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  1. I use a couple of 50W panels for various vehicles I have. I spent around $100 for each. It helps to compensate for my bad memory to charge this truck or that trailer esp in my yard where I have no 120VAC. I can leave them on there and if I forget, it isnt a big deal with a charge controller. It also helps with fantom loads.
  2. Isnt this a FIFTH-WHEEL topic? I see why sometimes people are having difficulty finding topics under a particular category, and this could contribute to that. The info is GREAT though!
  3. Have you checked out available trucks already set up at racingjunk.com I know there are a couple there that are already converted and registered as RVs. BUT, need to also consider time to address delayed maintenance, becoming competent driving the truck(without the trailer), customizing to your INITIAL needs(there will always a list of things that you want to as you learn what others things CAN BE DONE), title transfer, insurance etc.
  4. Just my 2 cents, but I guess I dont undestand why we wouldnt just wear them since they are SOME type of defense to a virus running amuck and it may help. Shouldnt need a mandate to do it, kind of like wearing shoes when the ground is dangerous(rough, jagged, full of trash etc.) or hot. I do, because I dont know if I am asymptomatic and shedding virus, which may end up infecting some person or group of persons that has a compromised immune system. It is WHAT I CAN DO to be considerate of others, like staying home during a typical flu season, when I have caught the flu.
  5. Agreed. Seems like it would make a nice park model. Not sure I would want to drag that thing around with the way the frame is made. I'm sure its likely safe but not a usual specimen.
  6. Wouldnt this topic be better served if NOT in the HDT subject category? Perhaps Fifth wheels??
  7. Save a bunch of pipe and make it a weed burner style exhaust or over the top of the generator to the front door with a slot in it so that the door can be opened without interfering with the exhaust. That would make it fairly short. Can always wrap it with exhaust tape. Dont forget about a computer fan or 2, but you MUST provide clean combustion air or the thing will run badly with mixed air.
  8. I had an Alfa that did that and since it wasnt an expensive trailer due to its age and we wanted to improve the appearance, mostly because we bought from an elderly couple that had left it in a storage lot in Bullhead City for 3 years without any care or maintenance. I tried all kinds of different approaches but found the most successful was to remove the decals, most on the sun side were cooked away anyways, and then I applied Poli-Glo. It was some work but when I finished it, it was a satisfactory result for what we were looking for. I was shiny, and easier to keep clean and good looking.
  9. I use a 50W solar panels to do all those tasks. I have 2 that I move around to various equipment. My Miller Trailblazer eats battery charging parts so I use a 20W for that. Works very well.
  10. I wonder if a cheap furniture blanket around the tanks in the compartment would be helpful. A lamp also can help as long as it isnt LED.
  11. I'm near Temecula, Jojoba Hills, and we had a 40% chance of rain earlier in the week. Well, its down to 25% but skies dont look promising. Too bad as many times what comes ashore and gives us rain will continue into Southern AZ.
  12. Esp given that so much of it is OPINIONS and less about facts. Have to certainly do due diligence. Put the work in if you want good results.
  13. The resistor idea seems more involved than replacing the plug & play flasher. I also had replaced the taillights, backup lights, fog lights and headlight.
  14. Yes the desert needs rain BUT THE CALIFORNIA FORESTS ESP THOSE WITH FIRES need rain more. Years of those federal lands being ignored has created a bad situation for fires during drought times. I would think this may be another unfortunate fallout of the Great Recession and we havent caught up on all those things that were not done when the money was not available. And its almost Nov and still unseasonably high temps in the Southwest.
  15. Change your flasher to an electronic type instead of the one supplied. I did the same thing on my IH 4700, and when I turned on the lights to check operation, the blinkers acter wacko. Changed the flasher and all is good. Circuit is looking for some load to operate the flasher and the LEDs dont have enough of a load.
  16. rpsinc


    Your post surely makes sense to you but the lack of detail makes it difficult to understand let alone provide input. The axle manufacturer will be more helpful than the trailer manufacturer. Lots of experience in these forums but you gotta give some more info.
  17. Can you post a picture of what you are talking about??
  18. What about a simple angle attached to the trailer at each side of the panel, install spring loaded pins in the panel, and when the panel is down, have the pins go into holes in the angle, nesting it and securing it for travel.
  19. If they are a broker, and likely will be making a commision on the sale, let them earn it. They should be willing to help you with info unless they have plenty of potential buyers and/or they dont care. If they dont care now, they likely will not during the ENTIRE process.
  20. Here is how you do it, enjoy the moment.
  21. And THAT is why I appreciate you, Dave. There was job to be done and you went and did it. THANK YOU!!
  22. Sorry to hear of your plight, Dave. Wish I could help you with the trailer. Now that you have new knees, the back fights back(no pun intented). Hoping that someone can help you out.
  23. And they wouldnt flap around in winds like toppers. Nice idea.
  24. So are your talking about vents or AC penetrations? Not understanding.
  25. rpsinc

    Spice Holder

    test tubes are made in various sizes. I would buy spices from bulk bins in quantities needed, not quantities available in pre-packaged containers. And then with a small funnel, fill them. I am thinking that it would allow for fresher spices and better flavors.
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