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  1. I spoke with the owner. It was a custom build. I have heard they were custom built quality units which is why it surprised me that the belly wasn't heated and only single pane windows. I am just curious if anything else was done cheaper on the build. The owner claims its all solid woodwork inside. Does anyone know if forks built only quality units or would they build cheaper units if the customers requested it?
  2. I found a 2008 Continential Coach for sale I am interested in. I spoke to the owner but I would appreciate some 3 party opinions and views. It seems to be a very nice rv but I have a few concerns. The unit does not have a heated and enclosed underbelly. The waste valves are even out in the open. Also the windows are all single pane. I was expecting it to have a fully enclosed belly and dual pane windows. If anyone has any history or comments about the company in general or about this rv please let me know. I currently have a travel supreme fifth wheel and am looking for something with more room. Thanks Here is a link to the rv for sale. https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2008-Forks-Rv-CONTINENTAL-COACH-5014458386
  3. I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this but I do know of lot of the HDT owners own New Horizons so I thought I would start here. I found a 2008 New Horizons Summit for sale I am interested in. The problem is it is listed thru a broker and they do not have a lot of info on it. Does anyone know where I might be able to get some additional information on this? Any general information on this year or model would be great? The broker does not even know what the weight of the trailer is. I would usually never deal with a broker but I do like the rv. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the info. I appreciate it.
  5. Does anyone have information on installing a engine block heater on a 2001 Volvo 660 with a D12? I tried searching online but did not find much information. Also where to purchase one would be helpful also. Thanks
  6. Thanks, that's the info I was looking for. If you don't mind me asking what did your pin box cost to have made?
  7. I looked at the MorRyde pin boxes and it seems the highest there rated to is 24k. I need a higher rated box then that.
  8. I'm towing with a hdt and et hitch. I have a trail air pin box currently. My pin box is not made anymore and I'm not sure what the weight capacity of it is. I'm setting up to double tow a car behind the fifth wheel and want to make sure the pin box is capable of handling the weight. I will need a standard extended pin box or even possibly a extended pin box. I have a honda pioneer on the deck of the hdt and dont have the room for a straight down pin box.
  9. I have a Travel Supreme toy hauler and I am currently looking for a new pin box. Who makes a pin box in the 26,000 to 30,000 pound rated capacity. I haven't had any luck in my searching. Thanks
  10. I'm near Mobile, AL. I am ideally looking for a website that allows me to enter my VIN and search for oem parts that will list the factory part numbers. Then I can search that part number on the internet for the best price or see if its offered aftermarket. I have done this for years with auto manufactures and even atv manufactures. They all have online part catalogs that you can search by VIN. I recently purchased injector cups for my 01 660 with the D12 and the dealer charged my over 3 times what I found them for on Ebay. I can understand the dealer being more money but that kind of markup is crazy. I really would just love to look up my own part numbers and then do my own research on finding the best price available.
  11. Where is the best place to purchase Volvo parts? Is there a online place where I can look up parts by the VIN? I have a Volvo dealer near me but there prices are astronomical. Thanks in advance.
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