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  1. AN overweight trailer can have five (5) effects: 1 Bent axle 2 Broken springs 3 Excessive wear on the sprong shackles 4 Broken spring hangers 5 Blown out tires My trailer was overloaded on one axle by less than 800 pounds and I experienced all five before installing heavier Mor-Ryde suspension. ShortyO
  2. My first thought about picture #1 was an ham radio field day set up. ShortyO
  3. Judy and I will arrive on Friday. ShortyO
  4. You can never have "too much truck". I have less .money tied up in our Volvp VNL 610, Bed, and Smart4two than a well equipped F-450. ShortyO
  5. geodog

    Singling the Volvo.

    I replaced my drive tires two at a time. Started on outside duals. ShortyO
  6. geodog

    Air Ride Seating

    I bought Knoedler Air Chief for my wife. She lves it over the stock Volvo seat. I am still riding in the OEM. ShortyO
  7. registration of an HDT as a motorhome is really easy in Texas. You con get it done quickly in Polk Couny if you have the required appliances in the truck. My 2003 VNL 610 ,which is still tandem costs less than $250.00/year. ShortyO
  8. Mount it as close to the panhard arms on the rear differential as possible. The hitch plate wuill be blow the top of the frame rauil and ahead of the rear frame plate. No need to move lights this way. ShortyO
  9. I am a :belt & suspenders" type when it comes to loading the Smart. I bolt both ramps with 2 bolts each. ShortyO
  10. I also use RV Trip Wizard. I find it tells me everything of importance, ie campgrounds, distances, clearances, fuel prices nearby and a trip radius from each campground. ShortyO
  11. I live in Texas and have my rv insured with American National. SjortyO
  12. I can't read my lcd screen atall. I bought a BlueFire. ShortyO
  13. On my 03 Volvo you must keep the clutch depressed while starting and the until all of the lights on the dash go out in order for the cruise to work. High idle will work without doing this procedure. ShortyO
  14. Camera to hitch uip? YES. But I also GOAL. ShortyO
  15. The Speedometer on my BlueFire dash is programmed 0 to 130mph. That way at 65mph tje needle is straidht up. ShortyO
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