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  1. After further investigation, I found connectors like you have pictured that went to the aux switches. But all of these connectors were full. The wires are labeled with "Pin" numbers (Pin 181, Pin 208, etc.) I don't know where these wires go and they are impossible to trace. One of the aux switches is in use (lights and a camera power). As far as I can tell, the other 2 aux switches don't appear to control any thing. I suspect they terminate at empty connectors some where on the frame as part of the "body builders" provisions. The few online schematics I have have found are very vague.
  2. My 2012 Volvo VNL 630 has 3 auxiliary switches on the dash. Can anyone tell me where the connection point for those switches is at. I can't find anything behind the dash. I have a couple of things I want to control with those switches.
  3. DG N. AL

    I bought a truck

    My manifold has 4 solenoids. The truck does not have an air horn. As you say, one of my solenoids was for the sliding fifth wheel and that has been removed, so I have an extra one also. The solenoids are all the same part number and they are replaceable individually. They just twist together. You have to extract the wire pins from the connectors, but that is not hard if you have the proper tools. But that is the problem of using the "extra" one. You have to move the wires in the connector or try to figure out what switch is now controlling the solenoid. My sliding fifth wheel switch ha
  4. DG N. AL

    I bought a truck

    Thanks for the pictures. I am undecided on how much of the cabinetry to leave.
  5. DG N. AL

    I bought a truck

    The ET hitch was out of adjustment. It was running 1 inch from the bottom. According to Henry's web site it should ride about 3 inches from the bottom. A little adjusting of the valve raised it. The trailer should be about level now. I put the truck in the shop this afternoon and started working on some of the small items. One of the hood latch cables was frozen. I had to take half the dash out and remove the air cleaner to get it out. I have a list of filters to pick up tomorrow. It needs an oil change and general servicing. I have an air leak at the solenoids on the cros
  6. DG N. AL

    I bought a truck

    Front of the camper needs to go up.
  7. DG N. AL

    I bought a truck

    We have already lowered the pin box as far as it will adjust. I still need 1-2 inches higher on the front of the trailer to be perfectly level.
  8. DG N. AL

    I bought a truck

    We are now part of the hdt community. It is a 2012 Volvo 630. The plans are to put a bed on it at some point. We want to add windows to the sleeper and replace the bunk with a bench seat. I trip to see Jack Mayer may be in the planning. We lowered the pin box on the trailer after these pictures were taken. I still need to get the hitch an inch or two higher. I have not played with the height valve on the ET hitch yet. I am not sure if I can raise it or not.
  9. He told me it was a DD13 on FB by messenger. Some people don't seem to try very hard to sell things.
  10. He has the truck listed on Facebook and it is still available. I had considered it, but I don't think it will work for me. https://www.facebook.com/groups/368741390204588/permalink/998613163884071
  11. Thank Guys, I see two advantages to a MDT, but there are certainly cons also. The MDT is heavier than an LDT and will control the trailer better. The MDT is smaller and can be used as a run around vehicle after arriving at the destination. My ideal HDT would haul a Jeep. That truck is getting long and maneuverability would be bad in some RV parks we have stayed in. You see a few MDT's with big block engines that have the same power/torque as an HDT. But they are hard to find. I am still studying the options. I like the idea of the MDT, but the price is certainly a draw back. Havi
  12. What moved you from the MDT? What are the specific advantages to an HDT over an MDT?
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