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  2. This is fairly helpful. The owners manual is for a different model number. How do I figure out which model I have?
  3. As posted above, I am having a hard time posting pictures. Try this link please: https://imgur.com/gallery/BsLgNSl
  4. Update, I got the slide closed, had to take the hydraulic ram off on one end which is now sticking through the hatch. Levelers still won't retract
  5. I will post a link to pics at the end. Now that I understand the question better, it is a power gear system that controls the landing gear. I took pictures of the pump and motor, there is no markings on it. I read that I need to attach a ratchet strap to each eyebolt and anchor off of the frame to draw the slide back in after removing the hydraulic rams from their attachment point on the slide and fold them out of the way first. I have included pictures of the collapsing landing gear. Last is a separate question. Underneath my slide there are 4 electrical boxes, like you would put a wall socket or light switch in. There are two on the coach and two on the slide, side by side, with a big fat spiral wound wire coming between them. They don't appear to attach to anything inside or outside of the coach and slider. What are these for? I am unable to get imgur to cooperate to upload pictures
  6. Quick update: The thought came to mind that maybe having it off of the levelers wasn't a great idea in case there is a pressure sensor or something to "tell" the rv that its' feet are down. After blocking up the drivers side front corner, I realized that at least that corner is collapsing. I will be drawing the slide in manually in the hopes I can get feet up. Where do I go with this from here? Thanks in Advance, all.
  7. I can't help but be frustrated by this comment. I have the manual. I HAVE read it. SEVERAL times. It is 137 pages and comes in its' own briefcase. There are at least 20 different manuals for various components. Perhaps if you asked more specific questions,that might be much more helpful? I think you are referring to a manufacturer. It is an E-Z-Glide system. Clearly I am not the nautical type. Perhaps my attempt at levity to make myself feel better about the situation was inappropriate or somehow offensive? It is leaning to the drivers side. No idea if it has an interlock, I had a similar thought. I am wondering if manually drawing the slide in (As described in the manual!!) will help? Levelers won't go in or out. Tried resetting the parking brake as I know it does have an interlock there. Wondering if it doesn't have a mercury type switch to lock everything down if it does get out of level. I tried releveling it the best I could with my jack and some jack stands. While not perfect, it is more level Gas not diesel, no air bags to air up. Not plugged into shore power, but I do have the engine running when I run the slide in or out. choose files...
  8. Sorry, I don't know what the HWH system is. or stands for. How do I tell? I would assume it is because the motor for the hydraulic levelers also isn't firing up. Fuse is what I am thinking also, but, the fuse for the levelers is intact. At least the one in the control box is. Also, the extra annoying safety beeper chimes merrily, when I try to run the slide,but that's it... As an aside, if things were working like they are supposed to, how would one fix the above situation where the RV has sunken due to rain, or whatever? Should I try to relevel with the slide out or should I try to run the slide in with it out of level?
  9. Sorry guys, let me know if this works... https://imgur.com/a/usYladc Will this thing charge my house battery? I don't have a multimeter so I can't really test anything and funds are low so running out and dropping $25.00 to $50.00 on one aint happening right now. I do have a 120V socket right next to it. It worked when I plugged in the florescent light that immediately shorted out. It was a shop light someone left in it and I think the ballast may have been to blame there. Either way I have 120V power when plugged in to shore power. It is the function of the white switch that I am asking about. TIA!
  10. It wouldn't let me upload both pictures on the same post If I tie the two positive terminals together with something like a 6 gauge wire am I going to fry it? Honestly, I would think that it probably had that exact set up at one time. Anyone else into the vintage stuff enough to know?
  11. I have this thingie. Not sure what it does. This is on a 1977 Concord class A. When the unit is plugged in, I can hear a buzz of something being energized. Specifically I am asking about the white rocker switch. One side is transformer, one side is battery, the center is off On my 97 Bounder, when I run off of the genset or am plugged into shore power, it is supposed to recharge my batteries. Will this do that? If it is, that leads me to my next question, can I connect my two batteries together via a jumper at the + and have it recharge both batteries? Both batteries share a common ground, ie the frame. I am thinking it will be easier to start and both batteries would have the dual function of running the vehicle and powering the camper, but I have to admit I am just a fuzz out of my knowledge base when it comes to vehicle electronics with dual batteries.
  12. I am trying to figure out who to avoid as far as parts suppliers goes, or is there that big of a selection? Who do you guys get your NLA parts from? Case in point, my slide relay. I finally found it. Called everybody, they are NLA. I found one that might work. More of a generic relay. Currently, I am about to engage in battle with my water pump. I didn't realize there was a water shut off valve in the system. After a few minutes of running the self priming pump with no water coming out, I found the valve. The motor turns, the system isn't leaking. Everything was flushed when I hooked a garden hose up to it. Either way the water pump doesn't pump. Looks like I have to crawl in after it. I see I can get one from just about anywhere, but who do I want to avoid? Can I just replace the pump head? If not, what do you guys do with the still working 12V motors? For cars, there are all kinds of aftermarket suppliers. Is there a similar supplier or suppliers for R.V. parts?
  13. found the problem. Any recommendations for a replacement? It is the dc motor control.
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