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  1. As a welder, this is my best practice. I dont take the chance. Hi Jim, say hello to Wilma from her "Niece" Roxanne
  2. Keep in mind that gas powered generators, even those installed into the MH, can be converted to run on propane. I have a Yamaha 6600 that I converted and it works well but does use lots of LP. A MH tank can only be filled by going to the fueling station but can also add accomodations for portables tanks. As well, might a dedicated battery bank with solar and an inverter for just this purpose be an option? Then the generator can be used as a backup for those times when sun isnt enough to charge the batteries sufficiently.
  3. The best practice even if disconnecting the batteries. Disconnecting the batteries is VERY GOOD to do.
  4. There are many options for air spring upgrades available that work well. I had a Dolphin with the F53 chassis(Ford 460) and those helped alot. Nice part of this setup was 16" wheels and so coach was not as tall as many with larger wheels, but also lower tire weight capacity.
  5. As a contractor installing equipment in warehouses, I have to weld on every job. Some locations require masks and dont wear them, some locations will not let you in UNLESS you wear a mask and everything in between. What I know is that I wont weld without my hood, gloves, welding shirt, work boots, long pants and safety glasses. That has become the norm because we see that the results of NOT FOLLOWING this behavior is detrimental to MY WELL BEING. I am in the higher risk group by virtue of my age(over 60), but I still work where I can(not all places are available so my business is dow
  6. I hate it when that happens. You're not alone. I have done it plenty of times, not on purpose, of course.
  7. Seems like so many things in our world are nothing close to normal, BUT, wearing of masks is quickly becoming a "new normal". I'm OK with that. Opinions aside, I am willing to do it for those around me.
  8. Its why we bought it. 2004 Kountry Aire 38BLSE. We like it. Also REALLY enjoy the powered steps and landing instead of just stairs. The "belly" is great for those small things needing stored but sometimes get lost in large basement storage, like blocks, jacks, hoses, cords, etc. We find its build to be superior to many others, although compared to the Teton, they are similar in quality. Our Teton is only 33'. We use it for National Parks where the Newmar is longer for those areas.
  9. So how do you manage the need for a generator when at night or in inclement weather? I am assuming your generator is NOT auto or remote start. Are your calculations for AC running consumption including battery storage capacity? I read of another 5er with 2000W of solar, 8 batteries and run mini split as needed while boondocking without any need for generator, unless multiple days of insufficient sunshine. I dont have a sufficient solar system in place and am working on moving to a fitting design, so "inquiring minds want to know"
  10. Not sure how you come to that opinion, but I have a Teton and a Newmar, and I havent seen any negative as you stated in my Newmar. We have washer hookups in place. The floorplans are different for sure, with each having attributes that we like and dislike, but each coach is quality construction and sadly no longer made, having been replaced with more assembly line type of units selling with their own issues. A big positive we like in terms of storage is that the Newmar has much more outside storage areas by their making compartments all along the length of the trailer, with lockable doors
  11. And the suspension sway is far less that in 4 tire/2 axle configurations. It is a nice design, just wonder why no one else ever did it again.
  12. Couldnt you install a dedicated inverter for your mini split that is 240VAC? I am looking at this also and was thinking about putting a pigtail on the outside unit that would allow me to choose power options. Inverter, genie, shore power. Instead of using a transfer switch, I guess that is what I would become. I like the option of making my own decision for this use instead of some management system doing it. Kind of like driving an automatic in the HDT in auto when in the mountains.
  13. Good to hear positives about the GMG Davy Crockett as I am waiting for mine to be delivered this week. Reasonably priced, sized to store in 5er, can use most pellets, fold down legs and available with 12V or 120V options.
  14. I concur with tfavorite. I was offered an opportunity to become a charter member of a national rv inspection firm. They were a few years from real inspections and I was looking for paying work at the time, so the roads did not cross. There are regional areas where this can work out for you BUT it has to make sense for you. Also know that you will have to set up a business of your own(including the taxes, fees and overhead needed for that business), have capitol to live on while you attempt to get your business off the ground, this will include tools and equipment, continuous training, trav
  15. I have seen a few Newmar 5ers at pretty reasonable prices. Excellent quality and maker still in business, although not making 5ers. If you get the model with dually axles, they are super stable and dont need G rated 16" tires or H rated 17.5". Can use more readily available E rated and LT tires because the axle setup is 2 axles with 8 wheels, like a dually truck(ie my 2004 Kountry Aire 38'). They made VERY NICE trailers. Can buy used and then do what you want without worrying about comprimising the warranty. Its your money and you get to decide how and when you do changes or improvements
  16. Congratulations to all of you. DW-64 and me-62 contemplating what will be our next journey. Still working our business and talking about how to do some long terming, at least. You all have inspired me. DW mother lasted to 101, so I think I will have her a bit more, been 42+ years so far. We have 2 5ers and an MDT. Was introduced to SKPs by my parents who owned a lot in Benson. I helped build the casita and got the SKP bug there. It has been with me since, more than 22 years. Thank you for sharing.
  17. If you carry a small portable air compressor(instead of the suggested shop air) you can make up the male to male hose as mentioned above and fill the entire system. I have recently replaced my 20+ YO Emglo compressor with a Harbor Freight Fortress Ultra Quiet ( not a big fan of these tools from HF generally, but they have upped their game) and use it in my business. It will travel with me in the truck for situations like this. Once you have the system aired up, and I dont imagine you need FULL air pressure, you can listen for leaks to get you close to the area, then if you dont have a
  18. Sure you do, just not in a negative way. Thats what love is about. And in these changing life times, we could all practice more of it, because "staying home" is safer for those around us. I'm a contractor working in warehouse distribution centers and am deemed essential. I only wish my commutes allowed for using my RV to stay in after work days, but sadly I commute in every different direction sometimes daily with 75 mile 1 way commutes common. I am getting very ready to change this phenominum. 75 miles to work, work 7-10 hours, 75 miles home and this time of year in 100+ t
  19. These hoses are used in places where bending the line sets would likely kink them. I was thinking abour using hydraulic hoses but wasnt sure about the issues of incompatibility of the hose material and the refrigerant. These are specific to the purpose and so a better option.
  20. If you choose to go the VHB way, I suggest using laminated glass instead of tempered or standard window glass.
  21. I dont have a source directly but I have a friend that is an HVAC contractor and he is the one that told me about this. They are readily available at the local(to us) supply houses for HVAC. Not that I am not aware of their availability at places that are not contractor only supply houses.
  22. New rigs are built to current quality standards. See the quality of cars in todays world. There have been many articles written about the subject of the quality in todays RVs. Watch the FB pages for how many people are having to take their $300K+ motorhomes back to the factory for quality issues because they were shipped out before they were completed. In other cases, its also about the skill set of those building the RVs. I have a relative that worked for a company with a division in Elkhart. They had such a difficult time getting people that had skills to work for them, let along
  23. I have also seen leaving rear as dually and the forward axle singled. At least that reduces 2 tire/wheel combos.
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