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  1. Were did you find that wife? Mine refuses to drive our F-250.
  2. Just got around to reading the Weekend Moderators. Pretty sorry. Possibly reading comprehension is not your forte. I am sorry but I need to do nothing as directed by you. You failed to defend or explain your, what I find, uninformed comment "let's run him out of business" It was a bad idea. No compassion for the employees. Still is and remains short sighted self righteousness. Instead of defending or explaining your comment you chose instead to attempt to discredit me on very dubious and obscure grounds unrelated to your point - let's run him out of business! Almost 4 months since your last. I am pretty sure why I have not read it before. I believe I have had my fill of Weekend Moderators. Happy trails!
  3. Another oversite by Stars and Stripes or maybe the VA. What about that large group of vets between 50 and 85? Where/when do they fit in?
  4. Based on your related vehicle buying issues (3) I will probably not be asking you about a hot stock pick. Anyhow, my experience has been to the contrary. We bought a 5th wheel in TN and towed it home to FL. Private seller signed the title, gave me a Bill of Sale (which no one ever asked for), took it to the Dept of Revenue, got a temp tag and towed it home to FL. Easy peasy! Title transfer/registration was just as painless (inexpensive) here in the Sunshine State.
  5. 'Knock knock, we are the beer police. Come out with you hands up!" We have stayed there many times, no harassment from the Sheriff and I am sad it is being revealed. Atlantic ocean (beautiful/gorgeous), St Johns River, Fort George Inlet, the place is a hidden gem. North side of the St Johns River. Actually a City of Jacksonville park. Be discrete and there will be no issues as with most things. But then again, we are a group of adults. Yes?
  6. Yes he is missed. One decent human being.
  7. Ha Ha! Not falling for it. Never will I click on a link to "give me the scoop on poop". Good try.
  8. Finally received the invitation email and I downloaded the new app. Had trouble registering. Called and was told to enter all the numbers on the card not just the ones in bolded large font. Never used the "route" function on the old card so I can't say I miss it. Otherwise it appears the same. Gee, ask for directions? Never. Thanks for the suggestion.
  9. If I recall correctly, on my 5er, open the port side propane bottle storage compartment. There is a hole on the inside wall level with the jack motor. Insert crank handle here if you have one.
  10. Yeah, I received this email also on the 9th. Signed up the next day. It is now the 14th and I have heard nothing. Signed up again today. Anyone have success downloading this new app?
  11. Just read your post. Agree that a funnel will not handle 30-60 gal/min. Are you telling me the slowest rate on any variable pump handle cannot be held down to accommodate a funnel?
  12. I believe the top 2 are Boondockers Welcome and Passport America. No other organization I know of can come close to their discounts.
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