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  1. It would have been between noon and 1pm when we went through.
  2. We travelled North on the I59/I24/I27 through Chattanooga on Wednesday April 21st with no delays.
  3. That's the best option, so much better if they know your prescription before the Lasik. Unfortunately the place I had them done is no longer there, and the eye doctor I used after them doesn't keep records that far back. Lesson learned.
  4. I'm hoping the Mayo Clinic will have more experience. I'm having trouble getting copies of my records for them though. I'll get there.
  5. Just as an FYI, I had cataract surgery in January of this year. Unfortunately it didn't work. The reason was that I had PRK/Laser surgery 20 years ago and because they didn't know my prescription before the PRK they didn't get the lens strength correct. Before the surgery I could see well, only needing over the counter glasses for reading but was told the cataracts would get worse so Decided to get them done. I told them about the PRK but they said it would be OK. They wanted me to get the other eye done two weeks after the first and I told them no, not until the vision had corrected in my
  6. I get the VA to print me a prescription and then take it to a military pharmacy to fill. When traveling I make sure I have refills on it and then get it transferred to the nearest military pharmacy to me (can take a few days) or if no military pharmacy available I use Walmart. It does depend sometimes on your VA doctor as some are reluctant to print the scrip.
  7. We recently stayed at Sweetwater in a full hook up site. We had a problem with ants but I think if you are aware of this and prepare the site/rig from the start you would be Ok. We looked at Rancho Los Coches RV park as well and it was a smaller park, monthly rates between $575 & $800 plus electric. We have stayed at Admiral Baker in the past and it was ok but the sites were very close together. Santee Lakes is also very nice but sometimes hard to get into for a month without having to switch sites.
  8. We are still in Louisiana as I have been having some health problems that we are trying to get sorted out. Have been here since February with a 3 week break in Pensacola. Hoping to escape and get back on the road by early June as long as I get everything sorted. Will be heading West to San Diego and hopefully take a flight to Victoria, Vancouver Island to see friends for the summer before returning to San Diego mid August to await the birth of our grandson in early September.
  9. Well, this group has gone very quiet. We are trying to get back in the swing of things after my extended stay in the UK. My mother passed away at the beginning of September. Bryan came to join me to help and arrived on the day that she passed. It was a blessing for her and I was fortunate that I got a couple of months with her. We stayed until our return ticket dates of November 25th and then returned. Have been making our way toward Pensacola as Bryan has jury duty at the beginning of March. His original summons was while we were in UK and we asked to cancel but they would only postpon
  10. Hi everyone, Well we were on our way heading north on the East Coast toward Niagara Falls when we hit a major speed bump. Medico you know how that goes!!! We were in North Carolina when I (Sue) got a call that my 84 year old mother had been diagnosed with lung cancer. Mum & I are very very close but she is in the UK, as I am from England originally. Knowing how quickly this can escalate we (my darling husband, Bryan & I) decided I should fly there to help look after her and provide support. Within 5 days I was on a flight out of Atlanta heading for London. I arrived J
  11. Our thoughts are with you Medico as you continue to help your dad sort his life out. I believe we are fortunate in that we can be adaptable with the lifestyle we have now and know that when we are needed it is possible to spend the time to be there for family. My mother-in-law just broke her foot and our first reaction was did she want us to go and be with her to help her. She is still very independent though and wouldn't hear of it. We do Skype with her most days to keep in contact as she is lonely since my father-in-law passed away. Stan, you have done well in getting the elders so
  12. Medico, Sorry to hear your sad news. Take your time, take care and our thoughts are with you.
  13. We started on the road in August although we had been living fulltime in the RV before that. We started in Las Vegas, headed west to San Diego to visit our youngest son and then east stopping in Texas to visit friends in Georgetown, daughter in Kingsville & brother in Beaumont. On to Louisiana for Thanksgiving with mom in Walker. Christmas at Pensacola Florida and have been in Central Florida since January. Like many others really like this part of Florida and may look to purchase here in the future. We like Pensacola as well but the climate here is slightly more favorable. We are keep
  14. Congrats Jim and Alice on the new grandchild and getting back on the road. We are parked in the infield at Daytona Motor Speedway. All ready for the 500!!! One more thing off the bucket list.
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