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  1. Again, you're talking apples and oranges...as I said before, the system I was thinking about was more than a dashcam . It was a forward collision warning system... sorry, you just don't get it..... Very sad.
  2. Hmm, it's certainly cheap... I'll give you that. But, not very elegant.... looks like an old transistor radio from the 1960s. Glad it's working for you. I hope you have this securely fastened while you are moving.
  3. Go ahead and laugh it off....a dashcam is not the same as a forward collision warning and lane assistance system....
  4. Thanks Linda. It's not just about the money, although I'm not wealthy and it does bother me that the failure occurred 8 months after I just had the unit at Cummins and they assured me that everything was fine.... it's a lot of labor to have it pulled off and reinstalled on the Sprinter.... it's also about having a vote of no confidence in the unit.... I like many people, I'm sure, don't like surprises where it fails exactly when you need it.. that's horrible... I do mostly everything I can to avoid equipment failure through proper maintenance... that's why I drive two 10 years old cars....it's all about maintenance... I think that the original owners probably purchased this RV and rarely used the generator..it only had less than 15 hours on it when I purchased the RS Adventurous in May 2017...now it has almost 46 hours... still, that's not a lot of use. And, being that it was my first RV, and generator, I didn't realize that this was a problem...in fact, when I got it I remarked to the sales guy that this generator was practically brand new...he didn't disagree or correct me... that was very disengenous....or maybe he didn't know?? Now I know that very few hours is definitely not good. SO...I have to wait for an evaluation of what's wrong... depending on the price of labor...I might consider replacement for the old generator....or something... Seems like a huge expense for something I use occasionally.
  5. I guess the question is …. how much will we be needing it.... I expect that the generator will be around $3,000 to $4,000 and the last service I had was already $ 1,200 just eight months ago for them to service and put in a new voltage regulator and rotor, oil and filter. I'm just wondering whether I'm going to cut my losses and just do one of the following; 1. Fix the generator I have..? 2. Replace it with a brand new one and start over? 3. Skip it and not have one?
  6. There's a push button start inside the coach and along side that is an hours counter, that's all, no LCD panel and no warning lights.
  7. If it were that easy? No, I don't have a control panel showing any codes or LCD screen warnings.
  8. That's correct, but, my A/C only draws a maximum of 2,000 watts ( range is 1400 to 2,000) and the generator manual says it produces 2,310 watts up to 5,500 feet. It ran fine for 30 minutes then just shut down with the A/C running. If it could run for 30 minutes, I didn't think this was the problem; why didn't it shut down say in 5 minutes?
  9. By the way, I do have a Zamp 180 watt solar panel system built in on the roof and two 6 volt AGM batteries, but, it's not enough to power the AC or microwave convection oven. I have a space limitation problem and there's no way I can get enough solar and a bank of batteries like the VOLTA system... just not setup for that.
  10. Thanks, just posted a reply now. See my response to the first one.
  11. Understood. Yes, I exercise it for 1 to 2 hours each month now. Let me explain. I purchased this RV two years ago and being a newbie, when I purchased the RV and discovered that the generator only had less than 15 hours on the unit I commented to the salesman that "Wow, it's like a brand new generator"... and he said "yes, that's correct"... that was not truthful.... as you would probably agree. It would have been better if the two years old generator had a few hundred hours on it. Being a first time RV purchaser with a built-in generator, I didn't know this. Well, it worked fine for just over a year and then we had a failure...brought it to Cummins Onan and they replaced my voltage regulator and rotor... not inexpensive and instructed me to how to keep it exercised... it was fine until we were around 3,000 feet running the A/C … at first it was fine for about 30 minutes and then the thing just shut down....mind you, I have a full tank of propane. That should not have happened. Now, it's back in the shop and they're trying to figure out what's wrong? I hate to have equipment failure just when you rely on it, so, now the big question of how many times in two years have we really used it vs. just fix it right and get everything back to normal? It's a tough question.... yeah, it's great convenience to have when you need it, but, I certainly don't expect to get all the money back at the time of the sale. RV stands for "ruined vacation" as you know and WOW.. this sucks. SO, you think that just going without it would reduce the price by how much in thousands? I might be looking at a complete replacement if the model is a 2500 propane? My owners manual says it's a Cummins KV 2800; that would be better.. the 2500 got trashed on the internet big time, people all over the place said they had less than 50 hours on theirs and were disgusted, mine currently has just under 46 hours. Any further input gladly welcome.
  12. How many times do you actually use the generator vs. plug into a campsite? We have used the generator especially in National Parks where there's no hookups, but, it's limited. Now, it seems like it might need a major service or replacement due to lack of use from the previous owner. Is it even worth doing this, if we mostly plug in? How much of an impact will it be if we possibly sell the vehicle WITHOUT a generator? Any ideas or suggestions would be welcome. Thank you.
  13. Yeah... sure...$50 wouldn't even pay for the sales tax on the system I was looking at.... WOW....you know you get what you pay for and it's 2019.
  14. There's a price point, style and design for everyone. . We actually saw several on the road from the Base Camp to Flying Clouds and everything in between. Just remember; you can't take it with you.....just enjoy your life while you can. I don't have 30 to 40 years left….how many of you do..? Here's the link to their coaches and they are pretty nice. https://www.airstream.com/touring-coaches/ I couldn't afford a brand new RV, and wanted a touring model....got exactly what I wanted 5 years old and saved money... What is the average length of ownership on an RV? I would think trading in every 5 or even 7 years is not a good idea. Maybe better to keep your RV for 10 years to get the most value? What do you think?
  15. Great, and I hope luck continues to be in your favor. Statistically, it's all about exposure and depending on where and how you ride makes a difference. Traffic vs. open road for example. Someone commuting in bumper to bumper traffic and splitting lanes is at a much higher risk. People on motorcycles are practically ghosts to car drivers.... And, I certainly don't have to point out that the lack of metal around you is a serious problem. Bicycles are similarly dangerous in car vs. bicycle crashes....the number of cycle incidents in many cities like LA..cars are causing a lot of fatalities.... it's physics. I'm not saying that you shouldn't do it, but, be careful, which you are obviously doing.... you can never be complacent when you are this much exposed. I have to be very careful on my bicycle as well and it's only pedal power....
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