into the vintage stuff enough to know?
  3. I have this thingie. Not sure what it does. This is on a 1977 Concord class A. When the unit is plugged in, I can hear a buzz of something being energized. Specifically I am asking about the white rocker switch. One side is transformer, one side is battery, the center is off On my 97 Bounder, when I run off of the genset or am plugged into shore power, it is supposed to recharge my batteries. Will this do that? If it is, that leads me to my next question, can I connect my two batteries together via a jumper at the + and have it recharge both batteries? Both batteries share a common
  4. I am trying to figure out who to avoid as far as parts suppliers goes, or is there that big of a selection? Who do you guys get your NLA parts from? Case in point, my slide relay. I finally found it. Called everybody, they are NLA. I found one that might work. More of a generic relay. Currently, I am about to engage in battle with my water pump. I didn't realize there was a water shut off valve in the system. After a few minutes of running the self priming pump with no water coming out, I found the valve. The motor turns, the system isn't leaking. Everything was flushed whe
  5. found the problem. Any recommendations for a replacement? It is the dc motor control.
  6. I feel like I have been going about trying to get help with my RV in the wrong way. After talking to several repair shops it is becoming more and more clear to me that outside help is not available. The Rv is too old, everyone is booked up solid forever, you name it I have heard it. So First question. My slide won't open. 97 Bounder with EZ Glide hydraulic slider. How do I go about diagnosing it without accidentally activating it and killing myself in the process? I have some ideas but know nothing about this stuff and I am tired of chasing my tail.
  7. Any chance this is it? Judging by the non standard terminals, I would bet someone hacked this in. I did some hard looking and one thing I noticed is that there are scratches on the center lug, almost like there was a wire attached there. So I took out the test light and everything is hot except 87. Even the one in the center, which I thought was for an indicator light, like if the relay was used for fog lights or something. I took the box that had the slide out relay in it and got a new one, just trying to figure out where it goes. The relay in the picture should only have one
  8. This is really a multi question post. First, where does the relay for the slide live in a 97 bounder? I know it has a relay because I found one in a box labeled "slide out relay" My issue is when I push the out button I get nothing and I am trying to chase down why. I have a control center right in the front that has a relay wired in, it also has two separate relay boxes and, of course, not a single one is labeled. Next question. What is SKP#? Trying to complete my profile. It says I am 50% done When I click next it takes me back to where ever I was with nothing changed.
  9. I appreciate your input. I have been a gear head my whole life. I know how to fix stuff. We purposely bought older units because we can't afford repair costs which means I have to fix EVERYTHING. Hopefully we will spend more time enjoying the rv than working on it.
  10. Yes, I have two. More precisely, my wife and I have the Bounder and my step son has this relic. I am teaching him how to fix it. We got it out of a field. I was going to blog about getting it going again. So far we have replaced the fuel lines, fuel pump,all engine filters and gave it a solid tune up to get it home. Now we are trying to get the lights working again. The ultimate goal is to go boondocking. We want to live free or for as low cost as we can. We are sick to death of paying someone else's mortgage and getting screwed in return. We have 45 ish days, we think, to get t
  11. Turns out I hadn't cleaned the battery terminals well enough. After putting new ones on it the coach fires right up but the room still doesn't slide. I can hear the motor spin up when I hit the in button, but all I get is beeping when I hit the out button. I did find the operating instructions for the room. Turn the key and push the button shouldn't need a heck of a lot of explanation. Having a 25 year old RV is kind of freaking me out. Anything goes wrong with it and I have to Figure it out. (edited at the request of the moderator. I am having a real hard time believing the greatest
  12. I am not on shore power. I put two brand new 80 AH batteries in it yesterday. The third battery is not new but has about 3 of 5 years warranty left. Where is the house breaker for the slide?
  13. 97 Bounder Ez Slide. Found the user manual for the slide. Read it several times. It says drop the levelers and set the parking brake. It says nothing about having the engine running or not. I tried to run the slide out with the engine off. No movement. I started it up and tried to run the slide out and the whole coach shut off and is dead. I have checked all the fuses I can find. I found the reset switches on the breakers and have reset them. I am absolutely freaked out that this is going to cost me a grip to fix. This is my first adventure in RVing and everything is new and sca
  14. Deleted comment started new thread to avoid double posting.
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