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  1. Hi All, I am in the middle of installing a 14' box for a living quarters on my Kenworth T2000, and I was wondering if anyone knew of any good deals for items listed below. Toilet Couch Table Bunk Beds Electrical management Trailer brake controller Wireless Camera TPS
  2. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13UvJl3Vh5YWk43lQKgIizGCLkaGX70Rz?usp=sharing Photo Link Above
  3. All, With bitterness I have to sell this rig that I have been waiting to find forever. My company will has transferred me to the Salt lake City area and I will not be able to take it with me. This a 1999 Kenworth T2000 with 916,001 miles and a clean bill of health. Has double bunk sleeper in back I can stand up in the bunk area, I am 6'4". Engine is an M11 Celect Plus with a 10spd 3 pedal automatic. Currently the AC does not work and have not had time to charge it and replace the ac condenser, per the truck company servicing the rig. Only reason I am selling is I have moved to the SLC Utah and no longer have room for it. I am asking $12,500, I am willing to meet someone in the Utah area provided a deposit it provided before I go to Los Angeles where it is currently located. 1. Just freshly serviced and detailed inside and out 2. Clean Bill of health, minus Ac fix "do not have time," 3. Mileage 916,001- I have had zero issues with this truck it is an older truck but has been loved 4. Has both gooseneck hitch in the bed and also a 20k brand new bumper pull hitch 5 Interior is probably a 7/10 exteriors is a 6/10. It does have some wear on the paint in areas. 6. Still has both rear axles and yes it is registered in CA. 7. Has dual 100 gallon tanks. Fuel tank on rear can stay for fueling other vehicles. Email: cwreynolds@me dot com Cell: Three One 0 Five 29 Zero One 55 PHOTOS WILL BE POSTED TONIGHT, FOR SOME REASON I AM HAVING TROUBLE
  4. Ok i will work on sketching something up and posting it. I will say my drafting skills are not the best.
  5. So do not weld to the frame at all correct, only bolted connections?
  6. Hi all, I am in need of installing a bumper hitch for my trailer i pull on my T2000 Kenworth. Any recommendations on a place to start. I have looked on E-trailer and they have a weld on one but I do not think it will work. Trailer weight 18k Length- 35' Any help appreciated
  7. Interested in the generator and fridge. Can you ship to CA will pay shipping fee of course.
  8. Must have missed that part. Thank you for the catch.
  9. Anyone use one of these generators, they come with a one year warranty. Any opinions? http://www.everlastgenerators.com/product/ev6500ats-diesel-generator
  10. I am looking for a diesel generator to add to my rig. Needs to be 7kw and up, open to all manufacturers.
  11. Another option to consider is the Super C class. I am not sure of your budget but they are affordable more on a used basis.
  12. I will keep looking for a solution, it was a thought and seems like it wont work. Thank you for the replies
  13. Can you PM the photos or email me the photos. Are you willing to ship?
  14. I would like to build something so i can level out the rig. I wanted to see opinions on using something like this an air over hydraulic cylinder rated at 8T. I would use four of them on all corners. I would use an air suspensions system to control all four corners, and level using simple level gauge in the truck and on the bed, making all four corners independently controlled. I cannot justify spending 4-5k, when I can build something for 500-700.
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