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    Spice Holder

    test tubes are made in various sizes. I would buy spices from bulk bins in quantities needed, not quantities available in pre-packaged containers. And then with a small funnel, fill them. I am thinking that it would allow for fresher spices and better flavors.
  2. rpsinc

    Spice Holder

    We're considering this idea.
  3. Oh boy, has the D16 and an ET and is already a MH registration. And memberships with the 5er. Some good and some bad. Might work for someone.
  4. Can the bushings/sleeves be removed? The weld in the second pic is not completely around the tube and appears to have been 2 seperate welds. If it has lasted this long, I would think that replacing that with new weld, certainly continuous around the tube, and with good penetration, should let it live another long life. It would be best to grind out most of that old weld before rewelding.
  5. I had an Alfa Sun 5er. The decal on the front cap was very badly damaged by UV, so I decided to find a replacement. After looking for some time for a direct replacement, I decided to use some clip art and found a nice caricature of a Sun with sunglasses and little legs dancing. I couldnt believe how many people would stop and have conversations while pointing to my Dancing Sun.
  6. I am on the same path as Bob, currently using a similar MDT he sold. What is holding me back from making the jump now is that with my MDT I have many of the benefits of avoiding the "tail wagging the dog" issues as my truck is heavy enough to be safe(vs my 1 ton CC DRW with 500/1000 Duramax/Allison combo-which is plenty of power for a smaller 5er but does not have the physical weight). I do want the benefits of an HDT when I get to that point(I am still working my business full time) and with the added cubic inches, which I believe there is no substitute for. My 1 ton has 6.6L/6 speed auto,
  7. rpsinc

    Hitch Failures

    I understand. I dont think it those terms as I have a big shop with the equipment necessary to do things like that, so it often is a matter of finding the time to do it rather than a shop to do it.
  8. rpsinc

    Hitch Failures

    Sounds like perhaps steel pins and perhaps a flanged bronze bushing application?
  9. rpsinc

    Hitch Failures

    Has anyone thought about making lubable pins for those pivot points? Seems that it would not be that hard to do with a lathe and drill press, unless I am missing something.
  10. Agreed, that would be social distancing for sure, at least in most cases.
  11. Social distancing practices this year will likely be the order of the event.
  12. I found that they have a location in Blythe, CA not far from Quartzsite. FYI. Have seen many Lowes delivery trucks being outfitted there.
  13. Good idea to try ceramic. I removed the decals from the Alfa. Tried lots of things, best was heat gun with plastic razor blades and the drill mounted erasers for some of the more stubborn places. Then cleaned the glue with Xylene, did not do much damage to the trailer compared to other solvents. Did not try WD40, but some say it works well.
  14. I had an Alfa that was chalking a bit. Did the typical buff and polish, etc., then tried Poli-Glo. Smelled just like Johnson floor wax. Applied as instructed but not aware of how it held up long term as we sold the rig less than a year later. The short term was amazing. And we intended on putting on some vinyl decals if we decided that the all white was too much.
  15. I just got my '07 GMC Sierra CC DRW Duramax/Allison back from the AC shop. Turned out that the wiring repair(rabbits got into engine compartment and chewed a bunch of wires) done last summer was not done correctly. Some connectors not properly crimped so bad connections. The owner of the shop told me he thoughts because the symptom was AC was coming on and going off intermittently, that it may have been due to a "pressure switch" in the system that is self-resetting. It disconnects the compressor under high pressure, which would seem to appear under high loads, and then resets automaticall
  16. Your research is RV Parks, mine is private parties renting their lots since they wont be there. My link gets you to those types of lots, not RV parks.
  17. Maybe this will help. https://yuma.craigslist.org/search/hhh?query=rv lot for rent&sort=rel
  18. I have found lots of available lots advertised on Craigslist. Some for rent and some for sale. I am thinking that some might be looking to eliminate costs by selling lots since they(if Canadians) are not able to come this winter. I went to the Yuma CL and just entered RV Lots and found many listings.
  19. I have seen 2 different items used for DROMS/storage on back of big trucks. 1- shorter box truck boxes, sometimes found used and left alone or modified to suit. 2- small trailers without the axles and tires. Often have drop down gate or barn doors, your choice. Can also source these used. Remove the axles/tires and sell then mount the box to the bed. Seems would be a cheaper option to $8500 for a new purpose built drom box. Depends on what the need is.
  20. In my continuing search for a Volvo truck, I came across a candidate that I thought I would investigate. It was listed for $5000.00. Said it was a D13 at 485 with an IShift. I thought, whats the catch??? The pics further down the string showed that the compressor has broken 2 of the 3 studs and the other has damaged threads. Figured it wasnt my 1st time removing broken studs as I used to be a maintenance mechanic on manufacturing equipment(Charmin & Bounty machines). After communicating with the guy, clearly he was frustrated(might even say really pissed off) because he bought th
  21. rpsinc

    smart issue

    Or a knife type battery disconnect. Yes, I bet Wilma isnt going to put "10mm wrench" on her grocery list.
  22. Perhaps adding battery capacity would be something that you should consider. Your 300W can help keep the battery bank up, and then have the genie in case you fall below allowable capacity. Keep in mind that the refer you should run on LP as much as possible. 1 single wet cell battery will only provide 50% capacity of what the battery is rated for. If you are to add battery/ies to create a bank, consider that all batteries should installed at the same time, as new batteries will mirror the capacity of the older battery. So, if you add, lets say, 3 batteries to make a 4 battery bank, you re
  23. If you want to maximize the efficiency of your LP usage, dont use the RV furnace and change over to a catalytic heater. No fan and over 95% efficient as opposed to ~35% efficient for the RV furnace. That can equate to using 3X more LP to do the same heating. And with 100# cylinders, that can help that amount to last awhile.
  24. A really loaded question. There are many manufacturers and customers for all of them. Each has pluses and minuses. Depends on what you are looking for. New or used. New to RVing or some or alot of experience. Handy and willing to remodel and repair or need factory warranty because you arent handy.
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