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  1. He told me it was a DD13 on FB by messenger. Some people don't seem to try very hard to sell things.
  2. He has the truck listed on Facebook and it is still available. I had considered it, but I don't think it will work for me. https://www.facebook.com/groups/368741390204588/permalink/998613163884071
  3. Thank Guys, I see two advantages to a MDT, but there are certainly cons also. The MDT is heavier than an LDT and will control the trailer better. The MDT is smaller and can be used as a run around vehicle after arriving at the destination. My ideal HDT would haul a Jeep. That truck is getting long and maneuverability would be bad in some RV parks we have stayed in. You see a few MDT's with big block engines that have the same power/torque as an HDT. But they are hard to find. I am still studying the options. I like the idea of the MDT, but the price is certainly a draw back. Havi
  4. What moved you from the MDT? What are the specific advantages to an HDT over an MDT?
  5. I keep a lot of that stuff in stock. I usually make pretty good orders. I am not sure what their current minimum is.
  6. I am a couple hundred miles from Atlanta. Let me know if I can help. Might be able to store the truck for you and I have a CDL.
  7. We are between Decatur and Muscle Shoals. Yes length does concern me. It limits stopping places when traveling.
  8. Hi to all. By way of introduction, my wife and I live in North Alabama. We are slowly working our way toward a full time RV life style. We are studying options for when we replace our current truck and we might move toward a heavier FW in the future also. I farm and I own 3 class 8 trucks so I am quite familiar with trucks. But I am getting bed ideas from this and other forums. I would like to be able to haul vehicle such as a Jeep, but I see that length becomes a problem.
  9. Which 60 series Detroit is it? (11.1L, 12.7L, 14L) What transmission does it have? (Make, model, auto, manual). Does it have a bed? How long? Has it been singled? Pictures would be nice.
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